Essay on air pollution in india

essay on air pollution in india

Government should provide subsidies on Bio-Gas installation and LPG gas cylinders in rural areas. A b Devendra Pandey (2002). Hence, the more we decrease their usage, the greater we contribute towards keeping our environment clean and fresh. National Ambient Air Quality Standards. According to several studies, vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, guards our body against the damaging consequences of car exhausts and power plants. Dust, dirt, smoke, pollen etc. The decreasing trend in sulphur dioxide levels may be due to recently introduced vehicle emission standards, and the increasing use of LPG as domestic fuel instead of coal or fuelwood. This problem is not unique to India, but prevalent in many developing countries including those outside of south Asia. Particulate matters are mostly solid and liquid substances with the radius ranging from less than.1 micron to 10 microns. But in course of creating a convenient life for him, he unknowingly invited many threats to the mankind.

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Chemical composition of ground water in some areas has revealed a high concentration of nitrates, potassium and even phosphates. The fossil fuels are essay on air pollution in india limited and they are not going to last forever. We always feel that we are safe in our home away from the deadly pollution but we forget that pollution is everywhere. These, ceaselessly burn fossil fuels such as petroleum and consequently, release dangerous gasses in the form of fumes. "CO2 emissions by country 2017".

These vehicles run on electric source and does not cause any harm to the environment and human body. Following are the effects of air pollution: Affecting Human Health. Traffic congestion is caused for several reasons, some of which are: increase in number of vehicles per kilometer of available road, a lack of intra-city divided-lane highways and intra-city expressways networks, lack of inter-city expressways, traffic accidents and chaos. Leading to global warming. The decreasing trend in sulphur dioxide levels may be due to recently introduced clean fuel standards, and the increasing use of LPG as domestic fuel instead of coal or fuelwood, and the use of CNG instead of diesel in certain vehicles. Adulterated fuel increases tailpipe emissions of hydrocarbons (HC carbon monoxide (CO oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulate matter (PM). The peak in global CO2 emissions is not yet in sight. It also emits a huge amount of ashes increasing the level of pollution in the region.

Other Indian cities that registered very high levels of PM2.5 pollutants are Delhi, Patna, Agra, Muzzaffarpur, Srinagar, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Patiala and Jodhpur, followed by Ali Subah Al-Salem in Kuwait and a few cities in China and Mongolia. Effects of Air Pollution, the effects of air pollution are not only harmful to human health but the increase in the greenhouse gases have given birth to a new threat called Global Warming. India was the third largest emitter of carbon dioxide in 2017.82 share of CO2 emissions, after China (27.21) and the United States (14.58). When it burns, it produces smoke and numerous indoor air pollutants at concentrations 5 times higher than coal. Too much of exposure to Carbon Monoxide can cause the reduction of oxygen to the blood streams and also lead to heart attacks. Acid Rain, if the concentration of nitrogen and sulphur dioxide increases in the atmosphere, it reacts with the water molecules and can cause precipitation which could be acidic in nature. Industrial Pollution, the smoke coming out from the chimneys of factories majorly contains gases like Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide. Vehicular Pollution, the smoke released during the combustion of car engines generates gases like Carbon Monoxide (CO) which is highly toxic and can cause CO poisoning. The burning of fossil fuels releases large amount of particulate matters and gases. The loss of biodiversity arises from the destruction of the habitat, extension of agriculture, filling up of wetlands, conversion of rich bio-diversity areas for human settlement and industrial development, destruction of coastal areas and uncontrolled and unregulated commercial exploitation. "Here is why India has no clue how bad its air pollution problem is".

essay on air pollution in india

Essay on, air, pollution

One of the most important reasons for concern for the growing air pollution in the country is its effects on the health of individuals. Availing Public Transportation Systems, if we develop a habit of using public modes of transportations such as train or bus, there would be lesser cars, and thus the amount of fume emission would also reduce. The toxic gases present in air can cause mild to severe asthma attacks and sometime heart failure. Causes of Air Pollution, there are both man-made as well essay on air pollution in india as natural causes of air pollution as follows: Man-made Causes of Air Pollution, burning of Fossil fuels. You can go through this essay on air pollution to know in detail: Long Essay on Air Pollution (1500 Words).

