Essay highlighting necessity conservation forests

essay highlighting necessity conservation forests

But in the essay highlighting necessity conservation forests face of manipulation and collusion between the contractors and forest officials, they find themselves helpless. Indias non-commercial energy resources include fuel wood , agricultural residues, and animal dung. They are a great source of renewable energy and contribute significantly to our economic development. Topic : Forest conservation essay in tamil. About.47 of the total geographical area of the country is under actual forest-cover. Extensive implementation of social forestry would mean the improvement in climatic conditions, betterment of the environment, and building up of enormous potential for energy resources without detriment to the present resources and providing employment to thousands. For example, the Vedas and Upanishads, the oldest known religious, philosophical and literary monuments of mankind are the direct products of forest-life in ancient India. A more intensive vigilance is needed to protection of wild life especially around project areas.

1266 words essay on the importance of Forest Conservation

They are called so because they were both composed and studied in the forest-dwellings. Published : Fri, Dec 21 2018 :12. Gandhiji once said that, Nature has enough for everybodys needs but not for everybodys greed. A personal narrative allows the writer to relate an experience or event with his real life. It means involvement of the urban population in growing trees in and around the areas of their habitation. Forests are one of the priceless boons of nature, but human consumerism has created such a great pressure on forests that they have almost disappeared in many areas, resulting in soil- erosion, floods, and barrenness of the earth, pollution, climatic.

It was revised in 1952 and again in 1988. They also help in increasing the soil fertility. . This has been followed by the Visvesvarayya Iron Steel, and Chitradurga Copper. Moreover, the involvement of the local people, tribals and other hill and forest communities will help a lot in the conservation of our forests. We can Save forests stopping the cutting of trees (stop deforestation establishing new forests (afforestation) and reestablishing old forests (reforestation). The thoughts, emotions and reactions of the writer form an important part of the personal narrative. Consequently, the wildlife essay highlighting necessity conservation forests has also been threatened and many species of animals and birds have become extinct and many others are in danger of extinction. In 1977, 5097 mines were working in India of which 4564 were non-coal mineral mines and 533 were coal mines, all employing nearly 7,45,000 persons.

essay highlighting necessity conservation forests

Essay on Forests: Importance, Major Products and Its Conservation

Author : Derwan Leblanc. Large areas of the hills of North-East India, Orissa,.P., etc., are subjected to shifting cultivation. They should be such that can prevent soil erosion, check floods, and air pollution. They have been very beautifully and poetically personified in hymns and prayers. A vital part of learning how to write essays is to understand the importance of structure. Treated bamboos offer excellent raw material for housing of low-income groups. In order to rationalize the usage of these materials energy plantations are badly needed.

The conservation of other species like crocodiles, and essay highlighting necessity conservation forests garials and reptiles and fish which are threatened of extinction need to be stepped. Greater investment in forestry section, formation of a separate department of social forestry and environment in each state, total banning of export of wood in the form of logs, control of pests like parthenium, eupatorium and other species and. The involvement of non-government organisations can go a long way in the conservation and improvement of our forests. The denudation in the Himalayan Region and consequential floods calls for an international programme of watershed management aided by all the adjacent countries Pakistan, Nepal, India, Bangla Desh and Bhutan. The schemes for augmenting renewable energy sources in wastelands can also help a lot in the matter. Think of the structure as a framework around which you can build your writing. A similar measure, modified to our local conditions, would help in the ecological balance in the hills.

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This would give a new impetus and dimension to our efforts of forest conservation and development of wasteland into forests. The sorry spectacle of clearance of large extents of primeval tropical forests by long leases in the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region has led to a serious set-back in the ecological balance and shortage of potential resources. When this is done there can be no better effort in conservation of wild life and with the interest the Prime Minister has in this it is hoped it will materialize. Fresh trees should be planted and in this way the trees that are cut should be replaced. Planting of trees should be a constant progress. Lack of adequate vegetal cover in the catchments or watersheds of our rivers and streams, exploitation of our hill forests indiscriminately to meet the ever-increasing needs of population, the indiscriminate lopping, grazing and fires have resulted. Advertisements: The neglect and destruction of forests is bound to have serious repercussions on our lives. The people living in the villages need for their daily sustenance fuel for their cooking and other needs, fodder for their cattle, fertilizer for their fields, and small timber for their rural houses and agricultural implements, bamboos for a variety of uses. Nearly, 175 million tons of fuel wood is consumed per year out of which only 20 million tones come from recorded sources. Government of India through the.C.A.R. Nearly four million tons of fuel is reported to be needed for cremation in the country. The Bababudangiri Iron Ore Project has tried to inbuilt the environmental measures within the project cost. Indias forest area is hardly 23 per cent and is short by nearly 10 percent of the world average.