Uses of electricity essay in urdu language

uses of electricity essay in urdu language

Limitations of the present work of this document do not allow an in depth discussion of all points, but the author suggests the following points to enhance Urdu and secure its future: Highlight the richness of Urdu literature. The most interesting and telling set of data are obtained from the Use of Urdu (Table 1). I chose closed ended questions for my survey as Fink (1995) urges that they are easy to standardise, and data gathered from closed end questions lend themselves to statistical analysis. Abstract, the study was designed to investigate the future of Urdu in the. The importance of Urdu can be further enhanced by developing courses which incorporate the Urdu language. The importance of higher education courses that offer study of Urdu alongside the major subjects.

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According to Sapsford (1999 preparation of survey involves four different stages; of problem definition, sample selection, design for measurements and concerns for participants, therefore I took into the account to cater all the four stages. Professor Ralph Russell was a British scholar of Urdu literature and his uses of electricity essay in urdu language scholarly research earned him a unique and abiding place among great names of Urdu literature. Conclusion: In India, we need much more electricity to work out our ambitions projects. The small-scale industries get into guild system and take the help of electricity. Hence, we find various uses of electric power. Get help with your essay today, from our professional essay writers! It moves our fans in summer and heats our rooms in winter. This study seems casting very significant influences on the author as, now the author is much determined to apply such techniques while teaching in classroom which may be more and more helpful to create interest for students in Urdu learning. Urdu in Britain, the relationship between Urdu and Britain is not new; it started around three and a half hundred years ago when the British entered into the sub-continent as a trader and established the East India Company. There were two national Urdu conferences held in the. External Influences towards Urdu Study Family Teachers Media Urdu has wonderful poetry, Novel, Fiction and Prose. Research question and context: Urdu is a living language and has a bright future in the. Thus from an initial look at the results it would seem that Urdu is decline in the UK, but one needs to bring in other factors and shortfalls in the survey to fully understand the state of affairs.

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Inner Drivers towards studying Urdu Interest Ability Career There will be some external influences also which may play a vital role towards Urdu learning. This then led to a whole new industry in lighting products, which led to a booming economy. It is the only state in India where Urdu has been given such a status. The first-ever grammar of Urdu in English was written by a MrGliston. Recommendations On the basis of this study and survey, I would recommend the following: The need to develop an institute of Urdu research. Source: Community languages in higher education report 2008, p11. According to Wikipedia Fort William College was an academy and learning centre for Oriental studies established by Lord Wellesley, then Governor-General of British India. Figure (showing Education Level) Another factor which needs to be born in mind is the age groups surveyed, since the present research took into account only those studying gcses (i.e. British studied in depth the culture, linguistic, social and economic background of the sub-continent and they realised that to obtain full political power they needed to learn the language of the land. The Pakistani community is the second largest of the three South Asian communities in Britain, with a population estimate of 899,000. The scientists protect artificial waterfalls in the rivers where there is no waterfall.

uses of electricity essay in urdu language

After analysis of data, it was found that future of Urdu in the UK is bright and it enjoys still most commonly used community language among Asians. It is widely used as a second language throughout the Muslim communities of South Asia. Many railway trains, trams, buses and slips are moved by electric power. From initial inspection of the data it seems that 50 of the group surveyed do not give much credence to the use of Urdu. So, Urdu still seems to be an important language in this country. Findings and Analysis Figure (Gender) In terms of gender it is clear the sample is not indicative representative of population. Obviously the first generation group which give much importance to the Urdu Language since it is the language of their kin and it is a language in which they have had their formal education or have grown. Bilingualism is becoming increasingly important for economic innovation and growth. It was founded on July 10, 1800. Social networking has a significant number of surveyed groups who use Urdu for communicating, but it should be born in mind that the Urdu used is written in Roman script for online communication!

