Ford company analysis essay

ford company analysis essay

Appendix A contains these reports and appendix B contains select financial ratios calculated in the analysis. Conclusions, overall, Ford Motor Company seems to be in good financial health as of the end of 2011. Ford is providing the consumer more variety of car and commercial vehicle. This increase is a significant improvement since the two ratios show that, in 2011, 100,000 of assets would generate 11,300 in income while the same assets in 2010 would have only generated 4,000 in income. Retrieved On September 15, 2013 from px Automotives Insight. Target Markets, fORD Motor Company designed as the new model ford fiesta is target to young people and ladies. Occupational Stress and Employee Control. Ford previously utilized a total quality management (TQM) production strategy, however the company is currently shifting towards a six sigma approach. Ford carries out operations in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Ford strives to be a lean global enterprise by implementing strategies such as Six Sigma to achieve its objectives.

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The public and organizations is serve by the counseling leader and the implementing planned. The Ford Motor Company is setting two types of price which is price skimming and penetration pricing in the market industry. The design of car is not beautiful compare to other competitor car. The Ford family may not want their shares bought because that would have a decrease in the amount of equity they hold in the company. Retrieved On October 5, 2013 from ml Smith,. These factors enhance the companys competitive advantage and its ability to remain in business. Evaluate Relevant Market Segment, the ford organization is selling ford feista for a reasonable price. Ford Motor Company designed to appeal to many different types of consumers and to satisfy many different needs in the form of economy cars, sports cars, luxury cars, station wagons, vans, trucks, and. However, consumer cannot do the test drive through website. Thus, the amount of sales will decline. Recommendation Ford Motor Company can produce the car which is suitable for average income and lower income people. Six Sigma At Ford Revisited. Ford Motor Company led the way on a number of innovations, including safety glass, rear seat belts, childproof locks and seat belt reminders.

Personal Selling This is the way to maintain the good relationship with customers to keep on the sales of the marketing. Operations management at Ford Motor is influenced by factors such as competition. Ford Motor Company has many dealers in the world wide so that consumers can buy the car at their nearest place. By having a global presence the company is able to penetrate into new markets and increase market share in the global arena. Ford use exclusive distribution which is use only one outlet in a relatively large geographic. The other elements generate only cost. Ford promotional strategy have classifications 2 type of promotion such as above the line promotion and below the line promotion. The marketers define the ford companies as an oligopoly competition in the market structure because in the market there are many substitutes available but only one company offerings for another. There are two teams to take care of product and offers other promoting activities which is sales and marketing teams. Mason, OH: South Western cengage Learning. Additional wear tear items are not listed will be charged accordingly. According to Kassab (2011 every time production centers are reinventing production processes the company losses time that could be utilized in developing new vehicles. Research Objectives, for this essay, I am going to research how Ford Motor Company approach their target market, swot analysis, environmental forces and 4 elements of marketing mix to attract people to buy their products.

In 2011, Ford had excellent asset and inventory turnover statistics. Retrieved On September 28, 2013 from ml Dahlgaard,. Operating performance and profitability ratios, including fixed asset turnover ratio and operating performance ratio, also show financial strength for Ford Motor Company. This is because the technology not as well as other it will influence Ford to cause the low productivity. Target ford company analysis essay Market, the organization of ford is using Differentiated Strategy in their businesses. They have also threatened Fords market share. Another strategy used in the Ford production process is JIT in an effort to improve on the time it takes to produce a product. Just in time system involves delivering required production component when they are needed in the production process.

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In todays environment, a car company does not have a great future unless they have a plan for increasing their sales globally. Distribution strategies Distribution strategies are (Kurtz, 2010, p46) to ensure that consumers find their products in the proper quantities at the right times and places. Financial data has been gathered from the 2011 annual report and 10-K forms filed with the SEC for further analysis. Employees are involved in problem solving groups and have a say on operational matters ford company analysis essay related to their jobs. Get help with your essay today, from our professional essay writers! The organization is the responsible use of resources and energy Efficiency.

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TQM philosophy looks at developing a corporate culture that is customer focused, empowers employees and seeks continuous improvement. Therefore, Vehicle Company usually will produce less vehicle in the economic. Qualified writers in the subject of marketing are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. Different from a cash dividend, the returned cash will be taxed as capital gain and therefore achieves tax efficiency for the shareholders. Ford has presence in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa where the company is involved in the production and sale of Ford vehicles. From Henry Fords initial success came further accomplishment. In this situation, ford is producing a new model car which is ford fiesta this season of car is focus to attract young people and ladies. Fords return on equity in 2011 was 134, a hugely impressive ratio!

