Short and easy essay on road accident

short and easy essay on road accident

A woman sitting on front instantly expired. The bus short and easy essay on road accident driver was challenged. But mainly we choose to travel by road in our day to day life. The rising population results in the lower supply of resources. Road traveling is easy and convenient for us but as every coin has two sides, there are many drawbacks of road traveling. A person should avoid drunk driving which puts his/her and other peoples lives in danger. Interact with the audience with some questions too, otherwise, the audience may find you like a speaking robot. Traffic rules are for our safety but people dont follow them and get in troubles. I must say "We should not learn safetly rules simply by accidents.". No warning signs and safety barricades at the accident-prone areas can also result in accidents.

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The technology can be used to improve the road safety too. Read all these essays notes and short and easy essay on road accident download in PDF format. Road Safety Education Creating Awareness about Road Safety in Public. The traffic police man on duty blew his whistle loudly but the bus driver did not stop. This is a short essay on the road accident. Total: 50 Average:.3. The driver also received serious injuries. This will help in avoiding accidents and saving lives today and tomorrow. The number of vehicles on the road is increasing rapidly. In 2013, over 1,37,000 people were killed due to road accidents in India. In Lahore, the continuously and unceasingly growing traffic, the soaring population, and the multiple modes of transport both slow and fast move together, which is one basic cause of accidents.

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Read about the topic first as much as you can and then speak whatever that comes to your mind. Hundreds of cars, buses and trains are on the road. Besides this major hazard of Lahore roads, the complete lack of discipline also contributes to this tragic occurrence of accidents. Lack of Road Safety Education of Safety Measures, Rules, and Awareness. They are more focused on earning profits. The potholes on the road cause sudden braking of the vehicles hence resulting in accidents. Missing road signs such speed breakers, narrow roads, school ahead etc. All these ways require the understanding of road safety for students for being safe while traveling. People violate the traffic rules and bribe the traffic police to get away from the legal action. His head hit the ground and he lay still.

Read this: Essay on My Favourite Scientist (Newton) in English for Students "Unsafe acts will keep you institches.". What a sight, a ghast sight was now all of them, one man, two women, and a child had Completely lost Sy himan forms and abucolic flat blobs of flesh and blood. The government should regulate rules for vehicle manufacturers also. They are even asked to write essay, paragraph or deliver a speech on the topic of the importance of road safety. The drive was puzzled by the sudden arrival of the ass. Looks and Mileage over Safety, while buying a car, people in India focus more on fuel efficiency and performance instead of safety. From one side, a grey coloured car was coming at an unusually fast speed and just as it appeared in front.

Vehicles play a major role in our lives. Tips for Essay writing on Road Safety in India Read about your topic as much as you can. Following are some remedial actions, solutions for road safety by which we can improve the road safety and reduce the number of short and easy essay on road accident accidents on roads. The combination of engine and wheels resulted in a vehicle. Hence we have to do our bit to help to improve the situation. The boy was taken away by the ambulance. Many of the passengers were injured.

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Poor Road Infrastructure, accidents happen because of our mistakes but there are many others reasons too. The short and easy essay on road accident horried sight made me feel giddy and my sense fail. It should be mandatory to provide airbags with every car without any extra money. Youth and youngsters usually found overspeeding their cars, bikes while rash driving. Following the driving lanes, not overtaking in the wrong places, give preference to ambulances on road. The bus driver was arrested. They reduce the time needed for many works such as traveling and transportation of goods etc. Going at a fast speed, it struck a roadside tree. They called for an ambulance over their wireless and cleared away the gathered crowd, an ambulance came surprisingly soon but unfortunately, the boy had already breathed his last.

In other countries, it is mandatory to provide airbags in every car when you are manufacturing it but short and easy essay on road accident in India, a person needs to pay more money to get airbags safety facility in the car. His helmet which he hadnt fastened came off. If you liked our humble attempt to provide information then please rate this article and let us know what you think in the comment section below. A person gets the confidence to drive a vehicle after getting a license but if he/she is not well trained then it will cause danger for them and maybe for others too. Strict Rules by the Government, for avoiding accidents, the government should regulate more strict rules so that only a person who is properly trained will get the driving license. Ease of Getting a Driving License.

The government, manufacturers short and easy essay on road accident of vehicles, and the consumers should take care of all the rules and regulations. Sometimes, pedestrians are also killed in these accidents. These accidents bring about the loss of human life and property. The traffic on the side roads had begun to move. They also race on the public roads, making it dangerous for them as well as people around them. Missing road signs of speed breakers, narrow roads, accident-prone areas can also result in accidents. . In 2014, there were 489,400 accidents which were more than 2013. MCQs, an accident may be defined as: "An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typical resulting in damage or injury.".

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People should be more conscious about all these causes and take care of not creating any problem for themselves and others too. And, the fear has stuck to my impressionable mind. Avoid overtaking at accident-prone places like blind turns and road bends. In this move he did not notice the speeding bus and before he could apply the brakes the bus hit him. Many times the road infrastructure is not maintained properly in our country, this is another main reason for causing accidents. While I was standing on the pavement getting ready to cross the road to go homwards.

It is a Way of Life. Roads are being overcrowded with people and vehicles. Having brought the Police and now seeing the condition of the inmates of the car from so close and a pool of blood flowing on the road my head reeled once again and down with a thump I fell short and easy essay on road accident on the pavement. It is very necessary to educate the youngsters about road safety and safety rules and measure so they would drive responsibly. Read this: Dowry System is Curse - English Essay (1000 Words) "Life is short, don't rush it". Technology Usage for Better Road Safety. Sadly there is no much road safety awareness and education amongst the drivers as well as pedestrians in India. In this article, we have given you all the necessary information regarding the road safety in India, its challenges, remedial actions, and how its an individual as well as a social responsibility to follow traffic rules and road safety. "It is better to lose one minute in life. They try to overtake each other and that also at break-neck speed, little grasping that the road is a road and not a racing track.

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Causes, Reasons behind short and easy essay on road accident Road Accidents in India Road Safety Challenges. Our online Notes on, essay, story, letter. Today, the technology has become an integral part of our day to day life. People should follow the traffic rules and drive responsibly as well. There are many reasons behind these accidents. As this ratio is increasing rapidly, it is surveyed that there is one death every four minutes due to road accidents in our country. He turned the bus. Dont mug up the script, write down the key points of your topic and speak about them. Like sound it comes and goes away.

Youngsters, youth are mostly seen to be over-speeding the vehicles. Road accidents take place in big cities almost every day. "A couch of thorns, or an embroidered bed, I Are matters of indifference to the dead.". A pool of blood came flowing out of the car. Have you ever thought of why and how do accidents happen? A person should learn proper driving before acquiring the driving license. The incident was so horrible that, sometimes do wonder why had to be Witness. The woman at the backward; also crushed but, her skull remained intact he have been amputated by the momentum of the Crash. They do not use safety measures like a helmet, seat belts for their own safety. Growing Population, the rapidly growing population of India is causing many problems to the people.