Online marketing research paper pdf

online marketing research paper pdf

To learn more, view our. Skip to main content, academia. Edu uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site , you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. Online Marketing, on Integrated, marketing, communication is the bona-fide research work carried out.

Social Media Marketing in a Small Business : A Case Study

Firstly, the evident enthusiasm to embrace new technologies in order to improve research participation has blurred the fact. However, Networking emphasizes relationship initiation, very often between strangers, and this is not necessarily the case in these sites. In the specific case of Facebook platform, it is a possibility that users feel more comfortable in a familiar environment and therefore more open to provide in-depth criticism. In the case of Social Network Sites the first and most important issue is data analysis, in which determining an appropriate scheme for reducing the massive quantity of data received is crucial and challenging. 425). 2009; Boyd Ellison, 2008) The high level of participation, interaction, and influence that Social Network Sites provide is seen as an opportunity. Figure.1 Screenshot taken from Griffith Colleges Facebook dashboard Challenges of SNS implementation online marketing research paper pdf as a Research Tool While technology developments sound promising. The intention of a consumer is an aspect that any marketing researcher would be interested in finding; however, the task would get lost in the impracticality of. Researchers, accepting this limitation should probably consider a percentage of users who may respond as an alter persona. Another concern of conducting research in Social Network Sites is related to the identity and veracity of the demographics in Social Network Sites. In the next section the advantages of Social Network Sites is explored. Online, marketing, research : Reliability and Appropriateness of Social Network Sites Wendy Tapia Abstract The widespread acceptance that the web.0 platform offers new opportunities and possibilities to meet the current.

(Zywica Danowski, 2008, .2) These sites were originally thought as a good way to find old classmates (Page, 2010,. 85) Savage and Burrows (2007, as cited in Beer 2008,.619) have described a coming crisis of empirical sociology caused by a tension between. The urgent need of increasing participation is evident, however, it is also critical to understand that methodological rigor is what builds reliable data. Poynter (2008) gives two examples of brands who are successfully getting responses and feedback from users whenever they are surveyed, both . In the cases in which the population that is to be researched does belong to Social Network Sites there is another element. (Kiesler et al., 1984; Turkle, 1999 as cited in Rodriguez Hung, 2010,. (McDonald Adam, 2003,.85) In this aspect if a brand online marketing research paper pdf conducting research does not have a good positioning in the market, or enjoy. In traditional research, the surveyor could randomly approach people in the street and conduct the survey, while in Social Network Sites users do not show. This data may seem positive at a first glance, however, as pointed out in Datamonitors report this does not fulfill the expected performance and it contrasts these figures with the 30 broadband connections for every 100 in. (Feldon Kafai, 2008) On this issue we observe that in fact, data collected and the metrics obtained are . 2009 which avoids time consuming manual inputs and reduces human errors to a minimum.

Cooke et ., (2009) also explain that in research conducted to heavy internet users aged years old produced richer. The open source technology in which Facebook is based also allows researchers to team up with programmers to find new ways of enhancing the functionality and. Boyd and Ellison (2007) point out that friendship links, or public displays of connection, are another important aspect of self-presentation The three. It is believed that the here mentioned advantages are the driving forces of many marketers to implement research in Facebook. The main challenges of conducting marketing research in Social Network Sites have been pointed out. Web .0 is a set of collaborative web applications that are similar to traditional media characterized for allowing.

Social Media as a Marketing Tool : A Literature Review

(2009) supports this idea by saying that social networking sites display intentions of consumers and therefore techniques specifically designed to deal with this have to be introduced. Social Network Sites Description Social Network Sites term is referred in the literature review as: social networking, social networking sites or simply: networking. While online focus groups and virtual communities may find a way to read non-verbal communication, Social Network Sites such as Facebook does not offer applications. The importance of marketing research relies on the fact that many decisions in businesses are based on results obtained through this. Within the Facebook platform now, more than ever, users have been empowered to read, watch and participate . Nevertheless, there seems to be different results on this matter depending on the research being quantitative or qualitative. (Cooke et al., 2009) in terms of Internet penetration in Ireland, specifically, a report published by Datamonitor (2008,. This also links to the issue that reaching audiences, is limited to the number of registered users of, in this instance, Facebook.

