Why consultation in counseling is important essay

why consultation in counseling is important essay

School counselors are an integral part of school administration. The therapist must comply with the code of ethics and ensure that they are able to treat the client based on their level of expertise and to assess whether the two parties are able to work together. The therapist needs to determine obligations and life choices that are true to the self, looking deeply at beliefs, values and virtues held to know where one stands. It is even easier to do when the therapist finds themselves under stress, distressed or pre-occupied with personal issues. Empathy facilitates connections with a client because it shows that the therapist understands the persons viewpoint. Reflection on question like these may help to make a counselor aware of potential ethical or boundary violations. The purpose of the relationship is the clients issues. Since the therapeutic relationship is built on trust, a client that does not know the limits of the counselors sharing of information can be put in a potentially awkward or unsafe situation. Also if the therapist is putting a client in to a relaxed state why consultation in counseling is important essay this can help a client who is feeling anxious or depressed and encourage them to continue with this method of therapy. Get help with your essay today, from our professional essay writers! Subtleties or changes in tone of voice, cadence, and body language all help the client to share their story. (APA 2002) Knowledge of the ethics codes need to go beyond just the writing on the page.

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A friendship is casual in nature with the tone of availability and support. Therapy represents a why consultation in counseling is important essay complex power relationship (Anderson Handelsman 2009). In conclusion, the initial consultation is an essential part of hypnotherapy treatment. If a therapist believes that they are not qualified to deliver the therapy for the client then this is the time when they will ascertain this and where appropriate refer the client to another therapist or medical professional who would offer suitable treatment. It is highly likely that the client will not have a realistic understanding of the nature of the therapy or the type of experience they are going to have. For example, the therapist may discover that they know a clients parents and this may make the client feel uncomfortable which will affect the therapists ability to build rapport and trust. Privacy and confidentiality with family or group. We will write a custom essay sample. When a client visits a hypnotherapist for the first time, the therapist will begin with an initial consultation. His belief was that a therapeutic helper should meet a client with congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard aligned with his therapeutic philosophy that clients would move toward growth and positive outcomes if the helper provided the right environment (Young, 2002). There are no grey areas in what they think, then they are much more likely to respond to an authoritarian type of screed where the client is not given choices, the screed is very to the point.

Basically we will come across as being exactly what we have been told we are, reaffirming our belief system. It has a purpose and can be entered into for different reasons. Gabbard states his belief that education of the therapist and the public is useful to identify to the therapist and client to the slippery slope concept one can reach with a subtle break in the therapeutic process. It is an important part of the therapeutic process and is seen as a basic value that informs and drives all helping behavior (Eagen, 2002). A professional helping relationship in counseling or psychotherapy why consultation in counseling is important essay has a fairly consistent nature. The therapist must inform the client that they will be conscious and in control during the session. Org) Glenn O Gabbard addressed patient-therapist boundary violations in his article Prevention of Boundary Violations: the roles of education, self-monitoring, and consultation (2008).

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Their success is the schools success. An empathic response would be to reflect back to the client what has been said, because the counselor has listened to the experience and can reflect the emotion while describing the feeling, allowing the client to feel heard and understood. The initial consultation determines if there will be a rapour between client and therapist and determines if treatment will be successful. Additionally, they provide useful data from the program for funding and grant application purposes. Having an understanding that feelings are more than what is being said, familiarity with feeling synonyms can enhance. In deciding how one wants to practice, either privately or part of an organization, and determining the focus of the practice as well the type of population one wants to serve is only the first step. There is an agreement about compensation for the helper. Monitoring and self scrutiny are used to see that the counselor is balancing his/her life so that emotional needs are met in the context of personal relationships in ones private life. It is dynamic as defined by Anderson Handelsman, (2009) clients have the power to decide whether to come, yet both therapists and clients share decisions making about the therapeutic goals and some of the general strategies. Upholding professional standards of conduct clarify professional roles and obligations and accept appropriate responsibility for behavior. Being loyal, terminating and referring a client when necessary. A therapist can assess this with some specific questions and also by asking the client to close their eyes and describe a scene in three different modalities and ask the client which description resonated with them the most.

A counselor should also always there to offer advice to students at crucial turning points in their lives. School counselors also provide support to teachers by serving an important part of the complete team that addresses the educational goals and needs of their students. Building trust, a safe environment, and a professional demeanor is important. Any disclosed information about child or elder abuse or neglect. This form will also confirm the price for the therapy, payment instructions, cancellation charges or charges if a client does not turn up for an appointment, along with the confidentiality agreement. Also, there is a common misconception that hypnosis knocks you out and you are unconscious and will not remember what has happened during the hypnosis. Refrain from initiating an activity when they know or should know that there is a substantial likelihood that their personal problems will prevent them from performing their work related activities in a competent manner. One would typically follow their elder sibling, father, mother, cousin, uncle or neighbours professional footsteps. There is an understanding that the relationship is confined to the counseling sessions and does not overlap into personal lives. Naturally for a majority of people when they hear the word hypnosis they conjure up images of stage hypnosis and people running around a stage clucking like a chicken or seemingly being forced why consultation in counseling is important essay to do things out of their control for entertainment purposes. A free consultation may be offered initially to allow for the information gaining process of the client to begin. These patients have trouble engaging in hypnosis and also encouraging these patients to focus on their thoughts, feelings and asking them to imagine certain scenarios may prove counter-productive given their state of mind.