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Inducing a Healthy Diet with Loads of Vitamin. Fuel wood and biomass burning is the primary reason for near-permanent haze and smoke observed above rural and urban India, and in satellite pictures of the country. These are burnt in cook stoves known essay on air pollution in india as chullah or chulha piece in some parts of India. According to a report by the Global Carbon Project, "after low growth during 2014 to 2016, fossil CO2 emissions have now risen two years in a row, with.6 per cent rise in 2017 and. Prevention of Air Pollution. Air pollution in the recent times has become a severe issue and each country is taking many steps to curb air pollution. It is not the duty only of our government or other organizations to fight air pollution, in fact its the responsibility of every individual to stand up and fight for.

From the most recent available nationwide study, India used 148.7 million tonnes coal replacement worth of fuel-wood and biomass annually for domestic energy use. At average trip speeds between 20 and 40 kilometers per hour, the cars pollutant emission was twice as much as when the average speed was 55 to 75 kilometers per hour. Gases like Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Suplhur Dioxide, Ozone, Nitrogen Oxide etc. Plantation and Reforestation Planting trees on large scale in our surroundings and in waste lands helps to clean the air and neutralizes the effects of air pollution. India's national average annual per capita consumption of fuel wood, agricultural waste and biomass cakes was 206 kilogram coal equivalent. Inhalation of contaminated air can harden arteries, aggravate diseases like asthma or pneumonia and cause heart attacks.

Highly acidic rain could also melt rocks and metals. If every citizen of this world starts following this then the there will be significant amount of reduction in air pollution. "WHO India takes steps to curb air pollution". And this can come about through a universal awareness of the importance of having safe and clean air. It also affects people with chronic asthma worsening their conditions. The consequences to long term air pollution, quality of life and effect on health are simply ignored. The substances which cause essay on air pollution in india the air pollution are called as pollutants. Environmental Performance Index ranked India 141 out of 180 countries. The incomplete combustion of the fuels in these vehicles is also responsible for increasing pollution. "Indians have 30 weaker lungs than Europeans". Conclusion Air is one of our primary requirements of life, and its pollution affects everyone equally. 4 5 6, india has a low per capita emissions of greenhouse gases but the country as a whole is the third largest after China and the United States.

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These pollutants are very harmful to living beings as well as plants. IIT Kanpur launched the National Air Quality Index. Health Hazards and Diseases. Traditional fuel (fuelwood, crop residue and dung cake) dominates domestic energy use in rural India and accounts for about 90 of the total. However, before putting on, we must ensure its well ventilated and fits properly. A series of steps have been taken in recent years to protect and conserve biodiversity. For instance, in recent times, a petroleum refinery in Mathura has been posing serious threats to the Taj Mahal as well as other monuments at Fatehpur Sikri.

Air pollution also has started showing its worst effects. So, we must make sure that in no way, are our daily practices contributing to the problem. Prevention is always better than cure. Conserving Energy, we must be careful enough to always switch off fans and lights when not using them, for, the electricity needed to make them run efficiently, is extensively generated by burning vast amounts of fossil fuels one of the chief reasons of air pollution. Air Pollution, the addition of impurities and harmful gases in air is termed as Air Pollution. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board. Some of these particles are visible to naked eyes whereas some can be only seen under the microscope. Agricultural Practices, the increasing trend among farmers to indiscriminately use pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers have led to the emission of hazardous chemicals and one of the most destructive atmospheric gasses, ammonia, is a byproduct of such agricultural activities. Besides, the Government has launched: advertisements: (i) National River Conservation Plan (nrcp) in 1995 to clean stretches of major rivers of the country; and (ii) National Lake Conservation Plan (nlcp) in 1997 to clean and restore major lakes of the country. Advertisements: To reduce vehicular emission, cpcb has introduced emission standards for petrol and diesel driven vehicles. Traffic congestion edit Traffic congestion is severe in India's cities and towns.

