Deforestation and biodiversity presentation essay

deforestation and biodiversity presentation essay

365 is a predominantly human-driven process that is dramatically altering ecosystems worldwide. This figure could be under-representative because it does not include trees that have been felled by selective logging techniques which are less noticeable than clear-cutting yet. Deforestation is a big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and is responsible for about 15 of these emissions (Deforestation). Soil erosion can cause innumerable problems for agriculture, the health of our water systems, air pollution, and the future health of soil on Earth. Loss of biodiversity deforestation and biodiversity presentation essay may not be such an obvious consequence of deforestation because generally animals can reproduce at a much higher rate than plants can, but the loss of biodiversity can greatly disrupt the ecosystems of the forest because. vandermeer and Perfecto, 1995 saving 40 species requires 10 percent land protection, but saving twice that amount requires four times more protected land. Corporations could preserve biodiversity by finding sustainable methods for their use of resources. These forests typically contain trees such as the spruce, fir, and larch. Despite the benefit of national parks for preserving forests and in turn biodiversity, not all land can be protected in this manner. Companies and individuals need the wood from forests to provide economic prosperity and employment. Your analytical reports can be on both historical and contemporary events Soybean growing has gradually shifted from temperate to tropical regions due to availability of cheap land.

Deforestation and biodiversity presentation essay

The inhabitants of these deforestation and biodiversity presentation essay poor regions rely on the forest ecosystems for survival. Other species cannot adapt when certain forms of life become extinct. Preserving biodiversity is not without cost but the importance of maintaining a wide variety of species makes this endeavor a necessary problem to address. These challenges are a barrier to the recognition of redd by the Kyoto protocol. Not only do the forests provide a home for plants and animals that live outdoors, but also the trees provide oxygen for humans and the lumber is used for human purposes, such as heat sources and building homes. Species that depended on the now extinct plant or animal can adapt and find other sources. A major effect of deforestation on the environment that is often overlooked is the increase in greenhouse gas emissions due to the cutting of trees. Tags: Deforestation, Historical Events Carbon Forestry in the Gola Rainforest in Sierra Leone It would not only reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but would also provide additional benefits to the climate system including preserving the net carbon sink.

It seems that the most important effects of deforestation are not related to the market. Often times as humans, we think that we must cut down all these trees for paper products, for lumber, and other resources, but deforestation and biodiversity presentation essay we dont think much about the environmental consequences of our behaviors. sanchez-Azofeifa., 2002 the Corcovado National Park in the lower left of these map panels have much more forestland than surrounding unprotected areas. Lastly, soil takes hundreds of years to form and be replaced, so the constant deforestation does not give soil long enough to recover and reform (Effects of Soil Erosion). These solutions do not completely address the problems associated with using the forests for timber. Deforestation can lead certain tree species to permanently disappear, which affects biodiversity of plant species in an environment. I then have to argue how and why tourisim could help Haiti's economy Consequently, the natural environment, wood developed into and continues to be the primary source of energy for Haitian population. According to a study, approximately 50 of land which could support tropical rainforests. Tags: Deforestation, Greenhouse, Fossil Fuels Environmental Challenges, Solutions and Recommendations Spillages from sewage drainage systems and waste treatment plants end up in water bodies resulting in further pollution. The uniqueness and richness in their biological diversity have seen it ranked third behind Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Brazil. This region has the highest biodiversity, so deforestation in this region particularly leads to millions of homes being lost and species facing extinction.

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Since the industrial revolution, the oceans pH has decreased, or become more acidic, as a direct consequence of the increase in burning of fossil fuels which increases carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere (Ocean Acidification). There is an argument that industrialised countries are using redd as a means of avoiding their domestic responsibility to cut carbon dioxide emissions. Each species performs. The impacts of deforestation have negative effects on the environment such as increased greenhouse gas emissions, increased soil erosion, loss of biodiversity, and increased ocean acidification. For example, deforestation, lack of medicine or doctors, soil erosion, etc. These streams are polluted by deforestation and biodiversity presentation essay sediment carried by the rainwater. Tags: Deforestation, Economics of Wildlife Protection Analysis of Indonesian Forest Degradation and Deforestation These are some of the fundamental questions that the essay will try to address and provide valuable information. They are self sufficient people associated with agriculture and swer. This can be problematic especially for the agriculture industry and nations whose economies depend on agriculture to be successful. A decreasing number of areas fit for habitation imply that the surviving species are left with no choice but to subsist in a smaller territory, confronting increased rivalry from each other and other species. Slow growth forests can take in a significant amount of carbon dioxide but deforestation immediately cuts the contribution to this important environmental function.

