Social issues in canada essay

social issues in canada essay

No doubt anticipating the interest that might be taken in his actions by the broader justice community, Stuart begins his judgement with the statement that "The reasons for this sentence will take us on an unusual journey." (p.1). AU: Nelsen-J-C SO: 18(3/4 139-52, 1994. The irony here is that the incarcerative sentences that the Euro-Canadian courts give out routinely are analagous to the most severe that one can give from the aboriginal perspective. Although this paper has argued that aboriginal interests should be acknowledged and promoted, it is also acknowledged that there are many thorny issues which await both the federal and provincial governments and aboriginal peoples. This article reviews current principles guiding research ethics, such as autonomy, beneficence, nonmalfeasance, and justice and provides an outline of the salient issues for social workers as they strive to address individual and collective interests in research endeavors. Halifax,.S.: Fernwood Publishing,.103-108. 3 Once accepted, students are allowed greater educational opportunities through the province extensively developed articulation system.

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In nsen and ooks (Eds.) In Celebration of Our Survival: The First Nations of British Columbia. An array of committees and commissions were soon looking into various aspects of 'the Indian problem but no significant policy initiatives were undertaken. These issues involve theory and problem formulation, population definition, sampling and generalizability of findings and preventing harm to study participants. Whether decisions of this sort will continue to be made in favour of aboriginal participants in Court actions, is another issue. Hammersmith (1992) adds that further difficulties arose from the days of the residential schools, when aboriginal children were taken from their families, and not treated well, thus creating generations of dysfunctional people.

In that broader context, the most recent indications (from Tennant, 1992a) are that the Island Salish are pleased to the extent that the general attitude of participants in the project see the Elders Council "in partnership" with the existing system. Natural law is also cited, since one can question the determinative aspects of international law - Proclamations by European Kings can hardly be considered binding on leaders of North American First Nations who were not signatory. Elusive Justice: Beyond the Marshall Inquiry. One Nation Under the Gun: Inside the Mohawk Civil War. Aboriginal Title in British Columbia: Delgamuukw v The Queen. (Journal Abstract) The Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics (jswv E) m/jswve/ This journal seeks to inform and influence social work practice and education. University Affairs is a magazine published by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (aucc). Colonialism on Trial: Indigenous Land Rights and the Gitksan and Wet'suwet'en Sovereignty Case. Lantzville,.C.: Oolichan Books,.143-150. The image is of a person who falls into an icy river, and begins to endure its hypothermic effects. Monolithic bureaucracies also seem very effective at dictating agendae by their very functioning, as social issues in canada essay is described by the Assembly of First Nations (AFN, 1991 who lament the nature of their interactions with the federal government. 22(3 317, Fall 1994. It prescribes behavior of professionals in serving and protecting clientele, colleagues, and the society at large. .

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Prospects for aboriginal justice systems are also consistent with all treaties which have been signed with aboriginal leaders thus far (Wildsmith, social issues in canada essay 1992 are easily construed within the fiduciary responsibilities of the federal government with respect to ensuring the continuing vitality. After a case was closed, the agency was to solicit the clients consent to be contacted by the researchers. (Journal Abstract.) Ethics, gender, and ethnicity in single-case research and evaluation. In addition, the ministry also offers non-payable funding through scholarships, grants and bursaries to eligible students. As has been the case in the domestic courts, involvement at the international level has brought limited, though significant success, suggesting that international forums will be only one of an array of ventures and collaborations in which Canadian aboriginals continue to be engaged. The federal government maintains that participation in the process is voluntary and that First Nations cannot be forced into agreements. Labour Market Assessment 2016 (PDF).

