Research paper on teaching english

research paper on teaching english

Some techniques that might be used by teachers while planning to teach pronunciation include: development of simple exercises, which would allow students to practice both perception and reproduction; communicative exercises with the teacher and with group-mates; repetition. The significant results were then mapped to the cefr descriptors for sociolinguistic appropriateness by using six hypotheses based on same. One of the most prolific teaching methods is the practice of co-teaching, in which a team of two or more instructors collaborate to lead the classroom as a single group and in smaller groups for specialized instruction, is well-suited. Such benefits include language fluency (how research paper on teaching english fast a student may use his/her knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation while speaking motivation for further learning and discovery of gaps in knowledge. Some Techniques for Teaching Pronunciation. In its turn speaking is the essential goal of language learning. Nowadays, the profession of second language teachers is at demand, as there are millions of students worldwide desiring to receive knowledge of a foreign language. Thereafter, statistical analysis was carried out using chi-square and binomial tests between groups and request situations to test the effect of proficiency level and sociocultural variables respectively on the employment of exponents.

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In this way, the needs of both English speakers and second-language learners of English can be met in a satisfactory, effective manner. The process of speaking involves several aspects: correct pronunciation, grammar, appropriate vocabulary and the awareness of social and cultural rules used in a foreign language when applied at different situations. These include, but are not limited to: Explaining (Lecture demonstrating, collaborating, learning by Teaching, the method that the Paper Masters suggests for the approach to instruction relies heavily on the use of interactive engagement of readers and writers through questioning and. Thus, it is necessary for a teacher to explain, that making mistakes is a part of learning, and that he/she as a teacher will help to correct them, and nobody is going to make fun of a person speaking with errors. Shakespeares Hamlet ) and giving a multiple choice test to assess the comprehension of that reading material. . Techniques of Teaching a Methods Based Curriculum. In order to achieve significant results in teaching language pronunciation a teacher himself (herself) has to constantly enrich his/her knowledge by attending courses for teachers and communicating with the language native speakers. However, some scientific researches prove that fluency-oriented training is clearly more helpful than a more segmental focus on individual, specific sounds. Being itself one of the methods of learning a language, speaking has certain benefits. This generated data of 750 request responses overall. There are four main types of teaching methods.

Of course perception of sounds largely depends on the adjacency of foreign language sounds to the sounds of the native language, thus, it is essential that a teacher considers what languages his/her students speak as their first languages. The main purpose of designing current study is to speak about teaching a second language. Various techniques research paper on teaching english may be used by teachers to teach their students how to speak and pronounce correctly the sounds. For this reason, it is very important that a teacher establishes teaching techniques allowing students to listen and to pronounce, because if students dont hear something correctly they would never be able to pronounce it correctly. Moreover, a proposal regarding a means to expand the scales and descriptors was put forth to reflect the wealth of literature on (L2) pragmatics. Also, it was found that proficiency level did not have a profound impact on exponents. Leloup,.J., Ponterio,.

research paper on teaching english

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Employers do not want to hire new workers if the latter do not know the language of a country they wish to work. In addition, there was some evidence of developing multi-strategy requests as proficiency level improved, but this was apparent in some request situations, not all. Teacher-student relationship plays a great role at this point, as it is very important that students are not afraid to speak aloud, hearing their own pronunciation. Indeed, the more a student speaks, the better, because constant speaking, with teachers corrections, of course, improves students pronunciation. Listening and communication with native speakers appears to be one of the best methods of acquiring correct pronunciation. We also recommend the use of process writing, rather than traditional rote learning of grammar, as the best way to bolster the burgeoning literacy skills of students from diverse backgrounds. Though traveling agencies offer interpreters and tour guides, who can speak about historic places of interest in a language understandable to tourists, it is more interesting and educative to be able to listen about historical background. That is a why, L2 teacher may invite native speakers to the class to communicate with the students or use specially recorded audio tapes for students to listen to the real speech. Can Pronunciation Be Taught? Purposes behind learning foreign languages may be very diverse, starting with plain curiosity and ending with exigency to learn a language as it is urgently needed for work or further studying. So, in order to teach students to speak, teachers should first of all teach them how to pronounce the words correctly by using listening and reading exercises, imitation and repetition.

