Use of drugs and alcohol essay

use of drugs and alcohol essay

Repeated use of certain drugs on a periodic or continuous basis may make the body dependence. Other Effects : (i) Smoking effects economy : A smoker not only waste money, but also runs risk of burns and fires. This may cause alcohol misuse and bipolar disorder each to trigger symptoms of the other condition. Relief from Pain : A prolonged use of pain-relieving drugs with physicians advise at times leads to addiction. Combining alcohol with psychosis increases the risk of mental and physical complications. Shatter THE myths is a trademark and service mark of the.S. Alcohol Marijuana or Hashish, decreased coordination increased reaction time impaired judgement.

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(ii) Smoking mars personality : Teeth may become stained. Legalizing marijuana would eliminate the confusion surrounding hemp and allow us to take advantage of hemp's agricultural and industrial uses. This is extremely expensive! They drinkers begin with small doses, but may of them soon start consuming large doses and become addicts. A person with bipolar disorder can also be more likely than others to misuse alcohol. Simultaneous use of drug and alcohol may produce dangerous effects, including death. Combined with alcohol use, it can be harder for doctors to identify. Find out here more about the uses and risks of CNS depressants. Lithium, too, can have side effects, including: lethargy weight gain tremors gastrointestinal problems The National Institutes of Health give no specific advice against using alcohol with lithium, but a doctor may provide additional information. Turning Discovery Into Health. Lips may get discoloured and breath becomes foul. Overdose An overdose of a CNS depressant can happen by accident, but people sometimes choose to take more of the drug than a doctor recommends to get a more "intense" effect.

use of drugs and alcohol essay

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But, high doses of these drugs can reduce the activity of the CNS to use of drugs and alcohol essay dangerously low levels. Some people may need rehabilitation therapy to stop using the drugs. These include Naloxone for opioid overdoses and Flumazenil for overdoses of benzodiazepine. Whether a person consumes or misuses alcohol during a manic or depressive phase, it can be hazardous and possibly life-threatening for them and for those around them. The drugs can have unpleasant side effects, especially at the beginning. Recreational use can be illegal and dangerous, as people may not understand the risks of misuse. A person who wishes to stop using a CNS depressant may need to stop gradually to prevent adverse effects. (iv) Increased blood pressure due to smoking chances the risk of heart diseases.

This does not apply to marijuana, since the individual who chooses to use marijuana does so according to his or her own free will. Depression of the central nervous system or CNS often occurs when a person misuses a substance that slows brain activity. Summary: Prohibition does not work. Tobacco smoke is drawn directly from pipe and through water is hubble-bubble. More on drugs and other substances Doctors commonly prescribe some types of CNS depressant for various reasons. People can contact them for a confidential chat on or talk. Giving oxygen via an oxygen mask or respirator administering stimulant drugs to increase a person's heart rate How to get help In the.S., anyone who is concerned that they or someone they know is misusing CNS depressants. Effect of Nicotine : Nicotine is a low concentration. Smoking may give some temporary relief to the strained nerves but in the long run it proves a dangerous health hazard.

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Factors that affect the impact of CNS depression include: the cause the type and dose of a substance the severity of the illness or injury the size of the individual the person's medical history, mild symptoms. Summary: We would have more money to spend on important problems if marijuana were legal. Treatment Severe symptoms of CNS depression include loss of consciousness, coma, and death. A doctor can help them to do this. The sedative Xyrem, known as the "date rape drug commonly features in cases of sexual assault. Bidi is tobacco wrapped. We have to pay for food, housing, health care, attorney fees, court costs, and other expenses to lock these people. The First Amendment to the.S. Medications and alcohol Both bipolar disorder and alcohol consumption cause changes in a person's brain. Some of these substances, for example, codeine, are present in medications for coughs or diarrhea. Any feeling of lift a person may claim to feel is a mistaken impression or an attempt to justify the act in his own mind. Family History : Children may take to drugs by seeing their elders in the family. Commonly prescribed opiates and opioids are: oxycodone (OxyContin) hydrocodone (Vicodin) morphine (Kadian, Avinza) codeine fentanyl (Duragesic) methadone hydromorphone (Dilaudid) Doctors may prescribe these drugs for pain relief.

Crime-related drug use use of drugs and alcohol essay Sexual and violent crime are other areas where people are known to misuse CNS depressants. Drug is also known as a medicine. (iii) Releases adrenaline, increasing heart beat rate and pressure. If our goal is to reduce drug consumption, then we should focus on open and honest programs to educate youth, regulation to keep drugs away from kids, and treatment programs for people with drug problems. In these cases, treatment may include: monitoring the person's breathing and heart rate. Using both at the same time can increase the effect, with potentially serious consequences. Alternatives to alcohol People who are trying to avoid alcohol might benefit from finding other types of pleasurable experience. Common sleep medications that doctors may prescribe are: zolpidem (Ambien) zaleplon, (Sonata) eszopiclone (Lunesta) Street names for sleep medications include zombie pills, sleepeasy, and tictacs.

Alcohol can exaggerate symptoms of both mania and depression. In the past, researchers have noted that symptoms of bipolar disorder appear as a person withdraws from alcohol dependence. Medications, drugs, and other substances Opioids can be useful in relieving pain, but they can be very dangerous, too. Why People Take to Drinking : The drinkers offer one or more of the following reasons for starting drinking. Addiction to CNS depressants may see a person experience social and family problems, difficulty working, and an inability to function in daily. It is not desirable as it may cause mental breakdown. Many people see alcohol as a way to relax or socialize.