Investment thesis driving strategy operating models

investment thesis driving strategy operating models

The early customers and partners of the new categories of software were the ones that were able to manage the industry shift. As highlighted in, the Rise of Nimble Medicine , the healthcare providers driving breakthrough results arent tweaking an existing model. To get a feel for the scale of change, you can look at the change from a reactive, hospital-centric model to a proactive, human-centered model that took place in Denmark. Consequently, they determined that Dubuque, Iowa was the best location to expand their employment. Unsurprisingly, those who thrived after past bubble bursts were those with lower costs structures and systems that were nimble. There is some confusion as to what a thesis -driven approach even describes in venture investing. Startups History: What a Long Strange Trip Its Been 500 Startups: investment thesis driving strategy operating models a Platform made of People #500strong #500love #hfgsd 100 People, 20 Countries, 25, languages 500 Startups: Full-Stack. Strategy developed a business model and value creation strategy. It is becoming crystal clear to healthcare providers that what they thought was going to be their 100 solution is really best optimized for just 25 of where healthcare money is spent (hospital-based care).

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Expect Most to Fail. However, only those healthcare providers that have systems and processes optimized for engaging patients have had significant success with chronic conditions. As we saw with the shift from analog to digital media and landlines to cellular technology, entire new categories of software emerged that trumped tweaks to legacy systems. Until next time, dont take the realities of the world for granted! In order to diversify risk, this would mean building a balanced portfolio of companies based on a thesis. (our company) m (my blog) /500startups (our fund) Dave McClure, @DaveMcClure Appendix 500 Startups to 500 VCs We live in a World of abundance There are lots of talented people in the world There are lots of entrepreneurs. During that process, there is a boatload of process planning and re-engineering before configuring the system to reflect what has been decided. 51 Investment Allocation Strategy How long will companies take to exit / reach liquidity? Changes were made day by day.

(3-7 yrs) How long is your investment cycle? It is employers who foot most of the ever-expanding healthcare tab and are starting to flex their muscle. Improve Design Usability, Setup Conversion Metrics Test Small-Scale Customer Adoption (10-1000 users) Demonstrate Concept, Reduce Product Risk, Test Functional Use Develop Metrics Filter for Possible Future Investment Investment Stage #2:? Market Validation Revenue Testing Structure 2-10 person team 100K-1M. The process is weighted 80-90 toward pre go-live with 10-20 focused on post go-live to deal with go-live issues and further training. This method can then be applied to different dimensions of a thesis. Many leading hospitals have adopted a manufacturing-based model borrowed from Toyota. Healthcare IT departments have focused much of their attention on the 19 billion portion of the stimulus bill that is providing billions of subsidies for the adoption of electronic health records. To learn more, read our about page, like/message us on Facebook, or simply, tweet/DM @HackerNoon. It takes intensive networking and deep research to identify the investment opportunities we are looking for at Redstone. Conversely, communities with expensive healthcare have what amounts to a healthcare tax that will push businesses away. Who will use them? Previously he was a management consultant for Accentures healthcare practice and founder of Microsofts Health platform business. As an example, already forward-looking organizations have already bucked conventional wisdom thinking they need to acquire practices to develop an accountable organization.

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The following are a few examples from what happened before and after their change in Denmark: Before, 84 of people died at the hospital. We are now accepting submissions and happy to discuss advertising sponsorship opportunities. However, the other 80-90 is going to be driven by understanding the birds motivations. I would like to thank @justvideesha, @drosskamp, @simonschmincke and @benediktherles for investment thesis driving strategy operating models the discussions, and especially @alexruppervc for their feedback. There is one area of consensus about the future of the.S. Today they are down to 21 (with corresponding reductions in hospital days). Still, he/she is not sure which of the companies will be category winner. The core of the legacy healthIT systems was optimizing the reimbursement model where the patient isnt much more than a vessel for billing codes. Is it possible to build a portfolio of companies around a narrow thesis? These arent the adjectives typically applied to traditional healthIT systems. Healthcare system its destined to go through radical transformation. While some areas of healthcare will be stable, the most critical area to manage is where the greatest costs reside chronic disease.

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Thousands of lives are saved as a investment thesis driving strategy operating models result of this modernization (e.g., avoiding frequent, deadly prescription errors). Community: Founders / Mentors 53 Writing / Speaking 54 Selecting/Evaluating 55 Deal Terms, Deal Memos Summarize Opportunity: Concept, Product, Problem, Market, Traction, Team, Terms, IP, Users, Revenue, Other Investors, Conviction Summary of Previous Investments made ownership Pre-Money Valuation. That a technology (email) that has been around for 40 years is held up as a breakthrough, in and of itself, is a statement. While one expert warns of health care bubble another calls the upcoming period The End of the Third Bubble (PDF). Dave McClure? Founding Partner, 500, startups 00s 10s: VC: Founders Fund, Facebook fbFund, 500 Startups Angel: Mashery, m, SlideShare, Twilio, Wildfire, SendGrid Marketing: PayPal, Simply Hired, m, OReilly 80s 90s: Entrepreneur: Aslan Computing (acqd by Servinet/Panurgy) Developer: Windows / SQL. Service Orientation The Difference Between Throwing Rocks or Birds at a Target. He then goes on defining his thesis in eleven statements and provides reasoning for every statement. No Downloads, no notes for slide @DaveMcClure @500Startups Stanford Univ - Feb 2016 Venture Capital.0 Make Lots of Little Bets. Before they had 157 hospitals.

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Think about throwing a rock at a target. While Wikipedia helps us in defining the term as a concept or idea that can be falsified by various (scientific) methods, the application of this process may take two forms in venture. As you go later stage in venture investing and towards the realms of private equity and public equity investing, historical data grows in importance as the basis for analysis. The few newspaper organizations that have thrived realized that it can still be profitable to operate on a lower cost structure. 500 Startups Mission.

The reality of investing shows: Very few companies in any given market niche are both great businesses (team, traction, product, market) as well as a great investments (pricing, cap table, deal structure). How to Become a VC, option 1: Go to Harvard/Stanford/Wharton, Get MBA, Become VC Associate, Work at McKinsey / Google / Facebook, Re-Join VC as Junior Partner or Partner Option 2: Start a Startup, Grow Really Big. In contrast, with chronic disease, a service-based approach is necessary to effect behavioral change. Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures. I have seen both non-profit and for-profit health systems recognize it is more capital efficient to create strong physician networks via open software solutions than acquiring practices and mandating a closed system. Focus, thesis driven investing involves drawing a picture of where your particular area of focus is going, says. Strategic investors, in particular, have extremely high motivation as their traditional businesses get disrupted. Getting patients to adopt healthy behaviors represents a tremendous economic opportunity investment thesis driving strategy operating models for life sciences companies and health care systems. Healthcare organizations that will thrive (not just survive) recognize that a tweak to systems (both healthIT and business process) that were designed around the patient as billing vessel will fail miserably.