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In 1922, social workers created their Code of Ethics, a major precept of which is the protection of confidentiality, defined as the regulation, both legal and ethical, that protects the clients rights of privacy. Governments point to policies of 'devolution' of federal powers, and assert that all changes in the 1990s are initiated by natives themselves. "Authority rather than power governs decision-making and authority is based on personal respect. Isbn Prevost, Kyle Justin Bouchard. Bellegarde (1991 for example, accuses the federal government of being obstructive toward United Nations' research into treaties and other forms of agreements. A discussion of the methodology focuses upon the choice of a qualitative design. because we understand that it is unlikely the diverse array of European nations would want any one thing. Results showed that in regard to their professional ethics, at least 33 percent or more respondents indicated that their ethic was abstract and unhelpful.

The purpose of this paper is to present and analyze the ethical dilemmas involved in presenting research findings that describe abused womens parenting practices in a negative light. Although, as Sanders (1985) suggests, "It is common wisdom that the queen and the United Nations are powerless" (p.302 the articulation of positions on the international stage ".serves both the short-term goal of applying pressure on the nation-state and the. When you ask the band councils, the chiefs or the mayors to change something, they first have to get permission from the people who give them funding." (Hammersmith, 1992,.55). The paper begins with a review of the literature exploring how ethical principles are utilized in professional practice. Code is developed by a team of experts and ratified by both the Associations Delegate Assembly and Board of Directors. Government of Prince Edward Island. Transitions in Canada's Indian Policy Although there is evidence that "mainstream" Canada is rediscovering aboriginal history, and that governmental aboriginal policy is also being reconsidered, any single attribution of "why" this might be occuring now would be sheer speculation. And finally, the asymmetry of resources allows the federal government to make unilateral judgements that might or might not be agreed to by an independent third party, let alone the First Nations who are their object. Indeed, the authors suggest their model may have applicability to other aboriginal groups, as well as to many non-native rural communities (Gitksan-Wet'suwet'en Education Society et al, 1989). Students complete their secondary studies in the eleventh grade. The exclusionary "citizenship" rules, which stripped native women who married whites of their Indian status, ripped into the heart of aboriginal First Nations, many of whom had traditionally bequeathed titles and responsibilities through matrilineage (Greschner, 1992; Joseph, 1991; Wilson, 1985). Im plicit recognition has been cited in two locations. 7 The Roblin Commission of 1993 and subsequent declining allocations of the public purse have made it clear that post-secondary institutions will have to find their own private sources of funding to make up shortfalls in general operating budgets.

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On the one hand, there is considerable oral history evidence from aboriginal peoples, reaffirmed by archaeological evidence, that native peoples have indeed populated this continent since "time immemorial" - long enough for aboriginal ancestors to have witnessed even. Three felt that extinguishment had to be done explicitly, and noted that the.C. AU: Campbell-L SO: Australian-Social-Work. Higher education has a rich history in New Brunswick, including the first English-speaking University in Canada, University of New Brunswick, and the first university in the British Empire to have awarded a baccalaureate to a woman ( Grace Annie Lockhart, 1875 Mount Allison University. This set provides a developmental perspective of the research-building process. While different patterns will be interesting to different people, the following patterns should be particularly compelling for cpsr members and their friends: The pattern language was developed collaboratively with nearly 100 co-authors using an online pattern language management system. Locking up Natives in Canada: A Report of the Canadian Bar Association Committee on Imprisonment and Release. It is fine for members of cultural majorities to argue "we are all equal" when their numbers allow them to control the social institutions as well as their agendae, thereby creating a tyranny of the majority. Dream Factories: Why Universities Won't Solve the Youth Jobs Crisis.

Common issues discussed were the patients medical condition, involvement of family, and family denial of terminal illness. Drafting the United Nations Declaration on Indigenous Rights. Empirical studies of the values of the social work profession typically have focused on the personal values of social workers. By the forced creation of Band Councils, and the imposed paramountcy of a foreign justice system (Jackson, 1992; Ross, social issues in canada essay 1992). On various occasions, aboriginal leaders have made direct representations to the Monarch (and were received many British dignitaries (e.g., Prince of Wales, several Governors General) were made honourary chiefs; and many Royal Visits to Canada have intentionally included trips to particular Native lands.