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Urdu is a language spoken either as a first or second language by a section of British Asian people, particularly those of Pakistani heritage. Image Source: g, discovery of electricity: advertisements: About six hundred years back the uses of electricity essay in urdu language people of Asia Minor and Greece had a very crude idea of electricity. Parameters of interest were, ages, background (Natural mother tongue, gender, places of study, education levels and use of Urdu. Social welfare groups need to be ready for the time when large number of Urdu speaking population will require assisted housing and care. Survey of the possibility of studying Urdu at higher levels shows that a very large numbers would like to study Urdu at higher levels, in some form. Let us hope for the day when the Indian farm-works will be mechanized with the help of the electricity power.

A language is the emblem of its speakers. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom). There are three inner drives which motivate the British learners to study Urdu. Everybody sees the wonderful work of electricity. We have enough scope in our country to install a large number of power-plants. To relate Urdu to the cutting-edge research and usage of Urdu to the modern information and communication technologies in education and businesses. The lightening is nothing but the discharge of electricity uses of electricity essay in urdu language that the clouds contain. (For employment and CPD).

Which Urdu writing script is easy to read and understand? As Gopi Chand Narang rightly said in his speech during International Urdu conference 2005, held in Islamabad (Pakistan) Urdu is a functional language and functional languages do not die. The research questions for this study asked how people used Urdu in their daily lives. Of all the modern inventions, we are most indebted to electricity. We have merely to switch on the button and the electric giant is at work. According to the survey, Urdu is the most widely used community language in England and 69 local education authorities are offering Urdu education. These ranged from languages of the Indian sub-continent, Africa and ese results are very interesting in that they show that the number of students studying Urdu came from a variety of backgrounds, in terms of their mother can. Get help with your essay today from our professional essay writers! There may be a lot of reasons behind this lack of motivation but the author focused on following questions: Why is Urdu less appealing to British learners? In addition to it there is found a positive attitude of youngsters towards Urdu learning and usage. Figure 5 (studying Urdu as a subject at degree level) Of the 40 surveys completed questionnaires answered 12 responded positively to this question whilst 35 stated that they did not consider to study Urdu at degree level. As the immigrant population became educated their use of Urdu at home and within the networking socialising circles decreased.

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Figure shows that 35 of respondents want to study Urdu as a single subject whilst 65 expressed that they want to study Urdu combined with other subjects. John Gilchrist had also written a grammar book of Urdu himself but it was a British military officer named Hadley who was credited with writing and publishing the first-ever grammar of Urdu in English. Teachers also influence the learners and media also plays an important role to learn and make any language popular. X-rays reveal the inner working of our body and help in diagnosing diseases. He stated that " if i can get a wireless signal across the sea then this meant the very shrinkage of the earth" (Dunlap 88). On first glance it appears that Urdu is losing its grass root importance. There have been several technological breakthroughs by many brilliant people throughout history regarding electricity. Electricity has put us on the road to progress. The invention of the light bulb causes many luxuries that many could not have before. The author also realized and observed that pupils have had less motivation towards Urdu as compared to other languages.

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School School Leadership Interest in Languages Relationship with community Motivational Environment Teachers Teacher Academic Skills Teaching Methodology Teacher Experience Professional Development Classrooms Course Content Pedagogy Technology Class Size Resources Student Learning of Urdu Language In the light of above mentioned evaluation. Conclusion The future of Urdu is quite bright in the UK and its proved by my survey. News can travel all over the world in no time. Therefore, it is clear that of the survey was extended a clear picture of the number of male students would be obtained. Queen Victoria hired an Indian Muslim to teach her Urdu and his portrait can still be seen in the Royal Palace. Which writing script of Urdu is preferred by British Asians in the UK?

The observations were made to verify the result of the research and proposals were made to increase the motivation and popularity among Urdu learners in the. Shrink the world is exactly what he did. From formal experiences it is evident that a large population of females tend to express interest in languages than males. It does everything from the simplest job of lighting our houses uses of electricity essay in urdu language to working gigantic machines. The duty for preserving Urdu in UK falls onto the shoulders of parents, community, and existing educators. At the time, that he lived there was only short distance travel of electrical signals. To introduce Degree, Master, il and. Finally, areas of consideration are suggested that will allow us to enhance the study of Urdu and also make it an instrument of social development (health, social care etc).

