Writing comic book reviews

writing comic book reviews

Charlie Ridgely Rating: 5 out of 5 Rick and Morty find themselves in a unique situation within Rick and Morty #49 where the two are trapped in a time loop and forced to repeat the same day over and over. With all the secrets on the table, it's now a matter of accepting the truth - and yet, somehow, there's still room for a huge surprise on the last page. That's not to say that the issue isn't an enjoyable read -. Charlie Ridgely Rating: 4 out of 5 So far the War of the Realms tie ins have actually been pretty entertaining, and the trend continues with a solid opening to the Uncanny X-Men mini-series. Theres still some hackneyed dialogue from Nilah Macgruder and were still dealing with some well-trodden, almost vintage superhero writing comic book reviews stuff although the dialogue and the plot may feel less so to the younger readers the book is geared towards but. It moves pretty quickly, the characters are fairly interesting, and it's overall a premise worth following. Ask for review copies and take joy in the fact people are reading your work. A little odd that Todd McFarlane would choose to add a few characters that havent appeared yet into the mix, but if you need to recap you may not even notice. Can you write a 400-word review of a 22-page comic book?

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Extra-Billy was already the heart of the series, but its midway through this issue that he fully comes out of his shell, becoming a true ally to Sharkey and putting him on higher footing. Is that what scares the shit out of me every time I see all those fly-specked bellies on the six oclock news? Ask a question and find an answer in the story. Christian Hoffer, rating: 3 out of 5, heroes in Crisis #8 is all sorts of conflicting, but not in the ways you might think. It reminds you there's a brilliant mind at work behind the brutal, rough exterior.

Christian Hoffer Rating: 4 out of 5 Kelly Thompsons second arc. Scott Kolins, meanwhile, is hard to beat if youre looking for a great Flash artist. Yeah, well, okay, but why cant I stand that? If you haven't decided on a graphic novel to review, this will also help you make up your mind. This first issue of the book is definitely entertaining, yet we learn very little about the Black Spire Outpost, other than one of its residents likes to tell stories about their collection. Now, some of the individual Rangers could use a bit more character depth, like Cameron and Tanya, but other than that we have few complaints. At the very least, it's an all-new take on the Mad Titan that's both intriguing and promising. This will tell you something of the past works of the writer and artist, which can direct you to other works you may want to read for comparison and contrast. While the issue lacks surprises, it does make up for it in visual splendor, as Brad Walker and Nathan Fairborn delivers consistently stellar sequences whether the action takes place on land or underwater. It was a fun team-up that followed most of the standard beats, but managed to not feel tired at the same time. You need to see the slant in writing style and artwork for this comic book.

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If you're fairly new to graphic novels, this will give you some perspective as to the range of themes they cover, as well as familiarize you with the overall style of the author and artist who worked. Adam Barnhardt Rating: 4 out of 5 For being a tie-in comic, this issue of Venom feels very honest to the rest of the series. Make notes about the story, the writing, the art, and any literary or artistic devices you see used in telling the story. If the graphic novel is a compilation of a story arc presented across several issues of a comic book, you should list the original comics that carried the story. I enjoyed how Spider-Man quickly ceded that he wasn't as intelligent as Moon Girl, but managed to teach her a life lesson anyways. The agents seem to be getting closer to answers, though theyre traveling a curious route full of local superstition, cults, and other occult trappings.

writing comic book reviews

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The series continues to be profoundly relatable, in both the issues darker (and possibly controversial) moments, and in the lighter, Carly Rae Jepsen-filled moments. Tom Waltzs script is well paced, allowing the tension to bubble over subtly before the war begins in earnest towards the issues end. It isn't totally comprehensive, but it includes just about everything from DC and Marvel with the important books from the likes of Image, Boom, Dark Horse, and more. Also, in case you were curious, our ratings are simple: we writing comic book reviews give a whole number out of five; that's it! Who is Alan Moore?