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8 Newfoundland and Labrador edit Main article: Higher education in Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland and Labrador has had the same growing pains as other provinces in developing its own form of education and now boasts a very strong, although relatively small, system. For natives, who knew nothing about the proposed termination policies until the day the White Paper was released, the consultations were shown to be a clear sham, and the assimilation objectives of the government's Indian policy were abundantly evident (Weaver, 1981). Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press,.288-298. Indeed, it might well be argued that history has some of the same functions in western cultures as mythology does in Indian cultures: it validates the past in terms that are meaningful for the present." (p.3). If you would like to send a note, either click on this e-mail link now, or send one later.

social issues in canada essay

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It is only in this context that jurisdiction can be asserted beyond the House and Clan." (pp.18-19). The BC Appeal Court apparently initiated a query back to the Gitksan-Wet'suwet'en community, wondering whether they could take a more active role in the man's rehabilitation, and perhaps preclude the need for what would otherwise be yet another step. Boldt Long (1985a for example, assert that "The Canadian courts, like those of New Zealand, Australia, and the United States, act as handmaidens of the government, consistently giving precedence to the legitimacy and validity of government power, policies, and. Data were collected using a standard measure of ethical judgment and six vignettes to identify changes in ethical decision-making orientation. (Proceedings of a Conference held September 10-11, 1991). The bigger issue is not so much the existence of tribal courts per se, but whether the courts will be constrained to an existence as aboriginal clones to the dominant Euro-Canadian system, or whether aboriginal justice systems would. Stuart noted that the justice system had probably spent about a quarter of a million dollars on Philip Moses thus far, and that it appeared they had succeeded in little more than making him even more dangerous and destructive. The elders played a significant role in this regard. The irony is that this governmental largesse is with resources that arguably belong to the First Nations, and that government has provided a poor model in terms of how those resources might be effectively managed (e.g., see York. C anadian Journal of Political Science / Revue canadienne de science politique, 6 (1 121-130. After explaining that "NWC is an umbrella group that includes status and non-status Indian women and M?tis women, and representatives of provincial native women's groups." (p.53 Hammersmith further explains that the "NWC argues that native women belong to largely dysfunctional. As Fisher (1992) has noted, however disagreeable MacEachern's decision might be, the fact remains that it was made in 1991 by a Chief Justice in an important case that has the potential of exerting significant influence in future cases, shows the.

Hamilton and Sinclair (1991,.275) state the two different numbers appear in two different Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) reports. To articulate his confusion at the actions, reaction and explanations of Native victims and witnesses in the court process." (p.xvii). Its up to you. (Journal abstract, edited.) Confidentiality: A constraint on research. This is just the continuation of a policy of genocide." (p.58). Lantzville,.C.: Oolichan Books,.197-217. How do social workers understand and deal with ethical issues in their professional practice? This research Web page presents an overview of social work research related to the professions ethical standards and values. . Indeed, these are legion. Indeed, it seems a virtual travesty that the multitude of First Nations who governed these lands since time immemorial have no place whatsoever in the contemporary institutional structures of the country. (Journal abstract.) Ensuring ethical practice: An examination of nasw Code violations, 1986-97. An Act to Amend the Federal-Provincial Arrangements and Established Programs Financing Act, Dissolution of the Economic Council of Canada 60 1984 Bill C-12 Act to amend the Federal-Provincial Arrangements and Established Programs Financing Act 70 1986 Bill C-96 Act to Amend the. Reaching Just Settlements: Land Claims in British Columbia.

