Nyu music technology thesis

nyu music technology thesis

The standard penalty for academic dishonesty consists of an automatic failing grade for the course. Cuments should be clearly identified as YourLastName_DocumentType (e.g. All perceptual testing must include a statistical analysis. The class will cover thesis proposal preparation, work plan, research methods, testing with human subjects, data analysis, presentation style, class discussions about published papers and theses. The primary sources should entail already published materials in addition to original new material obtained through interviews. . All work is expected to be your own and you must provide references for material you use from other sources. For all information pertaining research with human subjects (including tutorials http www. To participate in a scheduled oral defense, a digital version of the thesis is to be submitted on the NYU Classes site as a Turnitin submission. Recording and production (Advisors: Leila Adu-Gilmore and Paul Geluso) The thesis must have a strong technical focus in one of the following areas: music production, music creation, signal processing, critical listening, loudspeaker and/or microphone technology, sound recording, mixing, or mastering. Thesis Track This option requires the student to complete 30 hours of course work, 12 hours of research, and 6 hours of thesis preparation.

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The title page should show the thesis title and the student name within the top half to two-thirds of the page. It must conform to the Graduate Division Masters Degree guidelines for form, bibliography, and citations. In addition to the thesis, students must also submit on NYU Classes an unofficial transcript and a copy of the thesis proposal that was approved by their advisor. If more than one file is submitted, please add them into a zip file of the same name (e.g. Download a PDF version of syllabus.

Office hours: Tuesdays 2-5pm phone: (212) 998.5736 (ext 85736) eml: jplastname at nyu dot edu. Kent Underwood: Tools for Research; Discussion: Introduction. The thesis must clearly articulate how the use of technology leads to the music produced, and why this technique makes a contribution toward either extending or enhancing our understanding of the state of the art. Discussion: Thesis Proposal and Workplan. Every student majoring in music technology is also a researcher in the Georgia Tech Center for. You should bring the presentation on a laptop and try the projector and sound on the room beforehand. Attach the files of your submission (see file naming conventions below make comments if necessary and submit. The written document must contain the following sections: introduction (including rationale/justification literature review, methodology, documentation, analysis, and a conclusion. The written document should follow the typical published article format and include the following sections: introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion.

nyu music technology thesis

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Therefore, a background in computing or engineering, musical performance, composition, and/or musical theory is highly recommended. Please use the highest possible quality in the video settings. Program Requirements, the ideal candidate for a masters degree. An Incomplete grade is no longer an option. After the Thesis Defense Upon successful completion of the defense, students are allowed to make optional revisions to their thesis. Sample theses written by former students in the program will serve as models for discussion and the APA Publication Manual will also be referenced (the use of APA citation and reference style is required unless your thesis advisor explicitly approves another reference style). . Tracks, when accepted into the program, you will be assigned an academic advisor who will approve your course selections. The thesis argument will be your own particular analysis of the sources and their historical significance, but should explain how your thesis argument supports, builds upon, or revises the conclusions of existing literature. In the case of illness, students must provide a doctors note in order to be officially excused. Any student attending NYU who needs an accommodation due to a chronic, psychological, visual, mobility and/or learning disability, or is deaf or hard of hearing should register with the Moses Center for Students with Disabilities on this website: https www. The work set forth in the thesis must be evaluated using a robust method informed by recent studies presented in the literature review section of the thesis document. The bottom portion of the page must contain the following text centered on the title page: Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the.

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Jane McCutcheon: Research with Human Subjects. April 27: short progress report (4 pages) for those not defending this semester. If this is unclear now or later in the semester, please make it a point to meet with the instructor. Spring break week. Back to top thesis preparation: More information about the thesis preparation process and what is expected of the thesis report is available here (please read carefully Back to top thesis topics, A FEW examples: -Interactive Music for the Web -Auditory. Back to top, calendar: Dates are tentative and subject to change. Discussion: Thesis, week. This document, to be completed by the end of the final year of study, will be evaluated using standard criteria for scholarly work. (2009) How to write a Masters Thesis, sage Publications thesis requirements BY area Computer music (Advisors: Leila Adu-Gilmore, Luke DuBois, Tae Hong Park, Robert Rowe) The thesis should produce musical output that goes beyond a toy example. Appropriate descriptive and inferential statistics must be used to analyze and assess the results.

Discussion: Collecting data, experimental design. Total Credit Hours 48 Course Credit Hours 30 Minimum Credits in Required Music Technology Courses 21 Minimum Elective Courses 15 Research Credit Hours 12 Thesis Credit Hours 6 A Minimum of 30 course credit hours must be taken at the level classes. These revisions must be submitted approximately a month after the defense on NYU Classes and will be filed as the copy of record. . Mpate-GE 2626 Enrollment Policy, mpate-GE 2626, thesis. The work must include a method of evaluation such as a perceptual study (20 subjects minimum plus appropriate inferential statistics), an in-depth sound-signal analysis done with the aid of computational tools, such as matlab or Max/MSP, to collect data and/or. Steinhardt School, new York University, advisors: The Name of Your, thesis. Thesis, preparation credit hours, leading to the completion and submission of.S. May 4: submission thesis report, may 10 and 11: Thesis oral defenses, details TBA (Please make sure to fill your. Readings There are no required texts. . The question period will be related to the students thesis as well as any topic in music technology covered in the students coursework while in the Music Technology program at NYU. Presentations slots are 30 minutes long: 20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for questions.