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This is one of the main reasons why language teaching has increasingly become a significant profession. Furthermore, all groups responded in strikingly similar ways to the sociocultural variables of power difference, social distance, and the level of imposition. A Review of Research and Implications for Teaching. The main goal of teaching speaking is to increase students communicative efficiency, which means that students need to develop certain skills which would help them to speak so they can be understood. Actually, when communicating with a person, pronunciation is the first thing that is noticeable, thus, both a teacher and a student should do their best in mastering the skills of the latter in pronunciation. Also, there is a significant difference in methods and techniques of teaching when a teachers goal is to teach how to write, to read or to speak a foreign language. There were a few notable exceptions such as the B1 groups reliance on can and please compared to the C1 groups preference for would (you mind).

It also tests the validity of the cefr descriptors for sociolinguistic appropriateness (CoE, 2018) against statistically analysed learner data. Teachers task at this point is rather complex too, as it is necessary to devise methods, to create environments, to understand the processes, to simplify and systematize. Overall, all groups employed the same exponents. Differences in how the groups adjusted their language according to the context in certain request situations shed light on the development of rhetorical logic (OKeefe, 1988) and demonstrated an enhanced ability to attend to face-work. Indeed, constant speaking and listening is what definitely helps the learners to acquire good pronunciation skills. It is possible to speak about the importance of learning foreign languages for a long time, as the advantages that knowledge of foreign languages brings are remarkable, however, before using these advantages it is necessary to learn a foreign.

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Although the specific techniques and teaching methods that instructors may employ will likely differ according to curricular content, student skill level, and other variables, Parish repeatedly reiterates his contention that communication should serve as both the primary method and the goal of all second-language instruction. It is not enough just to teach how to read words and tell the meaning of the words. Perhaps the most effective teaching method is incorporating all of these methods when teaching a lesson. . This would allow students to learn in their primary learning style while also pushing students outside of their comfort zones to interact with the assigned material in a different way. In this case, teaching speaking is a complex process, during which a learner is studying how to use the words that are learned in oral speech while learning their correct pronunciation. When taken separately words may mean nothing to the listener, but when a speaker forms well-considered and clear sentences he/she creates a meaning for the words that have been pronounced. Having access to the Internet, teachers may use various web pages created for the purpose of learning foreign languages, as there are a number of pages on the Internet that use audio to illustrate pronunciation for language students.

Also, correct speaking means the usage of correct grammar forms and vocabulary, which should be taught before speaking and during the process of speaking, because speaking is the best way to practice a language. Every language has certain rules of communication, which should be learned in order not to sound rude or weird. The data were analysed using a quali-quantitative approach whereby the responses were firstly coded using a slightly altered version of the renowned coding categories delineated by Blum-Kulka and Olshtain (1984). Conclusion, having spoken about some of the techniques that second language teachers should use while teaching speaking and pronunciation it is necessary make a conclusion. However, the B1 group indexed their resourcefulness in drawing on their comparatively restricted linguistic repertoire to perform the same exponents as the other groups. All of these aspects are important, and the lack of one of them means that knowledge of language is not sufficient. Shakespeare chose the words he did in describing Hamlet. . While teaching a language, teachers should make sure that their students pronunciation is correct, by making them fulfil certain activities and exercises.

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Very often when knowledge of a foreign language is needed, language learning becomes dependent on teaching, for, despite the ease and inevitability of first language(s) acquisition in early childhood, language learning of any other kind turns out to be a complex and difficult task. Pronunciation is closely linked to listening and actually hearing what is being said. This method is boring and straightforward, but it is effective for visual learners that work best individually. . Thus, a teacher needs to explain these rules making sure a student understands why they are important. In 2017 the British Council, together with Norwich Institute for Language Education (nile) from the United. Helen EmeryThis research paper reports on a global study of primary English teachers qualifications, training, teaching experience and. Research in a specific area of teaching English as an additional language. This edited collection will be of interest to a broad range of professionals. This paper is a brief review on teaching English as a foreign language and why learners are interested in learning English.

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