This has made a large cost to the company as well as harm the brand image and make a bad impact to Fords sales. The companys manufacturing processes and product development carried out in one target region is different from another region (Kassab, 2011). Long-term solvency for Ford Motor Company also appears to be strong. Market share was down.2 percentage points.3, while Fords.S. Beside this, both business and geographic segments are analyzed along with their recent financial performance. Not only that this regulations may also drive Ford to manufacture environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient cars to save the environment. The Ford automobile company makes promotion for the latest model Fiesta. The company has two business segments that include automotive segment and financial services. Below the line promotion is non-media advertisement like sponsorship, show, discounts to dealers and sales promotion activities. Order centers assist the company in centralizing its logistics network and reducing inventory levels. Consumers can buy the cars directly at the dealers show room. Through these technologies, the company is able to monitor its supply chain and ensure that all operations aspects of production are functioning appropriately. The companys mission statement influenced its operations management strategies since the companys one team and implemented strategies aim at achieving lean production where wastes are eliminated to reduce cost.

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Pricing issues Ford automobile may face many pricing issues like the price of materials that used to produce the cars. The reason is this ford company analysis essay capital spending has included the research development expenditure which could influence the company from going ahead. Through this strategy the company is able to attract and retain customers which in turn lead to increased sales. Operations Management: Integrating Manufacturing and Services. The TQM Magazine, 18 (3 263 281. Therefore one Ford global product development system is used in the production process to reduce time wastage and ensure consistency in production.

ford company analysis essay

It further discusses the major subsidiaries of the company and the recent merger acquisitions. Meanwhile, rising petrol prices make more expensive for customer to drive petrol fuelled car. Personal selling is very useful for products which are complicated to self analyze and understand. Total quality management reduces wastage in the production process and eliminates defects. New Product Strategy Pays Off For Ford. For example, Ford Fiesta is committed for consumers safety like airbag, including our efforts to deliver top crash test ratings that customers look to when choosing new vehicle. Despite these unflattering results, the company still maintains a strong international presence in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. Ford has different motivation methods that ensure that employees are highly motivated in their professional duties. . Channel Management Issues Now Ford can sell the product through online. Ford Motor Company has many product lines such as the Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Ford Escape, Ford Ranger and other Ford products. A just in time system contributes to the success by reducing costs incurred in transporting and storing raw materials and work in process inventory. His first model car, the Ford Model T, became a national hit, as it was one of the first widely affordable and dependable automobiles of the time.

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Days sales in inventory for Ford in 2011 was only 19 days meaning the company could convert ford company analysis essay inventory to sales in less than 3 weeks. Society of Manufacturing Engineers). Therefore, Ford should not conduct a share repurchase. Ford Motor Company has its own manufacturer to produce vehicle parts and combine it into a car. As a multinational company, a comprehensive location strategy is critical to a successful operations management execution. These hand-assembled cars were all-American, and the company even remains family-run to this very day. Retrieved from Ford Motor Company website: m/doc/2011 Ford Motor Company AR_LR. Another strategy used by Ford is product pricing whereby its products are priced relatively low thus ensuring that as many people as possible can afford its products.

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The Fords car is providing the facilities based on the travel habits of the whole family. This product is increasing the sale potential for the company. Ford is the one of the top 20th of the highest media spend companies list. We also know how Ford Motor Company uses 4 elements of marketing mix to sell the product to the customer. Ford has decentralized its operations to ensure that the company manufactures products that meet customer requirements by producing high quality vehicles. This number seems strong on its own but the best information comes from comparing it to either competitors or previous years in the same company since return on assets varies drastically across industries. After Fords new and improved.0-liter, 4-cylinder Eco Boost engine to be launched to drive the upcoming year, Ford also introduce 30 new power train actions globally in 2010. Ford also has in place capacity strategies where the company practices efficient use of facilities and expansion facilities projects when required. Since Ford manufacturing points are located across different regions, the global product strategy enables various production regions to produce products that have similar attributes. First time buyers increased.5 percentage points.6 in 2012 while customer loyalty decreased.9 percentage points.7 in 2012. Ford encourages a self-management environment to boost and maintain employee morale. Another reason is Ford will manufacture the standard cars which are not able to cope up with current market automobile. Some more, quality to ensure of Ford needs to be more complete and must be consistently monitored with permit standard to make certain no future faults and thereby to achieve customer satisfaction.