Social functioning essay

social functioning essay

The clients function of reality testing is compromised at times, as evidenced by auditory and visual hallucinations and retreats to her fantasy world. The clients mother encourages the client not to attend school and get on the Welfare. Transference will be beneficial in the therapeutic process with the client. The section on skill acquisition deficit. This is beneficial due to most presenting problems having a relational context. Client reports never having a boyfriend but wishes she had a light skin boyfriend with nice hair. That are not carried through the mechanism of heredity. The here and now technique would allow this author to use the clients past experience to understand and explain occasions when she unconsciously repeats the past or misperceives the present based on what she has learned in the past (Rutan, 1992).

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It will be pivotal for the clients treatment for her to share feelings, emotions and past experiences in order facilitate positive transformation. This is also done through curriculum, that is, through lessons in history, literature, etc. Client has expressed wanting to get her child back. There are many interventions that have been described in the module that would help teachers identify ways of improving these childrens social interaction. Negative feelings often experienced by individuals with sexual abuse can often be eased through disclosure of the traumatic experience. Psychodynamic group psychotherapy is also another way for individuals to interact within a system of relationships. The psychodynamic group psychotherapy model allows for resolving the tension between suppression of emotions and explosiveness. The format used for psychodynamic group psychotherapy is verbal. The naturalistic and structured methods of observation could be used to evaluate social functioning among children with ASD. The egos attempt to maintain an accurate level of positive self-worth in the face of stressful or aggravating circumstances is self-esteem regulation (Berzoff, Flanagan, Herzt, 2011). Consequently, client tested positive for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). This author then added the term sexual abuse survivor to the search. For each subject studied the child is compared with the companions by percentage of marks or rankings.

For generations, African Americans have used spirituality and religion as a crucial instrument for survival (Boyd-Franklin, 2006). Many of those who are emotionally disappointed by low ranking in the school are thereby prepared to accept limited achievement in the larger world outside the school. Furthermore, goals of treatment are to assist in overcoming resistance to experiencing, expressing and understanding emotion. There may not be any other therapeutic process where so much data is available to an individual about themselves as in psychodynamic group psychotherapy (Rutan, 1992). For various reasons the child may have absorbed a host of attitudes, beliefs and disbeliefs, loyalties and prejudices, jealousy and hatred, etc. Education, everywhere, has the function of the formation of social personalities. Transference can be defined as the misrepresentation of present object relationships on the basis of early object relationships (Rutan, 1992). The client and mother live in apartment together. Allowing individuals to interact and then reflect gives the individual the opportunity to use the group as a place to observe and change patterns (Wise, 2009). The section on skill acquisition strategies showcases various strategies that would help individuals suffering from ASD to acquire necessary skills that would be helpful for engaging in social situations. This author again used the terms psychodynamic groups, adolescents, sexual abuse survivor and African American to yield further articles in regards to psychodynamic groups. Because it is a psychodynamic therapy, the therapist should wait for the group interactions to occur freely and then comment when appropriate (Wise, 2009). The teacher admires and praises those who do well and frowns upon those who fail to do well.

Client fantasizes about being white, living rich and famous, and being saved from her current situation. Client reports auditory and visual hallucinations in the form of vampires telling her you are one. Reality testing is the egos ability to recognize and agree with physical and social reality. During the process of psychodynamic group psychotherapy, the therapist will attempt not to set agendas but follow the suggestions of the group. The clients two pregnancies are results of sexual abuse from the clients father. Through the psychodynamic group psychotherapy process the clients main goal will to be to form quality, nurturing and trusting relationships. Resilience refers to patterns of positive adaptation during or following major adversity or risk (Lopez Snyder, 2011). The client lacks any type of social support from peers and, often times, social functioning essay interactions with peers result in aggressive confrontation. The clients mother does not support the referral for client to attend the alternative school. The amount of education one has is correlated with his class position. Social competence is quite critical for students suffering from ASD since it gives them a better chance of getting along with others and making new friends. These strategies include social problem solving, social stories, pivotal response training, social scripting and video modeling.

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I would also make sure that the deficits emanating from skill acquisition and those arising due to performance have been substantiated. It is more helpful for students that will be involved with children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder due to the difficulties that they have to encounter in their daily lives. Client identifies one of her strengths as cooking. The school devotes much of its time and energy to the matter such as co-operation, good citizenship, doing ones duty, and upholding the law. The clients ego function of controlling impulses is also compromised, as evidenced by aggressiveness towards peers. (3) For the Formation of Social Personality: advertisements: Individuals must have personalities shaped or fashioned in ways that fit into the culture. Mother and father, the interactions with others in the group setting may begin to assist client in developing higher self-concept and more nurturing relationships. The client lives with her mother, age unknown, who is unemployed.

As individuals develop in the psychodynamic group they are forming important relationships and, while doing so, every part of their character is emerging. Although client does not currently attend church, in her fantasies, she finds the church as a safe place from her negative and hostile environment. The overview shows how complicated it can be for an individual while dealing with social situations. It helps men to adapt themselves to their environment, to survive, and to reproduce themselves. Terms including psychodynamic treatment, psychodynamic intervention, African American, adolescent and sexual abuse were again interchanged to aide in the search. Literacy is a product of education.

