Essay on positive mental attitude

essay on positive mental attitude

Your boss told you to develop a new product that blows the other companies away. This tough is obvious. But that doesn't necessarily have to mean your day is ruined. Forgiveness goes a long way. My grandma assured us that she didnt have anxiety, that she just had concerns. It can be positive. We cannot control the weather. Attitude : Once essay on positive mental attitude you have accepted what is in your mind you can now determine how you want to look at that person situation. When you receive support and encouragement from significant people than that is when you start to appreciate yourself (Campbell Martinez-Perez, 1977,.

Essay on Positive Mental Attitude Complete Essay for Class

This constitutes a good essay on positive mental attitude leader with high self-concept. You are grateful to see opportunity knock so often. Well, instead of cursing the traffic, you can focus your energy on something positive like: Good music (turn up that volume and sing along to your favorite song) Give that other good friend a call to see if (s)he has plans for tonight! If you catch yourself complaining stop and change to a positive attitude We can always tell when we are being negative. She is still in the hospital today but she is much better.

You're actively deciding to focus on the positive aspect of your work here. This weather is essay on positive mental attitude ruining all your plans, and as a result, you're day is ruined and you're less happy. Embrace the fact that you can still control how you react to external factors. What's so important about this list? This is healthy because you have accepted it and base your decisions. Spread your Positive Mental Attitude with others and make the world a better place. You may be thinking no one ever appreciates you, however, may be you should be the first to complement others. This is already much better than decision #1, as you'll at least be busy with something else.

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Positive attitude, positive thinking, and optimism are all characteristics that will make a leaders life more positive and increase their self worth. But we can control how we react to the weather. Only the self-assured person dares to be humble, fro humility demands that we be willing to admit that we do not know all the answers and that some of our answers are wrong. This is not an example of the work produced by our. You have your own.

essay on positive mental attitude

Focus on the things that you CAN influence and can still make you happy. They will start looking at the positive instead of the negative. So you continue to do your chores with a grumpy face. How to Develop. This is another reason I believe that PMA is incredibly important in life and to a persons well being. You essay on positive mental attitude will find as the deadline approaches that you will most likely accomplish your goal because you kept a positive attitude and believed in yourself and team. If you cannot get past the negative and start concentrating on the positive you cannot succeed as a great leader because your mind will be elsewhere. What is a, positive, mental, attitude exactly? Not everyone is going to agree with you. You want to get home asap in order to enjoy a nice movie. We all have different talents and a way of thinking.

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He believed that essay on positive mental attitude developing a Positive Mental Attitude leads to positive things like success, achievements, and happiness. A, positive, mental, attitude is quite simple to understand. She was admitted to that hospital and got to her permanent room upstairs. With a mix of determination, tough love, and positivity, that a person is able to do anything they wish. Another ingredient that is very important to recovery is having loved ones and family members around you in a time of need. Because it gives you reasons to feel good about what you're doing: You can enjoy your favorite music while working on the task Go out for a walk in your break to enjoy being outside for a moment. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. The other day my great grandma was sent to the hospital due to a sickness that was beyond the knowledge of anybody around her. Many people look for guarantees before taking independent action. If you enjoyed this essay, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to This I Believe, Inc. This has the danger of sending us into a vicious cycle of negativity unless we learn to accept what we see and understand (Goel, 2006). This is where self-awareness really comes into play.

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Notice how I used the word "decision" here. Holding a grudge only hurts you. Positive Mental Attitude examples Let's go back to our initial assumption about happiness. Negative people always bring you down and usually do not accomplish goals they have set. Some may be bigger and more advanced than others but every leader has a goal. To have a positive way of thinking you must have healthy self-esteem or self confidence.

essay on positive mental attitude

The author believes everyone is created for a special reason. The way you view yourself will be difference than how other people view you. 50-51) We must train ourselves to be aware at all times of how our mind is working, including our thoughts, thinking patterns, and tendencies (Goal, 2006). You make plans for a nice evening for yourself. She made it through the night with a gloom hanging over her head. You go home, feel agitated and resent your essay on positive mental attitude friends for having fun without you. Not hanging around people who have bad influences in your life will likely be the first step to having a better outlook on life. You cannot compare yourself to another leader because their motives and objective are usually different than your own. Instead, you are assigned to an activity that hasn't been picked up for months. Copyright This I Believe, Inc., all rights reserved. You just finished a tough week at work and want to blow off some steam, and now you find your friends planning fun activities behind your back?

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It is you job to keep the positive attitude. A three step approach to determine how your mind is thinking is: Awareness: Being aware of what and how you are thinking is very important. How about we tackle this example with a Positive Mental Attitude? Lifes winners accept that in trying they may have to adjust and even start again and again. But as we discussed in the previous example, we can control how we react to those factors.

essay on positive mental attitude

Sure, it's less fun this way, but you don't want to allow the weather to ruin your strict schedule. Let's use a couple of these so-called external factors as an example here. The best decision is to actively decide to have. Attitude is a mental position relative to a way of thinking or being; a leaning toward that which you believe (Purkey, 1988). Self-reliance and self-confidence will demand your toughness. This is what we talked about in our first example as well. Even when your mind and body signal perfectly good reasons for giving up, you. My mom told her that if she didnt start acting like she wanted to get better then that she probably wouldnt. However, most of these factors are out of our control. As we all know people love to be around positive people. She has been able to get up and walk around the hospital, and she was able to get off that wretched breathing tank since she has decided to find a better outlook. You have to recognize that you can influence how this external event influences your happiness.