Why is the initial consultation so important?

And, when necessary, seek help from others (McCarthy, 2008). Think of the schools a couple of decades ago, where students had no tools/ resources to research their career needs and goals. Building trust, a safe environment, and a professional demeanor is another. Some therapists also like to use the initial consultation to perform a trial induction to assess a clients aptitude for hypnosis. The therapist can also use this initial consultation to find out where the client feels safe and calm and at home and perhaps incorporate this in to their special place as part of the screed. After all, the students are the face of the school. Regardless of where one chooses to practice, the foundational principles of that practice needs to be ethical. One cannot think about using empathy effectively and not reflect on the work of Carl Rogers. They ensure that the school counseling program and academic mission are in line and promote student success. What factors will an ethical therapist cover at this time? We need to remember that how we present ourselves can also affect how the client interact with us, the way we look, dress, the use of language, the way the consulting room is presented, smells, lighting, all will either.

Do Not Waste, your Time, hIRE writer, only.90 / page. As a professional, one needs to understand the nuances of their interaction with others as they determine how to help without hurting and support to those in need. In the spring of 2003 the American Counseling Association (ACA) assembled the Task Force on Impaired Counselors to address the needs of impaired counselors and their clients (ACA. It is important that the therapist allays any anxieties or misconceptions that the client may have of what hypnotherapy entails. These are the responses that make the counseling relationship unique, and these are the behaviors that build trust between the client and the counselor. And being a School, is it right to expect them to be able to pick the right career option? This can be assessed using a screed questionnaire such as the Chrysalis Client Screed Assessment which focuses on a clients appearance, personality and behaviour in order to assess which type of screed would be appropriate for the client. Personal and professional growth Competence is the cornerstone of ethical practice; ethical behavior is contingent on intellectual and emotional competence (Pope Vasquez, 2007). Anything you are doing with a patient should be something that can be freely shared with a consultant. Therapists do not enter the field with the intention of violating a clients confidentiality or with intent to abuse or hurt in any way. Learning how to become an effective helping professional is a process of gaining knowledge from others and looking closely at self. It is the counselors job to explain roles clearly through the process of obtaining informed consent because all clients have a right to know in advance.

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The use of empathy, allows the client to understand that the counselor is present and really focused on what is being said while validation and normalizing communicates to the client that they are in their own way. Principles The APA has identified moral principles as being the basis for ethical guidelines. Students of younger why consultation in counseling is important essay and younger ages are using technology for communication and socializing, and by doing so, are putting themselves at risk for a type of bullying that is difficult to deal with for both student and counselor. As previously stated, the relationship between the client and therapist will be built on trust and confidentiality and in order for the client to fully engage in the therapy it is essential that they trust the therapist. Ethical responsibility entails continuous awareness to prevent compromised performance (Pope Vazques,.50) and therapists are expected to be knowledgeable and understand the guidelines that are in place.

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Every client is not the same. All of us are effected by external beliefs which are related to why consultation in counseling is important essay the environment we were brought up in our external experiences, and internal beliefs which are associated with our personality and our belief in ourselves, this. Why is the initial consultation so important? Having the internal battle for good or bad, right or wrong is not conducive to good mental health. In this essay I will be discussing what the ethical obligations are of therapists and why the initial consultation is so important and what information is gain from that first meeting. Being comfortable enough to allow the client to reflect, feel or view a problem or situation in a new way can all take place in moments of silence, and when the client speaks again, a significant breakthrough in his thinking may occur (Glasser, 2004). Eagen (2002) speaks to this interaction and goes on to say that understanding clients different approaches to developing and sustaining relationships is important knowing where one stands in their personal beliefs and being sensitive to those differences helps the counselor. The therapy is about the client (Knapp,2007). The purpose of the task force was to design ways to help counselors that are impaired and get a better idea of the needs of the field. Therefore all aspects of the relationship fall under this definition. Counselors should be aware that demonstrating behaviors like little to no self disclosing, not initiating social interaction with clients in a public setting, not entering into business arrangements with clients and not doing therapy with those whim you have relations. Ethical considerations and responsibilities Ethical awareness is a continuous active process (Pope Vasquez, 2007).

The counselor should be aware of his/her own system of judgments and as these and personal values are an important part of upholding ethical principles. Students can come to why consultation in counseling is important essay them voluntarily to seek advice. Advocacy within the ACA to address the needs of impaired counselors through clarification of ethical guidelines providing access to services for impaired counselors before ethical concerns arise and addressing the stigma associated with seeking mental health treatment among counselors. This will be established during the initial consultation. Duty to warn another individual of an identifiable threat. Respect for Peoples Rights and Dignity respect the dignity and worth of all people, and the rights of individuals to privacy, confidentiality, and self-determination. Defining the differences between helping behavior and a helping relationship lies in the nature of the interactions between the parties. Usually no hypnotherapy takes place at this time, it is merely a fact finding session for both. A counselors personal beliefs and value systems can influence the interactions that they have with their clients. The therapist must inform the client that they will be in control and also make them aware that the usefulness of the therapy depends on their willingness to participate and continue in the process. If however we are told we are no good at something, we believe it and everything about the way we behave will portray to others that we are not capable, which in turn makes other react. Most therapists will offer a free initial consultation, usually lasting around half an hour. A counselors job is to listen to the client.