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Overall, this author found it extremely difficult to find, in the literature, psychodynamic interventions specific to African American adolescents who have experienced sexual abuse. Client enjoys math and does well in math, as reported by her math teacher. She has been referred to an alternative school and experiences psychological stress which impacts her relationships. African American families experience higher rates of poverty than families of other races. Social initiation also becomes a problem since the individuals demonstrate aspects of apathy, anxiety or fear with regards to social interactions.

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Client is not happy about the suspension from public school. Education Trains in Skills that are required by the Economy: The relation between the economy and education can be an exact one. Emotional abuse in the attachment relationship significantly increases the likelihood of developing insecure attachment, which is proven to be linked to low empathy and reciprocity, hostility or aggression and impulsivity, exploitation or ridicule by peers, social withdrawal or exclusion from. Get help with your essay today, from our professional essay writers! For me, among the ways that I would use is first identify the social skill difficulties being experienced by a child. Children who live in families with characteristics such as family conflict,.e., frequent episodes of anger or aggression, and lack of nurturing,.e., relationships which are cold, unsupportive, and neglectful, can have negative consequences on mental and physical health (Repetti, Taylor, Seeman, 2002). The part on assessment social functioning essay of social skills indicates that the purpose of assessment is to identify skills that will be targeted directly by the intervention. Additionally, other therapeutic aspects which are addressed include support, self-revelation, learning, and self-understanding, with interpersonal learning as the utmost important (Wise, 2009).

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In terms of defense mechanisms, the clients defense mechanisms could be classified as immature. Although she is upset about the suspension from her public school, she does seem interested in the referral to the alternative school as evidenced by her accepting the referral and attending Each One Teach One. This search yielded articles on cognitive behavioral interventions. This technique would allow self-learning and self-understanding in regards to how her past abuse and neglect as affected her current relationships. The client defines her neighborhood as the ghetto due to drug activity and crime. Some of them may be noted:. This takes a relatively short time. Essay on Social Importance of Work and Occupations Education, as a social institution has a great social importance especially in the modern, complex industrialised societies. To meet the social and economic needs of the society. Physical and Economic Environment, the clients mother is unemployed and receives welfare of an unknown monthly amount. (5) Education for Occupational Placementan Instrument of Livelihood: Education has a practical end also. Clients mother reports there is no alcohol or substance use in the home. When evaluating the social competence, I will social functioning essay make use of the rating scales and interviews during the assessment.

It is only at the upper levels of the school that any serious attempt has been, or now is, made to deal with this area. In terms of the clients psychological functioning, her ego functions are moderately compromised. The individual may interpret the caregivers failure to nurture and protect adequately as a sign they are unworthy and unlovable (Nusbaum, 2010). Client has also experienced physical abuse at the hands of her mother. There has been a provision of some strategies that could be used to facilitate the generalization of the skills. This author began finding articles related to psychodynamic groups as a psychodynamic intervention. An individual is able to effectively work through feelings when the individual is able to share their experience in a therapeutic environment comprised of compassion and acceptance. In the first sessions this author would social functioning essay attempt to create a trusting, nurturing and safe environment where client would feel she could engage in the group process and share personal experience. Client states her mother eats, watch.V., eats, watch.V. Fosters Participant Democracy: Education fosters participant democracy. Client does not have any legal issues at this time. Now, the people feel that it is the schools business to train the whole child even to the extent of teaching him honesty, fair play, consideration for others and a sense of right and wrong.

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The hospitals services include acute psychiatric care, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient services, substance abuse, twenty-four hour assessment and Electroconvulsive Therapy. (4) Reformation of Attitudes: Education aims at the reformation of attitudes wrongly social functioning essay developed by the children already. Evidenced Based Practice Search This author began the search using the Google Scholar search engine with the term psychodynamic treatment for female African American adolescents of sexual abuse. Setting, peak View Behavioral Health is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The clients turbulent home environment, unsafe neighborhood, and lack of social supports and resources exacerbates clients distrust in others, social isolation, and negative self-concept. Reason for Referral, the client was referred to Each One Teach One, an alternative school, by her prior public school principal. Values and Orientations which are Specific to Certain Occupations are also provided by Education: For example, the medical students are socialised and educated in a particular way in medical college. Clients distrust in peers and adults is evidenced by lack of nurturing relationships. Yet the schools main emphasis is upon personal competition.

Personal and Family History relevant to current focus. Client has been suspended from public school and referred to Each One Teach One, an alternative school, due to her second pregnancy. The basis of the group should be to feel and talk, rather than act. When a childs caregiver responds in a sensitive, loving, and consistent manner, a working model of other as loving, reliable, and supportive is internalized. According to attachment theory, insecure attachment styles are used because they are adaptive in relation to the behavioral responses of their attachment figure (Riggs, 2010).

