Bilingual education pros cons essay

bilingual education pros cons essay

6.1 History and Current Status of Language Education in Mongolia.1.1 History When Genghis Khan and his sons died after having reigned over the vast Mongolian empire, it began to fall apart and was taken over by the Qing in 1911. As a result, many opposing groups think that it is best to teach LEP students English in the shortest time possible. Therefore, in order to make the input comprehensible, the language of instruction must be that of the students native language, English being the language to be learned, not the language to learn with. Learning needs to be made more effective for foreign students. The children in Singapore go through the total immersion program since kindergarten. Through the incorporation of bilingual education however, such stigma is greatly reduced, hence creating a conducive learning environment for everyone in the classrooms and schools at large. Commonly called the sink or swim method, supporters of the total immersion method argue for a rapid placement into the mainstream classroom (Jong, 2006,. Drop-out rates have reduced in schools with all-English methods of instruction; however, schools that employ bilingual methods have not seen any reduction in drop-out rates.

Pros and cons of bilingual education essay

By using the students native language to teach English, the students are receiving dual language instruction which can have either positive or negative effects on their language acquisition. Essay title ideas about prison reform. 6) Those in support of bilingual education say that there is bilingual education pros cons essay not enough funding in terms of providing schools with trained teachers who are able to teach in dual languages and if these needs were met, there would. M, (December 31, 1969). Has got its fair share of issues to do with immigrants, both legal and illegal. They are five different programs. Chapter 2: types OF bilingual education The term bilingual education can be used to classify several different types of programs such as: the total immersion program, English as a Second Language (ESL sheltered immersion programs, transitional bilingual education, maintenance bilingual education, and dual language programs. Total immersion programs cost a lot of money because they need to bring native English-speaking teachers from foreign countries. The linguistic map of the world had shifted significantly during the seventy years of Mongolias isolation, and its people were only now coming to realize that English, not Russian, had become the preeminent international language. 6) With the knowledge obtained from previous learning in L1, the student will be able to connect that context with what he is currently learning. One hundred percent of the classes are carried out in English and the LEP students receive no particular help from a teacher of the same native language. Making the final decision between its implementation and outright rejection is still a matter that needs much thought. 1.1 Aim of Study, as the number of English learners grows around the world, so does the number of various schools and institutions that offer English education.

Pros and cons bilingual education essay

This knowledge helps make the English much more comprehensible. It has been noted to have its own advantages as well as disadvantages. 97).3 Confidence Although this may be considered a subjective factor to use as supporting evidence, confidence can be seen as another reason why bilingual education is a positive asset to the educational system. Chapter 5: bilingual education IN other countries There are many countries other than the.S. Sarah lawrence creative writing mfa Sarah lawrence creative writing mfa ethical essay exampleWriting a conclusion for an analysis essay. It is expensive to roll out or implement the program, as it calls for the establishment of a system. Those reasons are studied in this section before going on to the supporting grounds for bilingual education along with evidence refuting these reasons. The Russian language was held in such high esteem that being able to use and understand the Russian language was considered as being equivalent with being educated (Namsrai, 2004, cited in Cohen, 2005,. Visit m to see how we can help you! For example, a nation like the.S.

For example, in the American School of Ulaanbaatar the majority of the students are Mongolians who speak fluent English. Education, is the Best Approach for English Language Learners Professor Jeff Bale agrees with bilingual education method. American bilingual education sets the goal of teaching a students to become fluid in English as well as their native language. As an overall impact, it helps them to grasp and perform better in the core subjects such as mathematics and science, as their ability to listen and speak in the second language is much better than before. Equation solving practice problems 2000 solved problems in mechanical engineering thermodynamics pdf animal cloning research paper pdf top business plan in hindi. Taking into account all the positive factors of bilingual education stated above, it can be said that this system gives an extra boost of self-confidence to students participating in that program. This has been considered a great success in Singapore and it is possible that the English immersion programs contributed greatly to the academic success in other subjects taught in English for students in Singapore (Knell., 2007,. The argument against this is that although children seem to master general linguistic skills more quickly, it is estimated that students need between four to six years to become academically proficient in a second language (Nieto, 2009,. Since they are able to understand what they are learning in English, this will prompt them to study further, resulting in higher academic achievement.

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Therefore, it is unreasonable to say that bilingual education is costing too much. Although a total immersion program can be used, other methods, such as maintenance or transitional bilingual education, or dual-language immersion programs would be a better alternative in the Mongolian context. In 1967, the.S. Code switching is common in these schools and both teachers and students bilingual education pros cons essay use English and Swedish freely. Students may also be pulled out of the classes to be given extra instruction in their own language to aid in their understanding while they learn English. Many Canadian schools use either the late or partial immersion program, allowing students to learn the L2 through a natural process. 3.1.3 Not Time Efficient Not only in terms of costs and insufficient staff, opponents of bilingual education are saying that it is not time efficient because it takes too long for LEP students to gain proficiency in English through the bilingual. However, the vast differences between the Mongolian and English language can be a hindrance in the. Of course, there has been and still are many anti-bilingualism groups since that time and this study goes on to study what the reasoning is behind these groups and also what the supporters of bilingual education are saying. University of guelph creative writing program assign oxidation states to each atom in each ion or compound, description essays example gender identity essay free business system planning example helen keller essay outline international business plan examples.

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Moreover, not only for my own benefit, this study can also help other future English teachers especially since the number of foreigners wanting to learn English is growing rapidly. m, ml (accessed May 20, 2019). Nevertheless, studies show that not only do these LEP students in bilingual programs catch up, but they also often surpass their peers both academically and linguistically, scoring higher on tests. 11) However, since its liberation, Mongolia currently is not financially well off enough to be able to provide funds for training English teachers as they had trained the Russian teachers. The late-exit model showed the most academic progress in the students as Crawford (1999) points out that their achievement accelerated over time almost catching up with that of their English-speaking peers (para. 3.3 Loss of a Dominant Language Another reason that some people oppose bilingual education is because they believe that it causes the English language to no longer be a dominant language of the United States. It is usually the case that foreign students encounter culture shocks whenever they get to schools in new countries.

Learning a second language without falling behind the majority student population on academics, rather, excelling above the norms can only have positive effects on a students confidence as he goes through that long process. Disadvantages, the main undoing of bilingual education is its cost. 3.1 Inefficiency.1.1 Costs In the United States, the government is spending over 12 billion for the funding of education for limited-English students, over half of that amount being spent on bilingual education programs (The Social Contract, 1994) and those. Thesis essay examples for college pdf Thesis essay examples for college pdf the best business plan ever written business planning consultant metlife how to start a gym business plan for a research papers of computer science paper nursing research. Alternative measures to bilingual education, such as immersion, is still expensive as well. This results in the tuition fee going up to more than 10,000 a year. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. One group of students are the English language learners (ELLs) speaking the same native language and the other group is the native English speaking students. 2.4 Maintenance Bilingual Education Also called late-exit bilingual education, maintenance bilingual education is similar to transitional bilingual education, except that this program goes on for a longer period of time over six years. A study comparing the students in immersion programs, early-exit programs, and late-exit programs showed that the students in the late-exit programs, who received instruction in their native language for at least 40 per cent of the time did better academically.

bilingual education pros cons essay