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The biggest problem seemed to be rooted in enduring differences between the aboriginals, who pushed for resolution of land claims and social issues in canada essay aboriginal rights issues, and the government and its bureaucracy, who wanted the Indians to start acting a bit more like everyone else. Wall, Katherine (26 September 2018). List of universities in Canada and, list of colleges in Canada. At issue are fundamental differences on the key question of who has the final say when it comes to the directions, and degree of change, that are "acceptable" (e.g., see Boldt Long, 1985a; Cassidy, 1991c). Indeed, it is guided by the belief that any proposals which do not consider the past in their formulation and implementation are doomed to repeat. Toronto: Copp Clark Pitman. 2 Royal Commission on National Development in the Arts, Letters and Sciences Report of the Royal Commission on National Development in the Arts, Letters, and Sciences chapter XXV, A council FOR THE arts, letters, humanities AND social sciences. Aids and social work: The ethics and civil liberties agenda. (This page was last updated on 2 November 1996). Supreme Court decided against the Gitksan and Wet'suwet'en plaintiffs in Delgamuukw v the Queen (1991) in their joint effort to assert aboriginal title to their homelands in British Columbia. The province had clearly lost the legal argument over pre-existing title and had almost lost on the issue of continuing title. AU: Strom-Gottfried-K SO: 36(2 241-252, Spring/Summer 2000. The third theme, the dark theme, is that once within the colonizer's legal system, each protecting government is mystically given by its courts the unlimited power to extinguish Indian treaty and aboriginal rights for the good of the rest of society." (p.220).

Simply legitimizes that structure." (p.90). AU: Proctor-E-K; Morrow-Howell-N; Lott-C-L SO: Social-Work. Lantzville,.C.: Oolichan Books,.186-196. As recently as 1969, a document as significant as the Trudeau-Chr├ętien White Paper - which proposed to completely dispose of special "Indian" status - was generated completely without aboriginal participation (Weaver, 1981). Its manifestations have been blatantly evident in the context of negotiations regarding self-government arrangements. But perhaps this is another way of saying that they are only simple add-ons which change the sizzle, but not the steak. Their unwillingness did not relate significantly to their clarity on professional ethical obligations or agency constraints. One affirms the right to avoid self-incrimination, for example, while aboriginal traditions require one to give an account of oneself, and to accept responsibility for the effects of ones actions. Constraints on the international personality of aboriginal peoples were manifest particularly after 1867, whence the federal government often went out of its way to thwart Indian-regal communication, both to assert its own sense of sovereign authority, and to avoid international embarassment (Sanders, 1985). Disadvantaged status and socialization in the field were important in forming these views but self-selection effects were not excluded. Weaver (1981) noted that the decision ".significantly influenced Trudeau's own thinking, leading him to believe there was greater legitimacy to Indian title than he had thought in 1969." (p.198 and she notes also the subsequent emergence of a new federal policy regarding comprehensive claim settlements. This article reports the results of an exploratory study examining social workers attitudes and beliefs about sexual involvement with clients and their knowledge of the prevalence of this behavior as reported to them by their clients. Long (Eds.) The Quest for Justice: Aboriginal Peoples and Aboriginal Rights.

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Similarly, another section guarantees an impartial trial, while justice in the traditional aboriginal setting is more likely to have been sought through non-adversarial, consensus-oriented discussion (e.g., Jackson, 1992; Monture-Okanee Turpel, 1992; Sawatsky, 1992). Many native speakers emphasize that it is the Creator who gave aboriginals the stewardship of this continent, for example, with authority for self-determination deriving directly therefrom (e.g., see Ahenakew, 1985; Boldt Long, 1985a; Cassidy, 1991c). It also made school a very undesirable place. The Canadian Journal of Higher Education is a journal published by the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education (csshe). The guilty one, even in killings, can repent his or her fault and makes satisfaction by offering presents and other suitable atonements to the aggrieved party. Thornier Legal Issues: The Charter Charter considerations are important in several respects, particularly insofar as many aspects of aboriginal justice challenge us to reconsider our allegiances when faced with competing positive values. Incarceration must be understood as banishment. American Indian jurists pointed out, 'tribal members have developed a respect for the tribal justice system because whether the judges are elected or appointed the judges are ultimately responsible to the tribe." (p.229). (Journal abstract.) Social workers participation in the resolution of ethical dilemmas in hospice care. Students are required to meet the individual entrance requirements for programs offered at the institution of their choice. There are, however, serious limitations to reforming the profession without seeking broader social changes in society. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press,.34-45.