Short and easy essay on generation gap

short and easy essay on generation gap

Solution and Conclusion: In spite of blaming each other for different values and morals, it is needed to understand and appreciate others thoughts and interest on different issues. It often becomes a cause of conflict between parents and kids. Effects of Generation gap: Sometimes, it affects too badly the physical and mental situation and state of the people: Due to lack of communication and understandings among old and young generation, people of old age become isolated from outer. Misunderstanding and lack of emotional feelings among members of family are emerged due to generation gap. The overall lifestyle of people has changed drastically. Lack of mutual understanding, difference of age or experience and atmospheric changes are also the reasons of generation gap. Do we ever try and understand show more content, generation gap means difference in attitude, or lack of understanding between younger and older generation. And all the people of different generation have their own morals and values with different life style. Two-way communication is the basis of a strong relationship and both parents and children must ensure they maintain the same. There is a drastic difference between the whole cultural, economic and social environment the two have been a part. Advertisements: Old thinks him as gold, youngs calls the old as fools. People must respect each other for their individuality rather than imposing their ideas and beliefs on each other.

Long and Short Essay on Generation Gap in English for Children

Unfortunately, children or youngsters got addicted of bad habits like smoking, drugs or alcohol to remove their loneliness or because of bad company which they found in outer world. Consequently, the family breaks up and everything gets ruined. In truth, it is neither a positive nor a negative term. He might like to dress up differently and live differently from what his parents designate as the right choice. There is a need for acceptance and understanding here. If you genuinely want to improve your relationship with your parents (and give them a big shock in the bargain!) try listening to them, treating them just like you would listen to a valued friend. Classification of Generations, it has been observed that people from different generations behave differently in any given situation. Generation gap between the young and the old has become so acute that in Western countries, the children live separately from their parents on being young and only visit them in the weekend.

They want monetary rewards as well as promotions. Workplace Attitude, while people belonging to the earlier generations were good at taking directions and were loyal to a single employer, people these days get bored quite quickly and seek new jobs within a few years or at times even months of getting a job. Old people always have fixed beliefs, practices, customs, and they think every aspect of their belief is the best whereas youngs think that the customs, beliefs, practices by the olds are useless and backdated, so they must short and easy essay on generation gap be replaced. Difference of mental situation and lack of understanding among young and old people is called the real generation gap and is very difficult to fill up unless they would not spent time with each other and tries to accept each other as they are. The Generation X Group, the Generation Y Group, here is a brief about each of these generations: The Traditionalists, these people belong to the group that was born before 1946 and are now above 70 years of age.

Generation Gap Essay for Students in English

They have a set image of how their child should behave based on their tradition, values as well as the way the other kids in their extended family are doing. They were only seen as someone who should take care of the house, going out and working was the thing of the men of the house. People of middle age are required to spend their time equally with their parents and children. Old thinks education as the only way to access but to youngs in reality education only creates unemployment. Generation Gap Essay 5 (600 words) Introduction Generation gap is a natural phenomenon. The values and patterns of life have changed to a great extent. This can be curbed only if both hear the voice of the other carefully and with sympathy by forgetting that both are always gold. This is the group of people born between 19Most of them have just entered the workforce. Technology is day by day changing and to grab and accept new one is the need of people now. The current generation wants freedom and there is hardly anyone who follows the traditional way of living in the joint families. The fight between the old and the young is not new and has been bound in the culture of every nation of the world. Along with, todays workspaces are full of all those necessary equipments and requirements which new generation requires short and easy essay on generation gap like various companies have equipments for fitness, exercise, sports, entertainment, etc inside the offices. Children get so much involved into these technical gadgets that they have no time for their parents and grandparents.

Here is a look at the same: Family System, people belonging to the older generations lived in a joint family system and believed in sharing and caring. Generation Gap Essay 3 (400 words). The concept of nuclear families has been introduced in India off late and this is also a result of the generation gap. It is time to understand that neither is completely wrong or completely right in what they. But the old never can cope up with the speed of the young. Todays generation is so much capable to not only understand it but to grab and use it in efficient manner. Communication between people belonging to different generations at home as well as workplace sometimes becomes quite difficult due to this change in language. Nothing is possible until we do not try for it which is also proved in the elimination of generation gap. However, societys attitude towards women has changed over the generations.

short and easy essay on generation gap

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Students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 can use it in essay writing competitions either held in their schools or other places. Thus, generation gap is destroying the short and easy essay on generation gap basic human relationship and is obviously a threat to the social stability of family relations. On the other side old generation should also try to connect with young generation and their preferences to make compatibility with each other. Origin of the Term Generation Gap. Write an article on Generation Gap Is a Myth or Reality. People of old generation still speak in their native language but todays children have created their own way of talking.

Women belonging to the older generations were mostly confined to home. Generation gap is not mean by difference of age but it actually means the overall difference which short and easy essay on generation gap includes style of living, way of talking, different thoughts and views, non accepting attitude towards other culture and traditions between old and new generations. This is not to say that the parents are absolutely wrong each time. They are known to be loyal to a single employer. While, on the other hand, teenagers use it to signify their freedom and label their own parents as outdated and out of touch with reality. In the east, the concept of joint family system is being replaced by nuclear family. They also have an urge to feel appreciated. Conclusion, as is the case with almost everything/concept on earth, generation gap also has its own sets of pros and cons. The parent child relationship is often affected due to their generation gap.