Anti war essays

anti war essays

Edmund Waller: Less pleasure take brave minds in battles won Hugh Walpole: Continual screaming, men without faces Hugh Walpole: The dark, crippling advent of war Hugh Walpole: Dream of horror: the false reality of war Hugh Walpole: It would indeed be a disheartening sight. André Maurois: The killing machine started up with pitiless smoothness Vladimir Mayakovsky: Hurl a question to their faces: Why are we fighting? Rasul Gamzatov: For women war is never over Gabriel Garca M?rquez: Five wars and seventeen military coups Hamlin Garland: anti war essays Cog in a vast machine for killing men David Garnett: Criminal to welcome war David Garnett: War is the worst. Petrarch: Wealth and power at a bloody rate is wicked, better bread and water eat with peace Petronius : Dreams of war David Graham Phillips: Captains of industry, industrial warfare, marauders and renegade generals Stephen Phillips: Appalled at bloody trophies. Mikhail Sholokhov: Visit to a military hospital Mikhail Sholokhov: Wars bitter harvest Mikhail Sholokhov: Who was he calling for in his hour of death? Jos? Mart: Oscar Wilde on war and aesthetics Martial: Let the mad be eager for wars and fierce Mars Roger Martin du Gard: Selections on war Roger Martin du Gard: From Nobel Prize in Literature speech Roger Martin. Richard Aldington: The Blood of the Young Men. Conrad Aiken: The history of war is the history of mankind, seven thousand million dead on the field of battle. Olive Schreiner: The bestiality and insanity of war Albert Schweitzer: On nuclear weapons in natos hands John Scott: I hate that drums discordant sound Walter Scott: Wars cannibal priest, druid red from his human sacrifice Senancour: Lottery. Mark Twain: Maxims on battleships and statesmanship Mark Twain: An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war Mark Twain: Only dead men dare tell the whole truth about war Mark Twain: Man is the only animal that deals. Cannot peace be, as well as war?

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Joseph Cottle: Plant the seeds of universal peace Joseph Cottle: Torn from their cots to wield the murderers blade Joseph Cottle: Warn mankind to shun the hostile spear Joseph Cottle: Wars noxious breath fills earth with discord, dread, and death Peter. Anatole France on Victor Hugo: People to substitute justice and peace for war and bloodshed Anatole France on?mile Zola, military terrorism and world peace Anatole France and Michel Corday: The press fans the flames of wars blast furnace. Appian: War fueled by blood and gold, excuse for expenditure of one, expropriation of the other Louis Aragon: Selections on war Louis Aragon: Caravans of Peace Louis Aragon: Children scattering flowers will some day scatter deadly flowers, grenades Louis Aragon. Ammianus Marcellinus: Wars landscape: discolored with the hue of dark blood. When the world shall be spread with tombless dead. Thomas Wyatt: Children of the gun Thomas Wyatt: Wax fat on innocent blood: I cannot leave the state to Caesar Hedd Wynn: War Xenophon: Begin wars as tardily, end them as speedily as possible Xenophon: Guile without guilt. Michael Drayton: All your banks with peace preserved be Theodore Dreiser: If he went he might be shot, and what would his noble emotion amount to then? I am opposed to having the eagle put anti war essays its talons on any other land. Locke: Following war William. Wells: Universal collapse logically follows world-wide war.G. Whither, unhappy ones, whither are ye rushing to war, though fate and heaven would bar the way? Alfred Neumann: Ten million lives for one mans glory; the emperor changes his hat Alfred Neumann: This is how it happens in history. Scott Fitzgerald: War comes to Princeton Gustave Flaubert and George Sand: Monstrous conflicts of which we have no idea; warfare suppressed or civilization perishes Florus: Scattering the flames of war over the whole world Florus: World war, something worse.

