Visit to a old age homeessay

visit to a old age homeessay

Description of the Old-Age Home: advertisements: The old-age home was situated in the outskirts of the city and was close to the national highway. Short Paragraph on My Vacation (480 Words). The walls of the home were old and the paint had worn off. Last Saturday, I visited Jeevan Asha which is an old age home for orphans aged people in Mumbai. We can see old age homes all across the world. To get those best things in the world many mothers works hard throughout their lives. When I reached home, I ran straight to my mother and hugged her tight saying that I would never abandon her or my father when they grew old. He shifted to a foreign country and left her in the place which she never deserved. These mothers were very unhappy and were trying their level best to somehow adjust towards the surroundings talking to people who were unknown and strange to them.

Short Paragraph on My Visit to an Old Age Home

I learnt a lot from them. She said she had opted to live at the Home for many facilities such as safety, security, lodging and boarding, and the most important thing- company of peers. A visit to an old-age home is a life-changing experience as it is filled with emotions and sentiments. Although she is an affluent woman, she has to live in the home because both her daughters are married and well-settled. I introduced myself and took a seat besides her. And distributed to them. Her husband passed away long ago. I took some useful items with me like bed sheets, fruits, soaps, snacks etc. She held me tight with teary eyes. I had an opportunity to visit an old-age home as my cousin was a volunteer for a local NGO and it was on the occasion of The International Day of Service. There was an elderly lady visit to a old age homeessay who was peeking through the window on the first floor when we opened the gate. It is a kind of home for those old people who for some reasons cannot stay with their grown-up children or those who dont have any family member to care of them or those who have become. My Values: Short Paragraph on My Values.

She became emotional visit to a old age homeessay while narrating the story and then advised me to never do that with my parents in their old age. Visit, to, old, age, home, i got an opportunity to visit an old age home. When the child grows up his/ her mother want to spend some free time with him/ her. We had brought with us food and blankets which we distributed amongst the members. Meeting the Residents: When we entered the home, we were taken by surprise as there was more number of people than we had imagined. The old people need their sons, daughters, and grandchildren to live happily. There were separate wards and each ward consisted of 3-4 beds. I felt very emotional interacting with an old lady. But the child refuses to. During my visit to Jeevan Asha I learned that being an old person is not easy for anyone. I personally feel people living in such old age homes feel very lonely and abandoned.

visit to a old age homeessay

Before my visit I thought that orphan age is for poor people but I saw many deprived mothers who belong to visit to a old age homeessay well established families. They were ecstatic to have food from outside. Advertisements: Science even the best writers fail to explain the affection, bonding love between a child and a mother. Many mothers were still hoping that someday their childrens will coma and ask them to go back home. She said that parents need care in their old age as they had cared for their children all their life. Why is it that in our country the old fathers and mothers cannot live with their married daughters families? But unfortunately even the best old age home has old people childrens that are unhappy, lonely sad. Advertisements: Introduction: An old age home houses elderly people who either have no family or have been abandoned by their families.

Paragraph on My Visit to an Old Age Home by Anand

Some of them were indulged in watching the television, some were sipping tea and chatting, some ladies were busy knitting and others were staring. I was happy to see the camaraderie among the inmates. There is no mother in this world who does not want her children visit to a old age homeessay to be happy. When I visited Jeevan Asha I saw many mothers who were pushed by their childrens to spend the rest of their lives there. But the saddest part is when children grows up they choose to push their mothers in the old aged homes. The home usually has a care-taker who monitors the residents of the home and a few helpers to take care of the residents. We segregated ourselves and went to talk individually to everyone. I was so sad and depressed to see first time in my life there are such homes where the old people have to live without families.

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A visit to an old age home essay

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visit to a old age homeessay

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visit to a old age homeessay

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