Essay about influence

essay about influence

There are many different ways that teachers and parents can help improve social skills and relationships among peers. When a childs mind that has not entirely developed to discern the difference between right or wrong behavior is tainted with such information, it results in aggressive behavior, bullying of others and cynicism about the worst crimes. It is possible for the followers having considerably more expert power than the leaders in certain circumstances because expert power is consider as a function of the knowledge amount a person has relatively to the other people in a group. At this stage, it is useful to refresh in distinguishing between authority and influence. Power is defined in terms of potential or capacity for action and authority refers to the situational mediators or organizational of power. Through the application of power, a person has the capacity to influence another person to behave in ways that form the latter person would otherwise not behave. It is also known as the faces of power which are as below: Personalized Power (Negative Face) Personalized power is based on the traditional of power as domination over others. Ingratiation is more effective when used as part of a long term strategy for improving upward relations rather than as a tactic for immediately influencing a superior.

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Coalition The person seeks the aid of other people to persuade the other person to do things or using the support of other people as a reason for the other person to agree also. 4.0 THE need FOR power Human varies in the motivation to control or influence other people as McClelland termed as the need for power. 9.0 conclusion As a conclusion, it should be clearly stated that influence, power and authority are eventually closed related but have conceptually distinct constructs. On the other hand, authority is a form of power that does not imply force, but rather involves a suspension of judgment on the part of its recipients. Peer groups have a large influence on a childs social development and it is important for a child to begin peer socialization at an early age (Bojczyk 2012). It underlies the whole spectrum of means for influencing behavior of emulation, suggestion, persuasion and coercion. Also, the playing of video games elicits the development of visual skills, teamwork and hand-eye coordination, skills crucial in learning. Power bases refer to what power holders control that permits them to manipulate the behavior of others. Power bases AND sources Organizational units and people in organizations get their power through their control of both power bases and power sources. Once it is accepted within the group in an organization of the particular beliefs, perceptions, positions and common perspectives, it will expect and value certain patterns of influence. Today, the Roman Catholic Church serves as a good example since traditional authority is clearly represented by the system of pope, cardinals and archbishops. Authority involves an acceptance of power system as one enters the organization, while influence is a power situation in which the decision is made either consciously or unconsciously, at the particular moment the power appeal is sent from power holder.

It simply means that authority is granted from above top to bottom, and, from bottom to top, as well as, from right to left, and, left to right. For one, they access highly violent video games and dangerous programs. In contrast, followers with small referent power will have little opportunity to outshine from the group norms. Get help with your essay today from our professional essay writers! These combinations will determine the perceptions and resources that establish essay about influence social interaction. It simply means that the more power a person has will provide more effectiveness of that person influence system. Internet use affects children psychologically. Legitimate Power Legitimate power will depend on the individuals organizational roles and it can be thought of as the individuals official or formal authority. Apart from that, people typically use rational tactics such as exchange or personal appeal when all parties are more or less equal in power, when benefits are for both organizational and personal or when resistance is not anticipated. The Effectiveness of Influence Tactics In general, consultation, inspirational appeal and rational persuasion were the most effective for influencing task commitment regardless of the direction.

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Pressure The person uses demands, threats, persistent reminders or intimidation to influence the other person to do want that person wants and to gain compliance. It is important that peer influences boost socialization and learning that will have a positive effect on the child. The exercise of power will be legitimate through power, while authority is the power granted for a purpose. Meanwhile, authority rests on the assumption that the person is willing to obey and accepts the right of the person doing the ordering to expect compliance. Persons with high desire for power will get psychological satisfaction from influencing essay about influence others. Various instruments have been developed to study influence tactics, but the most promising is the. The term sources refer to the manner in which parties come to control the power bases. Influence is a fundamental aspect of life in organization and it is unlikely that organizations could function at all without. This assertion holds true for every type of organization, whether large or small in either public sector or private sector.

Level of authority is an important aspect in conceptualizing an organization as it will affect the behavior of leaders as well as followers. Managers at the top level may have spacious and well-decorated offices set in very desirable locations in the headquarters building, while those at the next lower level may have smaller and less attractive offices. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. In contrast, people typically use soft tactic such as ingratiation when they personally benefited from the successful attempt, when they do not have an upper hand or when they expect resistance. It mostly involves the process of empowering rather than autocratic style of management and leadership. Read more: Influences that affect childrens development essay, influence of Peers. Inspirational Appeal, the person makes a proposal of request that creates enthusiasm by appealing to the other persons values, ideals and aspiration or by increasing the other persons confidence that it can be done.

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For children, the use of the internet is in doing schoolwork, communicating, playing video games, watch movies, and listen to music. Authority will be derived from real and implied perceptions of the leaders position in an organization. Legitimacy Not official in nature. The Journal of Genetic Psychology, 164(3 267-74. When children spend time reading the wide array of materials, they become better acquainted with their classes, and this improves their performance. The behavior reduces time spent engaging in physical activities, thereby eliciting a sedentary lifestyle essay about influence that increases the development of obesity, carpal tunnel and straining the eyes. Getting to understand the appropriate usage of influence tactics will have implications in improving the managerial effectiveness as it is an advantage for a manager to know which tactics have the highest likelihood of success for influencing a subordinate, peer or superior. Similarly, the followers will also be able to use coercive power to influence the behavior of the leaders. Authority becomes higher if the level of management is higher, vice versa. In organizations, influence attempts to be occurring when legitimate authority or power is put into used. Personal Appeal The person appeals to the other persons feelings of loyalty and friendship towards the other person before asking the other person to do something or before making a request.

essay about influence

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San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc. Higher-level positions have more legitimate authority than those at lower levels. Such materials glorify violence through game plots that utilize weaponry such as guns and suicide vests, blood, use of drugs, offensive language, and disturbing pictures. The overreliance on communicating through it has led to children abandoning traditional methods of communication such as face-to-face interactions. Followers can make threats to leaders with the act of slowing down work, strikes, industrial sabotage or even physical assaults in order to modify a leaders behavior. Pressure, coalition and legitimating were usually ineffective whereby essay about influence it involve negative relation between these tactics and target commitment that reflects the frequent use of influence attempts when resistance is anticipated or has already occurred in an earlier influence attempt. Type ofa seravice: Essay, research Paper, term Paper, case Study, choose Other. The internet has changed the way children communicate. Although, issues may arise, children should be allowed to develop these skills at their own pace.

Exercises power based on extra-ordinary qualities, charisma or even heroism. You can view samples of our professional work here. People typically use hard tactics such as pressure or legitimizing when the other individuals attitude violates important norms, when an influencer has the advantage or when they anticipate resistance. The nine types of influence tactics are as below: Rational Persuasion, the person uses factual evidence and logical arguments to convince the other person that whereby the request or proposal is viable and will eventually result in the task objectives attainment. Advice from, essayBasics : a good way to save your time is pay to get essays written. Followers can reward leaders by giving a high level of efforts when followers feel the leader is doing a good job, and followers may put less effort when they feel the leader is doing a dismal job. Children learn from others and imitate what they see and hear, so peer influences play an essential role in development. The relationship of the family social environment, peer influences, and peer relationships to altruistic orientation in chinese children. Essay, topic:, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Although the concept of influence tactics is typically examined from the leaders perspective, it should also be remembered that followers can also influence over leaders as well as over each other. Charismatic Authority Charismatic authority stems from devotion to a particular power holder and is based on the individual personal characteristics. Contrary, the alteration of the dynamics of communication by the internet has negatively influenced children.