Christopher Marlowe: Parricide and filicide. Karl Kraus: The evolution of humanitarian bombing Karl Kraus: The Last Days of Mankind Karl Kraus: The Warmakers Karl Kraus: War renders unto Caesar that which is Gods Karl Kraus: In war, business is business Karl Kraus: Wire dispatches. Alexander Pope: Peace oer the world her olive wand extend Alexander Pope: War, horrid war, your thoughtful walks invades Alexander Pope: Where Peace scatters blessings from her dovelike wing Vladimir Pozner: Mars and Ceres Winthrop Mackworth Praed: Take the sword away.B. La Bruyère on the lust for war La Fontaine: When shall Peace pack up these bloody darts? Abraham Cowley: Like the peace, but think it comes too late Abraham Cowley: Only peace breeds scarcity in Hell Abraham Cowley: To give peace and then the rules of peace Malcolm Cowley: By day there are only the dead William Cowper: Selections. Horace Smith: anti war essays Weapon gathering dust Horace Smith: When Wars ensanguined banner shall be furld Sydney Smith: War, hailing official murderers as the greatest and most glorious of human creatures Thorne Smith: Make statues of wars wholesale butchers before they strike Tobias Smollett. Gerald Massey: Sweet peace comes treading down wars cruel spears Philip Massinger: Famine, blood, and death, Bellonas pages Philip Massinger: Mustnt change ploughshares into swords Edgar Lee Masters: The honor of the flag must be upheld Edgar Lee Masters: The Philippine Conquest. F?nelon: War is the most dreadful of all evils by which heaven has afflicted man Lion Feuchtwanger: Selections on war Lion Feuchtwanger: The demand for perpetual peace must be raised again and again Lion Feuchtwanger: The future national state: A military.

Anti - war essays

James Fenimore Cooper: Oppression and injustice the natural consequences of military power uncurbed by restraints of civil authority James Fenimore Cooper: Wars victory not worth the sacrifice of human life Fran?ois Copp?e: God preserve us from scientific war, the worst. August Strindberg: Progeny of soulless militarism August Strindberg: What has become of the sacred promise of peace on our earth? Nothing but worms and rats feeding on death. James Hogg: Millions have bled that sycophants may rule Ludvig Holberg: Military modesty and candor Thomas Holcroft: In wars and wretchedness I cannot say that I delight Thomas Holcroft: Reaping vast crops of famine, sword, and fire Friedrich H?lderlin: Celebration of Peace Oliver. Lilika Nakos: Do you think the war will ever end? George Borrow: Prisoners of war: misery on one side, disgrace on the other James Boswell: On War James Boswell: Who profits by war? Pray that all guns be nailed up. James: Where do the wars among you come from? It was a growing realizations (fed up by events like the publication of the Pentagon Papers) that people were being fed lies, and the truth was systematically covered.

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Hands off our brains and hearts! Wells: The progressive enslavement of the race to military tyranny.G. Richard Aldington: The criminal cant and rant of war. Aldous Huxley: Imposition of permanent military servitude upon the masses Aldous Huxley: Manufacturing of arms, an intrinsically abominable practice Aldous Huxley: Nuclear weapons, establishing world domination for ones gang Aldous Huxley: One cannot be ruler of militaristic society without being. All wars shall be quelled in Tartarean durance. Virgil Gheorghiu: Third World War, the first true world war in history Andr? Gide: Transformation of a war supporter Charlotte Perkins Gilman: The Flag of Peace Jean Giono: Led to the slaughterhouse Jean Giono: Rats and worms were the only living. The death of a single soldier. Hans Christian Andersen: Art, not arms, rules the world. Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Shall Peace be still a sunk stream long unmet? Kurt Tucholsky: The White Spots Kurt Tucholsky: The Trench Kurt Tucholsky: Murder in disguise Ivan Turgenev: Militarism, the soldiery, have got the upper hand Mark Twain: Selections on war Mark Twain: The War Prayer Mark Twain: To the Person Sitting. Soldiers, poor animals Washington Irving: Most pacific nation in the world?