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Introduction, the increase in air pollution is a matter of discussion nowadays. Air pollution is the ultimate result. "Odd-Even Rule: 5 Things You Need to Know - ndtv CarAndBike". Most Indian cities greatly exceed acceptable levels of suspended particulate matter. "New Delhi's Air Pollution Went Off the Scale This Week". Also ignored are the reduced life of vehicle engine and higher maintenance costs, particularly if the taxi, auto-rickshaw or truck is being rented for a daily fee. 16 The average trip speed on many Indian city roads is less than 20 kilometers per hour; a 10 kilometer trip can take 30 minutes, or more. Are few gases which are majorly responsible for the air pollution. The wildfire continues for many days emitting a higher amount of harmful gases and ashes, the prime constituents for the air pollution. Several respiratory ailments such as pneumonia, throat, nose or lungs irritations and asthma may arise due to air pollution. Following are the few steps which we could take to prevent air pollution: Harnessing the Renewable Sources of Energy. As fuel prices rise, the public transport driver cuts costs essay on air pollution in india by blending the cheaper hydrocarbon into highly taxed hydrocarbon.

"India tops world in bad air quality: Kanpur, Delhi among 15 worst cities, Mumbai 4th most polluted megacity - Times of India". Respirable particulate matter pollution remains a key challenge for India. 24 Critically polluted areas have been identified across the country and an action plan has been devised for the control of pollution in these areas. Pollutants, the substance which on mixing with natural resources like air or water leads to undesirable effects are called pollutants. Air pollution: It has led to respiratory diseases in cities. India is a serious issue, ranking higher than smoking, high blood pressure, child and maternal malnutrition, and risk factors for diabetes. These include: (a) Establishment of 88 national parks and 490 wildlife sanctuaries; (b) The setting up Indian coral reef monitoring work for the conservation and management of mangroves and coral reefs; (c) Declaration of five sites as world heritage. "Real-World CO2 Impacts of Traffic Congestion". 11, contents, cooking fuel in rural India is prepared from a wet mix of dried grass, fuelwood pieces, hay, leaves and mostly cow/livestock dung. Further reading edit External Links edit). "US exporting dirty fuel to pollution-choked India". Let us pledge together that we will do our bit in curtailing air pollution and also help in spreading awareness so that we can make earth as green as it was before the inception of urbanization and industrial revolution.

Industrial and essay on air pollution in india Hazardous waste: It includes sludge contaminated with heavy metals, wastes from paints, dyes, and organic chemical units and highly acidic and alkaline wastes. The impurities could be anything from normal dust particles to allergy causing pollen grains but one thing is certain, it affects our health and also leads to many serious and sometimes fatal diseases. Compared to the average emissions from coal-fired, oil-fired and natural gas-fired thermal power plants in European Union (EU-27) countries, India's thermal power plants emit 50 to 120 percent more CO2 per kWh produced. In urban areas, this traditional fuel constitutes about 24 of the total. Measures for Prevention and Reduction of Air Pollution. Traffic congestion reduces average traffic speed.

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12 The air pollution is also the main cause of the Asian brown cloud which is delaying the start of the monsoon. Primary pollutants are usually released into the air by careless human activities. Adulteration of gasoline and diesel with lower-priced fuels is common in South Asia, including India. Toxic chemicals are also discharged into the air by household cleaning equipment, over the counter insect killers, hair sprays, e-cigarettes and painting materials. We should walk or use bicycles to cover shorter distances. Chennai air pollution was least of the four. Guidelines have also been laid down for setting up of industries. Air Pollution Diagram, vehicles, nowadays, even to fulfill small requirements, we randomly use automobiles such as cars or bikes. .

Slogans like Cut One, Plant Four help in spreading awareness of plantation. Natural resources like Water, Petroleum products, Natural Gas etc should be conserved and not overused. 13 The overall contribution of fuelwood, including sawdust and wood waste, was about 46 of the total, the rest being agri waste and biomass dung cakes. Higher levels of particulates were observed during winter months possibly due to lower mixing heights and more calm conditions. According to a survey, amidst the 800 to 1000 tons of pollutants being daily expelled into the air in our country, 50 come from vehicular exhausts.

17 In cities like Bangalore, around 50 of children suffer from asthma. 25 In November 2016, the Great smog of Delhi was an environmental event which saw New Delhi and adjoining areas in a dense blanket of smog, which was the worst in 17 years. For a low wage driver, the adulteration can yield short term savings that are significant over the month. Retrieved December 4, 2015. Conclusion Air pollution is a global threat and it is going to affect everyone residing in any country. Let us discuss in detail about Air pollution. The Times of India. Ministry of Environment Forests, Government of India.