A reality is that Internet penetration varies from country to country and some demographic groups will not be online in the foreseeable future in a number of countries. Social Network Sites, allow users to create a personalized profile that includes information, such as: date of birth, relationship status, hobbies, preferences, education background, interests, etc. Advantages of Social Network Sites as a Research Tool Based on research conducted in other online channels, a number of advantages have been identified. Currently, the most popular Facebook applications used informally for marketing research purposes are: Fan pages, mobile applications, integration of Facebook to other sites, and built. The purpose of this paper is to take a critical look at the use of Social Network Sites as an.

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A few advantages of Social Network Sites have been identified based on the features of Facebook as well as previous research conducted in other online resources. The question tool offers such a simple platform to ask questions to users that it could be useful. This raises a question in relation to the reliability of the demographics provided by Social Network Sites, which may have an impact in some. Marketing, research is used to identify opportunities and problems. 201) In relation to this concern Marwick (2005, as cited in Zywica Danowski 2008, .6) proposes how to analyze profile categories of text, pictures, and testimonials. 23) While the information will be reported automatically, in most of cases if detailed information is required this implies. Therefore the individual living the online, Social Network Site, life is a reflection of the idealized subject of the offline individual and then both subjects, online and offline are complimentary and grow together. Cooke et . Another disadvantage comes from the decline in response in marketing research, which may impact on the representativeness of a sample and so the validity of the results. While this argument may not be relevant to those conducting research in social grades: A, B, C1 and C2 . Its general purpose is to generate, evaluate and improve marketing actions, this includes; monitoring performance; and improve understanding of marketing as a process. This cannot be denied since technological developments and the increase of Internet penetration all over the world. All the mentioned applications offer immediate data compilation, reports, and access to a dashboard as shown in Figure.1.

Figure.2 Screenshot taken from Griffith Colleges Facebook Account - Question tool Marketing practitioner Poynter (2008, .11) believe that the concerns of strict researchers. Among the most popular advantages of online resources it is frequently found in literature review that web-based applications offer greater speed, this means that data. 201) When the individuals join a Social Network Sites they find the opportunity of creating the self-narrative they choose, the portray that they. The paper starts by giving a brief insight of how Social Network Sites are defined, it then contrasts the advantages and disadvantages of its use . Its increasing popularity has attracted millions of users also countless business and researchers. Its highly social and participatory nature has attracted a large audience and many researchers recognize the potential that Social Network. In this study we pay special attention to Social Network Sites because while there has been very little research. Another element to be thought through is the Computer Mediated Communication limitations. Behavior is another element of individuals self-narrative that can influence in marketing research. However, nowadays these types of sites allow conversations between users through a simple and unique interface. Other advantages of the implementation of online marketing research are costs and time, which are considerably lower compared to traditional methods.

It is observed that individuals may choose to establish multiple identities to interact in their online world as different 4 personae (Feldon Kafai. Before elaborating on the contents and uses of Web .0 it is worth to establish a definition. 70) reveals that it is estimated that in 2007 around 46 of the Irish population had a PC and around 60 of the population was connected to the Internet. For this, he identifies three types of presentations: Types of presentation Authentic, presenting true information about the self such . An important aspect of conducting research in SNS would be that these sites, in itself, are already segmented and that they do not represent every demographic. Another aspect to be considered behavior is that individuals participating of online research marketing are interacting in both: the online and offline world. In this regard it is imperative that researchers and application developers spend enough time in designing tools that are informative. In the last decade, undertaking any type of research has suffered a decline in response, and marketing research is no exception (McDonald Adam, 2003, . (Zywica Danowski, 2008,. Until today the tools that have been used for online marketing research purposes and that have been widely documented, include: online surveys, research communities, and online focus groups.

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In the case of Facebook its open source nature will also offer significant budgetary reductions, although, a very sophisticated. Analysis of the profile of Social Network Sites The wide variety of web applications .0 available offers to marketing researchers the possibility of reaching. Acting simultaneously is believed to have an impact, conversations between two users who are present in the same physical environment can prompt changes in online action (Feldon. M.S., Purdue University, May 2012. Social Media Marketing in a Small Business : A Case Study. Major Professor: Mihaela Vorvoreanu. In todays social media driven environment, it is essential that small businesses understand Facebook, Twitter, and the strategies behind using social media for growing their business. Within social media marketing research and points out the need for future studies to explore the benefits gained by marketing on social networking sites, especially for small retailers. Defining Social Media To consider social media as a marketing tool a retailer must understand every aspect.

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