Wells: The abolition of war will be a new phase in the history of life.G. This is my manifesto to mankind. Antony and cleopatra essay freebook report questions for first gradersa book review is not the same as a book report mainly because a book report, a modern fairytale essaya2 biology essay cycles in biologyannalys essay free sample. Robert Greene: Then the stormy threats of wars shall cease Fulke Greville: The shames of peace are the pride of war Nordahl Grieg: War is contempt for life Jorge Guill?n: The monsters have passed over Nicol?s Guill?n: Come, dove. John Dos Passos: The miserable dullness of industrialized slaughter John Dos Passos: Not wake up till the war was over and you could be a human being again John Dos Passos: They were going to kill everybody who spoke. 1) Was Suddam Hussein as big a threat to the world as President Bush argued? Briar rose hsc essay. James Russell Lowell: Dante and universal peace James Russell Lowell on Lamartine: Highest duty of man, to summon peace when vulture of war smells blood Lu Hs?n: Ballads among bushes of bayonets, hungry dove amid crumbling walls Lucan: Over. Du Bois: Work for Peace Georges Duhamel: Selections on war Georges Duhamel: The demon of war had imprisoned us under his knee Georges Duhamel: The Fleshmongers, Wars Winnowing Basket Georges Duhamel: Mosaic of pain stained with mud and. Joseph Addison: Already have our quarrels filld the world with widows and with orphans.

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Richard Aldington: Why so sentimental? William Watson: Curse my country for its military victory William Watson: Dream of perfect peace Isaac Watts: Clamor, and wrath, and war, begone Albert Durrant Watson: A Prayer for Peace Edwin Waugh: Who strives to make the world a home where peace and justice meet Maurice. Karel apek: The War with the Newts Ernesto Cardenal: They speak of peace and secretly prepare for war Thomas Carew: Lust for gold fills the world with tumult, blood, and war Thomas Carew: Theyll hang their arms upon the olive bough. Aeschines: Following a policy of war after war; war, the destroyer of popular government. Military caste divides the people into two nations Alexander Herzen: The type of military commander in whom everything social and moral, everything human has died out Alexander Herzen: War and international law Alexander Herzen: War, duel between nations; duel, war between. Henri Barbusse: The world has come to the end of its strength: it is vanquished by wars Henri Barbusse: You understand, Im against all wars Maurice Baring: The greater fools are you who seek the wars Maurice Baring: Unalterable horror. Lawrence: War adds horror to horror, becomes horrible piratic affair, dirty sort of freebooting Henry Lawson: And all the nations of the world prepare for war again! Thomas Love Peacock: We spilt blood enough to swim in, we orphaned many children and widowed many women Charles P?guy: Cursed be war, cursed of God Benjamin P?ret: Little song for the maimed Benito P?rez Galds: Cannon should be cast. Snow: Worse than Genghiz Khan. Aristides on the two types of war: Bad and worse Aristophanes: Rescuing Peace Aristotle: How tyrants use war Aristotle: Leader not praiseworthy in training citizens for conquest and dominion Aristotle: A man would be regarded as a bloodthirsty. Vittorio Alfieri: Thousands immolated on the altar of despotism, slaves born but to fertilize the soil.

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Julius Myron Alexander: The Flag of Peace. Article about leadership camp essayassociation of ghostwritersargumentitive research paper topics. Zuhair: Accursed thing, war will grind you between millstones Arnold Zweig: Selections on war Arnold Zweig: Conducting the business of murder with embittered reluctance Arnold Zweig: The costs of war are spiritual and moral desolation, economic catastrophes and political reaction. Alfred Noyes: Turning wasteful strength of war to accomplish large and fruitful tasks of peace Alfred Noyes: The Victory Ball Alfred Noyes: War, hypocritical word for universal murder Alfred Noyes: War they tell me is a noble thing Alfred Noyes: When. John Galsworthy: War, where Christ is daily crucified a million times over John Galsworthy: Would they never tire of making mincemeat of the world? Procter: Let carnage cease and give us peace! This is not for President Bush to decide, he needs to take care of the.S.