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Client has experienced sexual abuse by her father and mother, and physical and verbal abuse from her mother. Assessment, psychological Functioning, the clients intellectual functioning is at a moderate level as evidenced by grammatically incorrect language and a second grade reading level. Clients mother refuses to be tested for HIV because she believes she has not contracted the disease because she and clients father did not engage in anal sex. The client has experienced sexual, physical, and verbal abuse from her caregivers. The clients apartment building is sprayed with graffiti. Client reports never having a boyfriend and does not have any friends. This enables the observation of childrens social performance across social contexts, persons and settings. Social reciprocity on the other hand, shows how individuals with ASD experience one-sided interactions.

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This social heritage (culture) must be transmitted through social organisations. The group format also allows for members to work together to manage and contain feelings (Wise, 2009). Culture here refers to a set of beliefs and skills, art, literature, philosophy, religion, music, etc. One role of the African American church is to act as a refuge, as a sanctuary in an often times unfriendly world (Boyd-Franklin, 2010). Within the psychodynamic group psychotherapy process, the group can demonstrate appropriate levels of protectiveness, love and concern to its members. The client and mother live in a two bedroom apartment, rent unknown, in Harlem. On the other hand, experiencing emotional abuse and neglect may instill damaging beliefs about the self,.g., I am stupid, I am not worthy of attention, which may result in maladaptive models of self, other, and self in-relation to others. The client lives in a neighborhood in which she would consider the ghetto. Accordingly, various theories regarding its nature and objectives have come into being. This search yielded articles related to interventions for substance abuse. Another hurdle the client will have to overcome in order to maximize optimum results from the psychodynamic group psychotherapy intervention is a proper match to therapist leading the group and participation.

This author would predict the client would be difficult to engage initially due to her mistrust in others and feelings of unworthiness. Consistent with the notion emotional abuse negatively impacts Internal Working Models and the ability to regulate affect, research suggests emotional abuse places children at risk for poor self-concept and disorders of emotional regulation and impulse control (Riggs, 2010). Relationships are important in forming personality, causing psychopathology, and curing psychiatric symptoms. Literacy allows full participation of the people in democratic processes and effective voting. Social cognition on its part shows how important it is to understand customs, norms and values that are essential for healthy interactions. The clients immature defense of dissociation, where a painful memory is detached from the feeling, is evidenced by the clients fantasies of herself leading a different life (Berzoff, Flanagan, Hertz, 2011). Education must prepare the student for future occupational positions. After consistent nurturing, accepting, trusting and safe experiences in the psychodynamic group, this author would see the client begin to engage in the group process. As a result, this will allow me to make informed decisions about the focus and direction of the program. It is important to note in the therapeutic process, defects in earlier developmental stages can be corrected if that stage can be recalled, relieved and be affectively re-experienced and corrected in the here and now (Rutan, 1992).

Because the client has developed negative internal working models, due to insecure attachment with caregivers,.e. This is because social validity has the ability to influence the treatment fidelity in a number of ways. One of the highlighted strengths in the lives of African Americans is their strong educational or achievement orientation (Boyd-Franklin, 2006). Current Social Functioning. The principal suspects the client is having difficulty in her home life, although she will not disclose to the principal how she became pregnant twice. The information is straight to the point to avoid any prevalent miscommunications. Education helps in transmitting culture through proper moulding of social personalities. Living in poverty increases the risk of exposure to trauma and trauma is found more often in African American populations (Graves, Kaslow, Frabutt, 2010). Some interventions are effective, but they fail to work since they are being applied to the wrong situation.

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Unfortunately, due to clients exposure to an abusive and un-nurturing environment, she has developed poor mental health, as seen by her moderate level of defense mechanisms, poor self-concept and lack of support. This is vital for the children since favorable social interaction will play a vital role in ensuring that the challenges they are facing have decreased significantly. The family may fail to provide the child the essential knowledge of the social skills, and values of the wider society. Client does not understand why she is being suspended because she feels as though she has not done anything wrong. This author then moved to using the search engine PsyhInfo. Qualified writers in the subject of social work are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. It has mentioned of the actions that might be taken to make this happen. In the evenings, client cooks and cleans for the household. Client has current and past history of sexual and physical abuse. This aspect shows the need for effective social skills to ensure that individuals get positive reactions and evaluations from peers. Men who finish college, for example, earn two and a half times as much as those who have only a grammar school education.

Client has difficulty with her peers as evidenced by clients physical aggression towards peers,.e., slapping, punching, and social functioning essay cursing at her peers. The strategies described here are prompting, peer-mediated interventions, priming, and self-monitoring. (6) Conferring of Status: Conferring of status is one of the most important functions of education. This author then moved to using the University of Southern California Library to continue the search. The client is pregnant with her second child and has been suspended from the public school. The clients father previously lived in the home with client and mother prior to moving out. This is because the intervention strategies adopted tend to depend on these aspects. The consequences of the clients pregnancies are reflected by her situation. It should help the adolescent for earning his livelihood.