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So not only are you essay on positive mental attitude influencing yourself but you are having a lasting impact of your peer, children, and others. Not only does it build your self-esteem but it tells them you appreciate them. This concept was first introduced by Napolean Hill, in his book Think and Grow Rich. You're the victim here, right?! Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. But your team mates you see every day may view you as upbeat, positive, and encouraging leader.

essay on positive mental attitude

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We tend to become judgmental and critical of ourselves or of others. Tough is an ability to make the best from what you are given. Yes, a, positive, mental, attitude. Sure, you can't change the past and have your friends invite you. When you grasp being positive and believing in yourself this is when your life will start to transform, build your health, and have a new drive for your goals and life. There is no better time to start taking positive action than right now. Comparing yourself is not always negative. Tough can be rejecting false praise and honestly accepting you and your children for who and what you are. So you grab an umbrella and go on with your activities. I want to show you more examples of a Positive Mental Happiness, and how you can use this skill to steer your life in the best direction possible. If you catch yourself being negative correct it and concentrate on the positive. She was put on an oxygen tank. You don't have time to focus on the bad weather since you've got to focus on your groceries!

Some leaders allow the people who surround them influence their ideas. You are thankful to have the personality to keep making new friends. The next day we went to visit her and she was in another dreadful mood. The self-esteem is the part of you self-concept that determines your self-worth (Campbell Martinez-Perez, 1977,. You can do all these things without being reliant on some external factor that you cannot control. Also, when you have a positive mental attitude (PMA then I believe that life will be more fun and will turn in interesting ways. No amount of material success earned and kept Will be awarded credit. This is where optimists really excel. Websters dictionary define self-esteem as a confidence and satisfaction in oneself (Self-esteem, 2010). She woke up in a fowl mood and made everybody around her miserable. Complain about it with your coworkers around the coffeemaker? Close your eyes for a minute and let your mind wander (only do this when completely stalled though!) Make a realistic planning for how you're going to do the things that you want to do in the evening.

When things go wrong do something to help someone who is worse off than you When you help someone who is worse off than you, you realize how better off you are. Acceptance: Awareness, however, brings about a heightened sensitivity to the issues. Your mind can only hold one thought at a time so make that one thought positive. A positive mind set will teach you to control your emotions and keep you focused on your goals and objectives. It's important to note essay on positive mental attitude that having a Positive Mental Attitude will allow you to control the 40 of your happiness that is based exclusively on your own personal outlook. You realize that a time comes when you must act. The way is clear.

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What would I personally do in this situation? This paper discusses the importance essay on positive mental attitude of having a positive attitude and self-concept as a leader. Positive Mental Attitude Example 2: Being assigned to a boring task at work Picture this: you're working in a marketing team and have worked your ass off to reach a target early. The best advice the author can give is just learn to move. It focuses on the positive side of your work. Yes, you may stumble. This is the point of having a Positive Mental Attitude. I am therefore convinced to believe that having a positive mental attitude that your life will be a lot less uncomplicated. If you hesitate too long, doubts will linger and turn into fears. However, your team mates do not like the concept or idea you probably will give in due to peer pressure.

Some team mates may believe they are giving feedback but they are actually criticizing you, which is never healthy. You research and you have confidence in your preparations. Secondly, choose a team that is positive and believes that the department can accomplish the goal too. Positive self-esteem people are usually fun to be around because they have a cup half full outlook on life. For those who missed it: external factors are things that we cannot control but still influence our happiness (think traffic, weather, work, being wronged by others, etc). Positive self-esteem is having an I can accomplish this task. If you always think positive your life will reflect your thinking. Qualified writers in the subject of management are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. Allow me to use a very simple example. That's because your reaction to a certain event is a choice: A decision that you can make. Positive mental attitude is a great thing to try to accomplish when somebodys day isnt the greatest.

You stay. Life is a test and the points on that test are earned by how much attention you give to improving yourself and helping others. These are all things that you can do without requiring external happiness factors. This includes daily, weekly, and monthly goals essay on positive mental attitude (Lussier Achua, 2007,. Please contact This I Believe, Inc., regarding reprints and permissions requests at). Comparing can give you a drive to complete an objective when used in the correct way. Don't allow bad weather to influence your happiness How a Positive Mental Attitude can be used to control your happiness Let's go back to our example.

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Try to actively focus on positive things whenever something bad happens. People usually do not dive into the deep end without learning to swim first. You have allowed others to influence your decision. But that won't do your happiness any good now, will it? Putting everything into perspective, you are a department head in a fortune 500 company. You must train yourself to be aware at all time of how our mind is working the thoughts, thinking patterns, and tendencies (Goel, 2006). Realize that there are few benefits to negativity. They have continued with their life and so should you.