Edmund Spenser: The first to attack the world with sword and fire Edmund Spenser: Wars can anti war essays nought but sorrows yield Baruch Spinoza: Men shouldnt choose slavery in time of peace for better fortune in war Baruch Spinoza: Peace is not mere absence. William Black: When Caesars legions turn on him Robert Blair: Where are the mighty thunderbolts of war? Richard Aldington: How can we atone for the lost millions and millions of years of life, how atone for those lakes and seas of blood? Guy de Maupassant: Selections on war Guy de Maupassant: The army, murdering those who defend themselves, making prisoners of the rest, pillaging in the name of the Sword Guy de Maupassant: The Horrible Guy de Maupassant: How. Balzac: Mass executions: Has Europe ever ceased from wars? Benjamin Gage: The Sword and the Plough John Galsworthy: Selections on war John Galsworthy, 1911: Air war last and worst hideous development of the black arts of warfare John Galsworthy: Achieving perpetual peace by securing the annihilation of our. Book report. Charlotte Turner Smith: The lawless soldiers victims Charlotte Turner Smith: Statesmen! Do my homework - M appendix in an essay examplebook essay ideasanalytical essay helpan outline for an essay samplea level pe coursework aqa, book essay oxfordbromelain research papersargumentative essay for the crucibleargument essays on capital punishment. Isabella Banks: Absolve our souls from blood shed in our countrys cause Isabella Banks: The bugle of war, the bugle of peace Isabella Banks: Glory, glory, glory! Wells: Cleanse from the hearts of children the blood-stained rust of horrible and senseless war Maxim Gorky: The fatal consequences of ignoring military protocol Maxim Gorky: Generals and substitutes for monkeys Maxim Gorky: Henri Barbusse and the mass of lies.

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Davies: The blind hatred engendered by war Richard Harding Davis: Destruction versus civilization, soldiers and engineers Thomas Day: Wages abhorred war with humankind John William De Forest: Uncivil war Daniel Defoe: Mammon and Mars, twin deities Thomas Dekker: Lands ravaged by soldiers. Silver and gold and war. Evading conscription is best. Henri Troyat: Tolstoys visceral detestation of war Henri Troyat: War, that greatest of political crimes Henri Troyat: Will anti war essays a day ever come when theres no more war, no more lies, no more tragedy! Alfred Neumann: Twilight of a conqueror Alfred Neumann: The ultima ratio of all dictatorships: war Alfred Neumann: War and the stock market Alfred Neumann: War, the Great Incendiary, the everlasting prototype of annihilation Alfred Neumann: War is not ambiguous. Giuseppe Berto: No one truly survives war Giuseppe Berto: One of the fruits of war, that people should feel so alone and desolate Giuseppe Berto: Orphaned by the bombs Giuseppe Berto: The sound of the bombs whistling, the sounds. Giovanni Verga: The Mother of Sorrows?mile Verhaeren: I hold war in execration; ashamed to be butchers of their fellows Paul Verlaine: The joy of sweet peace without victory Giambattista Vico: Mars, the vilest of the gods Alfred de Vigny: Selections. And, as sickening as that sounds, it is a valid point. Petrarch: Return, O heaven-born Peace! Mencken: New wars will bring about an unparalleled butchery of men George Meredith: Selections on peace and war George Meredith: All your gains from War resign George Meredith: Bellonas mad halloo George Meredith: The Olive Branch George Meredith: On the Danger of War. Stendhal: Dreaming of the Marshall and his glory Stendhal: Youve got to learn the business before you can become a soldier Stendhal and Byron: Military leprosy; fronts of brass and feet of clay Laurence Sterne: Follow Peace Stesichorus: Thrust wars away.

Joseph Fawcett: War anti war essays Elegy Konstantin Fedin: Is there anyone who doesnt want this war to be the last one on earth? Erckmann-Chatrian: In a century the war gods will be recognized as barbarians Erckmann-Chatrian: In war belligerents conspire against their own citizens Euripides: The crown of War, the crown of Woe Nathaniel Evans: Ode on the Prospect of Peace Faiz Ahmed. Lawrence: Future War, Murderous Weapons, Refinements of Evil.H. Maxim Gorky: World war and racial conflict on an obscure, infinitesimal planet Edmund Gosse: War and the brutalities of the real thing Remy de Gourmont: Getting drunk at the dirty cask of militarism Remy de Gourmont: If they. Shot for saying the war was wrong. Wells: Massacres of boys!