To save the future of Urdu in the era of Computer technology, there is a need to run and introduce specially designed programmes to cater everyday life in Urdu and to make Urdu a language of the internet. Uses of Electricity - English Essay. Machines of the radio-set, television and telescope work with the help of this power. From the use of Urdu in the community it seems that most of the group members seem to give most importance to Urdu in the community. This sidelining of Urdu has led to many British immigrants of Urdu descent not being able to speak Urdu fluently; even within the home. From a cultural point of view the males role in that of bread winner so if he is working all day there is little need for him to use the language to communicate in a way as to get things done. Shaping the future of the Urdu language is in the hands of the parents. The first stage of research involved the pilot survey as it is a preliminary piece of research conducted before a complete survey to test the effectiveness of the research methodology. Edison used the current of electricity in a vacuum to produce the wondrous glow called electric light. 1 2 3 4 Using it with members of family Using it in the community. It is with some sadness that we note that use of Urdu seems to be on the decline in media and entertainment. The worth may be due to some reasons in which the major reason describes a remarkable number of youngsters having Urdu as their mother tongue and their motivation towards Urdu learning even at their degree level. How do British Asians use Urdu language in their daily life?

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The heat under the earth and the heat of the sun can be turned into electric power. A global market of present times can allow entrepreneurs to use the various opportunities to expand business into areas where Urdu is still widely used. During the authors pgce uses of electricity essay in urdu language placement at School, the head teacher said and generally believed that Urdu is losing its appeal to British born Asian learners as; parents prefer to teach a language other than Urdu to their Children. The author was much focused during study as the survey was of personal interest of the author and so, concentration and focus remained target oriented having no digressions. Visiting Pakistan and India. Where you need youngsters to look after them in terms of nurses and careers (people around them) and those youngsters must be equipped with Urdu language to create a comfortable atmosphere. What are the sources of learning Urdu in the UK?

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Next, the American Scientist Banjamin Franklin proved with the help of a kite that there is electric power in the clouds. So, the process of learning Urdu may take place in educational institutions. I believe a more thorough survey will show that when female views are taken into account this criteria will show different results. By necessity they have to adjust from living away from their families which has repercussions for their careers. He did tremendous work to promote and make Urdu popular in the. There is also a need to introduce higher education courses in Urdu combined with Historical Studies, Language and Linguistics, Film Studies, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Literary Studies and Drama and Sciences and Psychology, as well as medical professions and health and social care. Actually the main focus of this study was to investigate the future of Urdu as a Modern Language in the.

It has come from being discovered as a small current to being transformed into useful power to run such things as computers. The elderly prefer to communicate in their native tongues, so the health careers need to be able to understand and communicate accordingly. The cold-storage has been possible owing to this electric power. In the light of above mentioned realities, the study may be declared very successful having a considerable value for the author as well as for others interested in the area to draw some conclusions about the future of Urdu in the. We daily use this power in our houses. Trains and trams are run by the electric power.

The refrigerators uses of electricity essay in urdu language keep the perishables fresh. Many of our gadgets and everyday tasks are run by this wonderful source of power. D qualifications in Urdu with other subjects. Thus, it may also be easily concluded acording to Community languages in higher education report 2008, Urdu is top of the chart and it is most widely spoken community language in the. Written in Latin, it was named Grammatical Indostanica, as Indostan, Indostani, and Hindustani are among the different names Urdu has had through centuries. First, he did many experiments across the English canal. British born Asians were the population of the study. The main findings present a clear picture of the future of Urdu not only for the author but also for future researchers conducting some study in this area. It runs huge workshops and industries.

