Logical fallacies and assumptiuons in research papers

logical fallacies and assumptiuons in research papers

View Article Google Scholar Call J, Tomasello. Fallacies of (In)sufficiency:. The validity of models of conditions with limited etiology logical fallacies and assumptiuons in research papers Face validity has been argued to be of relatively low importance in an animal model, because it does not speak about why the behaviour occurs 33, 69,.e. Because it is raining, therefore I should take my umbrella, since it will keep me dry. Google Scholar Association. That research is conducted on animals does not necessarily mean that the animal acts as a model for humans.

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From Claim to Thesis. Quinpirole induces compulsive checking behavior in rats: a potential animal model of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Animal models of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (adhd a critical review. Using effect sizeor why the P value is not enough. A logical fallacy (a. A logical fallacy is a judgment or argument based on poor logical thinking. If any result other than a null result will show support for an animal model (or a putative model then multiple viable models will be present in the literature, all of which will be hard to falsify (as falsifying one model may logical fallacies and assumptiuons in research papers support another). Adhd: Disorder cern: European Organization for Nuclear Research DSM: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders SHR: spontaneously hypertensive rat VPA: valproic acid rat WKY: Wistar Kyoto rat Acknowledgements Rachael Wilner gave valuable insight and feedback throughout multiple versions.

One measure of impulsive behaviour is a test involving delay discounting. Assumptions can also be a part of our belief system that we do not question, or that we have previously learned due to our interpretation of the world around. The popularity of the Harry Potter series demonstrates that simplicity trumps complexity when it comes to the tastes of American readers. PubMed PubMed Central View Article Google Scholar Kesby JP, Burne TH, McGrath JJ, Eyles. PubMed View Article Google Scholar Wultz B, Sagvolden. Ad Hominem (a. The age limit has not eliminated drinking for people under. Google Scholar Smith GD, Ebrahim.

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An animal) share some characteristics with another group (e.g. View Article Google Scholar Deussing. Scientists understanding of propositional logic: an experimental investigation. Counterargument Thesis: This thesis provides a summary of the counterargument (usually qualified by although or but) immediately before the writers thesis. Another problem concerned with reconstruction is the standardization fallacy. Conclusion: Lindsay Lohan is a role model for young people. logical fallacies in writing signal two assumptions about the writer: * The writer is not honest; * The writer is not smart.

As a result, they end up drinking too much. In neuroscience, we may knock out a gene or selectively breed strains to add or remove a genetic component. Furthermore, if null results are found, they might be treated with more skepticism than a significant result. Syllogisms can be great at breaking down stereotypes and exposing basic thinking and faulty logic. This result was met with skepticism 98, and it was assumed logical fallacies and assumptiuons in research papers that it was due to a measurement error (which in the end it turned out to be). Mathematicians and the selection task. Hayden 60 has argued that the delay discounting task is problematic in measuring impulsivity in animals because it is unlikely that the animals understand the concept of the inter-trial interval. Of course, in reality things are not this simple.

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Alternatively, a reductionist approach uses an animal model to mimic specific aspects of a target group, such as only one symptom. The conclusion could be wrong because it is based on correlation, and thus future replications of this result is likely to make the same logical error 113. Deduction A way of reasoning commonly used to structure an entire argument. The conclusion is logically valid but is it true? A statement in which the conclusion does not logically follow the premise. This refers to the fact that animal experiments are best replicated if every aspect of the experiment is standardized. Models can be holistic or reductionist Animal models can be approached with different applications in mind: it can aim to act holistic or reductionist. We must also point out that there are two approaches to animal model research : (1) validating a putative animal model, and (2) conducting research on an already validated model.

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Flight from behavior analysis. Looking for confirmation (searching for white swans) includes the risk of drawing the wrong conclusion, which in this case is reached through induction. When a hypothesis withstands multiple tests of falsification, Popper called it corroborated. Even if some people do become accustomed to the feelings of pleasure associated with marijuana, it is a big assumption to determine that they will need something stronger. Employers who hire illegal immigrants know they can save money if they hire them, and they know the immigrants will not tell anyone because of the fear of being deported.

For instance, Sidmans 19 book Tactics of Scientific Research, considered a landmark textbook on logical fallacies and assumptiuons in research papers research methods in behavior analysis 20 22, actively encourages researchers to look for similarities between their research and others, which is likely to increase confirmation bias. PubMed View Article Google Scholar Fox AT, Hand DJ, Reilly. The mythical revolutions of american psychology. Claim An arguable assertion. PubMed PubMed Central View Article Google Scholar Poddar R, Kawai R, Ölveczky. Based on this, Belzung and Lemoine 71 attempted to broaden Willners criteria into a larger framework, proposing nine validity criteria that assess the validity of animal models for psychiatric disorders. 1, studies that have explicitly investigated this in a scientist sample found that 2533 of scientists make the fallacy of affirming the consequent and conclude that X A is a valid argument 2,. Misinterpretations of significance: a problem students share with their teachers. A comprehensive and developmental theory of adhd is tantalizing, but premature. Mglur5-antagonist mediated reversal of elevated stereotyped, repetitive behaviors in the VPA model of autism.

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Analogies can be very useful in our daily lives as well as in science: a mathematical measurement, such as one meter, is essentially an analogy where numbers and quantities act as representations of properties in nature. Logical Fallacies part. This may show that the control group has a property that makes them a suitable candidate as a new putative model. This can influence the results when the experimenter is informed of the hypothesis being tested, and is particularly problematic if the experiment relies on human observations that has room for error. This is not true! Google Scholar Jackson SL, Griggs. Thinking, fast and slow. Often structured as a syllogism. In this case, both are so obvious they dont need to be stated. 31 argue that this is a false analogy, because we are drawing conclusions about the inner psychological state of the animal, based on behavioural observations. Thus, a fallacious line of reasoning would be: if bipolar patients have reduced cognitive processing speed, then we will observe slower reaction time on a test. Neurological evidence is usually not based on the presence of a single component, but rather multiple elements such as rate logical fallacies and assumptiuons in research papers of neurotransmitter release, reuptake, polymorphism, neural pathways, drug effectiveness, or a combination of factors.

