Brian johnson essay breakfast club

brian johnson essay breakfast club

But we think you're crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. But the tension between who he is and who he's expected to be causes him to make this half-baked suicide attempt. He knows Larry Lester, but he didn't find out who taped his buns together until Andrew told the students that he's the one who did. He later removes this jacket to reveal a green sweater. Brian Johnson's Timeline, bACK, nEXT, cite This Page. Roger's neighborhood, and responds that his mother married. Brian Johnson is a student at, shermer High School and portrays the typical high school "nerd". But Brian accidentally built a non-functioning lamp: pull the trunk, nothing happens. That's the way we saw each other at 7:00 this morning. MCA / Everett, in Saturday detention, the setting of 1985's. A/N: Okay so no one like requested this specifically, but I know ships Brian and his essay from The Breakfast Club and I have to admit, I do too.

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But the human insight he's gained is what's really important, right? M'kay, so I'm also writing a fanfic for Brian Johnson x Allison Reynolds (another TBC fanfic) and I'm probably gonna make one for Claire Standish x Andrew Clark because I really ship them (more than Claire and John or Andy and Allison anyways) so yeah. I don't get along with them. For the end of the year physics club dinner, they all get dressed up and have dinner at the Hilton. Well, yeah, but I mean, you are the smartest one out of all of us, Claire was just dragging out the fact that she was trying to avoid her work. Brian acts very different while smoking - using a silly voice, wearing dark sunglasses, laughing openly, and whistling while. But the flare gun goes off in his locker, leading him to receive detention. He can be rather silly at times. This totally messes up his GPA and jeopardizes his chances of getting into the very top tier of colleges. He didn't have dress shoes so he had to wear his dad's. He pays close attention to what goes on around him. He pauses to hide his face in his sleeve before revealing that he received detention because a flare gun went off in his locker because he was going to attempt suicide with it after failing his shop project.

Brian has to deal with this kind of academic pressure constantly. Revenge of the Elephant Lamp, when we first see Brian, his angry mother is needling him to do homework while he's in detention and not waste time. Brian walked over to the table he was originally sitting at and sat down. Then, in English class when I was supposed to be doing work, I started typing it out in Google Drive. So, thanks to all this academic pressure, he's managed to look pathetic and ridiculous and kind of crazy all at onceremember, all that Bender's in detention for is pulling the fire alarm. He has soup, apple juice, and a pb j with the crusts cut off, in addition to the Coca Cola they all receive, for lunch. 'Cause I think that's real shitty.".

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As the five students in detention get to know one another, though, they learn Brian brian johnson essay breakfast club is in detention for bringing a flare gun to school, with suicidal intent, because he failed a shop class project. So, this dude winds up with the short straw. Andrew is dancing around the library. He asks what is going to happen to them on Monday. And then I finished typing it out in Google Drive in science class (when I was supposed to be doing work, of course). What he learns is most important is accepting himself, and by the end of the movie he does. Hopefully the rest of The Breakfast Club would be proud of him as well. Claire says that he doesn't understand the kind of pressure that she's under and he responds with a "fuck you", which shocks Claire and John. He is 5'10, thin, and appears trustworthy. Well, I've actually already finished the Brian x Allison one, but I've posted enough TBC fanfic for one day.

He also worries about being caught going to John's locker, implying that he fears being disciplined. Rogers, referencing the children's show character Fred Rogers from. Personality, edit, brian is a young man that respects authority and calls. Bender: You are a parent's wet dream, okay? While repeating the essay prompt "Who I think I am" to himself, he puts a pen in his mouth and says that he is a walrus. He doesn't like the way he appears when he's locked into this hyper-competitive academic mode. Claire was talking to Brian about the assignment. Hugheswho probably identified with Brian to a fair degreewas just trying to be realistic when he wrote this part.

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He got an F on a project where he was supposed to be able to pull the trunk of a lamp shaped like an elephant and turn the light on, but his light didn't come. He took the course because it was supposed to be an easy way to maintain his GPA. Having Brian pair up with Claire would've seemed like fantasy wish-fulfillment to audiences. And I don't like what I see. In fact, all this pressure to be a model student is the reason why he's in detention in the first place. Back, nEXT, character Analysis, odd Man Out, brian (Anthony Michael Hall) has the misfortune of being the Nerd Stereotype in this story. So here you go, I hope you like it!:bademoticon, brian Johnson x Brians Essay (The Breakfast Club Fanfiction written by: Emma Lawless. He says that he doesn't like his parents and that their idea of parental compassion is 'wacko'. He lies about sleeping with a girl that lives in Canada and suggests that he has slept with Claire when Bender calls him a virgin. They all can relate to each other's experiences. As he reveals later on, in a tearful speech, he flunked shop class after he built a lamp that didn't workthe lamp was supposed to look like an elephant, and it would light up when you pulled the trunk. Brian has to laugh too. According to his drivers license (which is snatched by Allison along with his wallet his middle name is Ralph, his birthday is on March 12, he's 5'9.5, and weighs 130lbs.

Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club." "Excuse me for being a virgin, I'm sorry." drugs. You see us as a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal. I wouldn't and I will not. So, weve been thinking, about our essays, we think its kind of pointless for all of us to write them. What we found out is that each of us is a brain, and an athlete, and a basket case, a princess, and a criminal. Even though everyone else pairs up at the end, Brian's left aloneand he has to write the essay explaining "who they think they are" for the others, while they all skip the assignment. For Brian acceptance is all he wants, acceptance from anyone. At the beginning of the movie Brian articulates the lesson heand presumably everyone elsehas learned: brian (voiceover Saturday, March 24, 1984.

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Brian is a bit of a goody two-shoes and says that there isn't supposed to be any monkeying around when John gets up to remove the screw from the door, and reminds him that it's school property and not something to be toyed with. By the time, the movie ends, they've realized that each one of them is all of the above a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal. Their idea of parental compassion is just, you know, wacko! Next, milton Waddams, Office Space). What we did was wrong, but we think youre crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. The boy has marijuana. Or, at least, Brian's realized thissince he wrote the essay. Andy was left alone sitting on the table. Richard Vernon "sir." He is friends with the janitor of the school and while he is at first embarrassed for the other kids to know this, he says goodbye. I mean, I feel like wed all kind of say the same thing, you know? He's in the math club, the Latin club, and the physics club.

What we did was wrong. Brian: Well, that's a problem! Maybe that's breaking even, eh? Vernon had given them earlier that morning. Do you approve of this?" "And I see. Andrew says no, but Brian gets up to do so anyway, marking his first disrespect of authority in brian johnson essay breakfast club the film. But what we found out, is that each one of us is a brain, (Andrew) and an athlete, (Allison) and a basket case, (Claire) a princess, (John) and a criminal.

He also hides his face in his hand when Andrew is talking about what he did. Brian playfully punched himself in the arm as if to say good job, and waited happily with his paper for detention to come to an end., a/N: I know, I know, I basically just ripped off the movie, but whatever lol. Having Brian pair up with Claire would've seemed like fantasy wish-fulfillment. Brian Johnson : closing narration Dear. Vernon, we accept the fact that brian johnson essay breakfast club we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was. Brian Johnson : Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club. Andrew : What do you need a fake.D. Brian : So I can vote. Brian Johnson x Brian s Essay.

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