The survey asked to uses of electricity essay in urdu language describe the use of Urdu language in their daily lives and rank these statements in order of importance on a scale of 1-. Visit m to see how we can help you! The mother tongue plays a very important role in shaping the future of a child. Qualified writers in the subject of education are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. Thus Urdu is still being studied in schools but the majority of the students studying Urdu are males or students in religious based schools of Indo-Pakistani origins. Its use and scope are unlimited. The use of non-commercial broadcasting targeted to all and will enhance motivation among Urdu learners. Before the use of electricity, machines were run with the energy obtained from coal or fuel oil. This may be due to the biased nature of the survey,.e. Medicine with Urdu, Pharmacy with Urdu, Dentistry with Urdu, Nursing with Urdu, Healthcare with Urdu etc. See chart below: Source: Community languages in higher education report 2008, p11. The version spoken in Britain is heavily laced with Punjabi and Mirpuri (which is evident in my survey) words and terms. This needs to be extended to include a large number of posts 16s.

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Of the 45 surveys sent out only 40 responses were received (89 response) of which 8 were over 16(20) and 32(80) were under. X-ray photos are also taken with the help of this power. From my own experiences I find that more girls tended to study Urdu at school than boys. Urdu is recognized as the fourth international language in the. Questionnaire was used as a research tool and forty five questionnaires were distributed to collect data from which forty responses could be possible. This invention is now being used to light millions of cities, businesses, and homes all over the world. Reading newspapers, magazines and books in Urdu. Equipped with the overwhelming trends for Urdu learning, the author may create and enhance taste for Urdu learning better than before in classroom and thus may contribute to make Urdu a living language in the. The authors self created figure below shows the attitudes towards learning the Urdu language in the. Discussion The present research has highlighted important issues regarding the future of Urdu as a ML and the future of Urdu in the community. Parents are the first point of contact or communication and if they speak the language at home, learners will automatically pick up the language. Electric fans work in the court, high court and office-rooms.

Results for How do you use Urdu language in your daily lives? It has made possible the uses of electricity essay in urdu language transmission of not only sound but also pictures which are flashed from thousands of miles and seen on screens of the m The tele printer types most accurately what is dictated to it through electric. Most of those who identify themselves as Urdu speakers use a variety of Punjabi as the language of the home, and speak Urdu as a second language for religious and cultural reasons. More Essay Topics, newer Post, older Post, home. The first was held at the soas on Saturday, 8th December, 1979. This invention made it possible for many industries to operate during the night and produce more products and yielded high profits because. John Joshua Keterlaer, the Dutch ambassador to India, wrote Urdus first grammar circa 1715. How is it possible to promote and preserve Urdu through electronic and print media?

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There are no limitations as to study levels and academic paper types. (Bureau of Prisons Press Release, July 13, 1999) Brief Press Release from the Federal Bureau of Prisons on the opening of the Special Unit at Terre Haute, Indiana, to "provide humane, safe, and secure confinement of male offenders. Points are awarded for the age and uniqueness of selection of individual Victims of the Grim Reaper. "Capital punishment is quickly transforming the Bill of Rights itself into a Dead Man Walking. Balloons and Static Electricity is a physics simulation and reference tool. English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Urdu, Islamiat For Class 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, m etc. Use of Urdu language. You saved my paper at the last moment, notwithstanding the immense technicalities involved. We are writing services that offer more than just writing research proposals for PhD or PhD thesis writing services. Unique Documents, fair prices, confidentiality, rating. Along with dissertation help, this site can help with essays, term papers, Power Point presentations and other tasks. The huge factories of heavy industries are easily run.

Indiana Death Row Inmate photos. (September 27, 1987) "Death Penalty Questioned in Indiana by TChris. Customer Reviews : The service was very professional and done in a timely manner. Students can contact their writers directly to take control over the writing process. From the use of Urdu in the community it seems that most of the group members seem. Numerous electricity methods are used electricity, and more are regularly invented. Also the cultural aspects of the communications are easily communicated in Urdu than English.