However, it is important to note that Popper never made any such suggestion, as this would be inductive reasoning: exactly the problem he was trying to avoid! New York: Basil Blackwell Inc.; 1985. People with depression, autism, or brain injury. A holistic approach assumes that the model is a good representation of the target group as a whole, including all or most symptoms and behavioural or neurological characteristics. When we run animal model experiments, we have to use a control group for comparison. If the speaker and audience do not share the same assumption, all the evidence in the world will not convince them. Even if a hypothesis has supporting evidence and has withstood multiple rounds of falsification, Popper meant that it is not more likely to be true than an alternative hypothesis, and cannot be confirmed logical fallacies and assumptiuons in research papers with certainty. Expert Opinion bolstering your viewpoints by using an expert. In drug research, over 90 of drugs that show effectiveness on animal models fail to work on humans, a problem called attrition 113. Re-evaluation of an animal model for adhd using a free-operant choice task. When young people smoke marijuana, they normally become addicted to the feelings of pleasure that they derive from the activity.

Again, this is not true! Does the chimpanzee have a theory of mind? Publication bias in meta-analysis: prevention, assessment and adjustments. They are self-centered people whose negative attitudes are clearly seen in the ways that the currently behave while on the road. Smoking isnt bad for you; my aunt smoked a pack a day for 30 years and lived to be 90 years old. In: Pohl R, editor.

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Google Scholar Nakagawa S, Cuthill. In: Bloom FE, Kupfer DJ, editors. Assuming anything could not only be hazardous for the critical thinking process, but for everyone involved in the situation. Note that knowledge gained later may indicate thatin factclumsiness is hereditary, but until we have obtained that knowledge we are operating under assumptions that can lead to false analogies. Just like behavioural evidence, the links are suggestive and not necessarily conclusive. Validation criteria for animal models of human mental disorders: learned helplessness as a paradigm case. Even if the age were to change to eighteen (as the writer of this paper suggested people with this particular personality type would still have the same problem. (Usually, arguably, maybe, probably, in most cases, logical fallacies and assumptiuons in research papers mostly) Reservation (refutation, rebuttal) This gives voice to objection or counterarguments. This does not mean that the model is not holistic, but rather that its predictive validity is limited to the aspects of autism investigated so far. This aversion to the null creates what Ferguson and Heene called undead theories, which are theories that survive rejection indefinitely, because null results that refute them are not published.

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This often established a writers ethos. Along with double-blinded studies, this is a promising way to reduce confirmation bias in animal experiments. Reservation might be unless there is a hole. Appeal to faulty authority When someone who has no expertise to speak on an issue is used as an expert or authority. Educ Eval Policy Anal.

We could argue that if a hypothesis is corroborated, then its likelihood of being true increases, because it has survived a gauntlet of criticism by science. Postpubertal emergence of hyperresponsiveness to stress and to amphetamine after neonatal excitotoxic hippocampal damage: a potential animal model of schizophrenia. Proc Natl Acad Sci. PubMed View Article Google Scholar logical fallacies and assumptiuons in research papers Arkes HR, Blumer. View Article Google Scholar Hergovich A, Schott R, Burger. Minor Premise: Ellen is a woman iii. Introduces reader to subject. PubMed View Article Google Scholar Berger DF, Sagvolden. False-positive psychology undisclosed flexibility in data collection and analysis allows presenting anything as significant. Since an animal model is based on common properties between the animal and humans, we may assume that new knowledge gained from the animal model is also applicable to humans. In other words, face validity is not enough: arguably, mechanistic validity is more important. Historical Information verifiable facts known from research reading.

Imagine the following line of reasoning: we find result A in a human experiment, and in an animal model we also find result A, establishing face validity for the animal model. PubMed View Article Google Scholar Malloy-Diniz L, Fuentes D, Leite WB, Correa H, Bechara. Straw Man This is the most common fallacy of accuracy. Animal models of depression: an overview.?tudent handout, logical, fallacies, explanation of, logical. Animal models of autism. Smoking marijuana will lead to cocaine addiction. When the hypothesized behaviour is shown (or not shown we might conclude that we have confirmed our hypothesis. The false analogy in animal models With animal models, the false analogy can occur when one group (e.g.

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PubMed View Article Google Scholar Marx I, Hübner T, Herpertz SC, Berger C, Reuter E, Kircher T,. What might you do to avoid fallacies in your thinking? G., answering the What do you mean, Tell me more, Why, How, What are they questions about the primary supports * You can think of logic/reasoning as the answers to the questions that prove the thesis, topic sentences, and primary supports. View Article Google Scholar Povinelli DJ, Bering JM, Giambrone. 58 concluded that SHR are less prone to wait for a reward than the other two strains,.e. Received:, accepted: 1 February 2017, background, animal models of human behavioural deficits involve conducting experiments on animals with the hope of gaining new knowledge that can be applied to humans. Instead, he/she states that depression will lower a persons self-esteem, which is very similar to depression. PubMed PubMed Central View Article Google Scholar Ramboz S, Oosting R, Amara DA, Kung HF, Blier P, Mendelsohn M,. Personal Experience something you have personally been through. Mechanistic validity Behavioural similarities between a putative model and its human target group is not sufficient grounds to validate a model.