It is estimated that about 40-50 of soil erosion is caused by humans (Effects of Soil Erosion). When forests are still standing, they act as a carbon sink by taking in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases and removing them from the environment, however, they become a major source of harmful emissions when deforestation occurs (Deforestation). Return to envs2 homepage, send message. Rainforests only make up seven percent of Earths total land area, making these habitats dense with life. One of the more obvious effects deforestation has on the environment is the loss of habitats and in turn, the loss of biodiversity because so many species lose their homes and, therefore, often face extinction or endangerment. Runoff leads to unwanted chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers winding up in the water systems. Trees with lower economic value are left standing. Though sometimes we may not realize it, deforestation has many devastating effects on the environment. There are multiple different forms of deforestation, but a few prominent, deforestation and biodiversity presentation essay recurring examples include fires, clear cutting, ranching and development, and logging (Deforestation).

deforestation and biodiversity presentation essay

This is done through slowing, reversal or totally stopping. This oblivious nature of humans is the very thing that is slowly destroying our environment. Society has a need and desire for forest-based products such as paper and wooden furniture. Depleting the resources we have at a higher rate than they can be replenished is going to cause negative future effects for humans because they will have to find alternatives to lumber and wood sources because. However ecosystem failure is possible in this model when particular species die off. Subtropical forests, living within warm, dry climates such as the Southwestern United States and Mexico, contain the hawthorn, scrub oak, and cork oak. Tags: Deforestation Choosing first topic Furthermore, deforestation is also the outcome of economic considerations, like low domestic costs, increase in the price of products and the influence on ecology by industrial and urban centers in remote locations. Tags: Deforestation, Ecosystem Latin America The Euro- Amerindian population of Middle America is associated with Mainland culture. Tags: Deforestation, Indigenous People, Biomes Environmental law redd faces both political and technical challenges in the process of implementing their projects. Some of these foods rainforest species provide us with are coffee, tea, pineapples, sugar, and more (Tropical Forests in Our Daily Lives). In other words, quantity of forests is reducing every year due to the process of deforestation around the globe. Carbon makes up 76 of all greenhouse gas emissions globally, but in the United States alone in 2015, carbon dioxide emissions made up a whopping 82 of all greenhouse gas emissions (Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data).

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The researchers argue that there are several factors that have led to the deforestation and biodiversity presentation essay rapid scale of degradation of the Amazon. Without the forests, many forms of life could no longer survive on our planet. The vulnerable soil from deforestation means that the topsoil is more susceptible to being blown away. Plastic could be a viable alternative to wooden products but this synthetic material requires a supply of oil, which may be in demand for other uses. According to the nasa Earth Observatory, half of all 5 to 80 million species live in the rainforests. The statistics gathered about human over time are considerable, and they can be somewhat controversial. Along with providing shelter to animals in the rainforest, the leaves of the trees also help to regulate the temperature near to the ground because they block some of the incoming sunlight and keep it from getting too warm. With more restrictions on deforestation, the price of wood products may increase due to a reduction in timber supply. Monitoring and controlling of illegal logging have been stepped. The size of households has an influence on the level of biodiversity and can serve as a method for maintaining the habitats of species.

Deforestation and the resulting soil degradation. These detrimental effects that soil erosion has can occur due to deforestation because the trees roots hold soil in place and play a major role in the health of the soil. Biodiversity is also related to global warming. Tags: Deforestation Halophytes in deforestation and reforestation Increase in agriculture by expanding land for crops production in order to secure food for every individual is becoming difficult; for this reason the recent tendency has been to increase the. X, we use cookies to create the best experience for you. Forests of the first category, "boreal are generally located within cold and dry climates such as Alaska, Northern Canada, and Siberia. Moreover, Brazil has installed advanced and transparent remote sensing systems for monitoring deforestation, relaying monthly and yearly estimates.

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Tags: Deforestation, Sustainable Agriculture, A Modest Proposal Disappearing Tropical Rainforests - What Is Happening It is clear that human-made emissions of greenhouse gases lead to global warming which in turn increase the rate of climate change. Tags: Deforestation, Catch 22 A Describe the three major causes of soil erosion In addition, overcultivation partly occurs due to introduction and use of mechanized machinery such as tractors and discs ploughs and the introduction of irrigation schemes (Park. Deforestation also plays a role in ocean acidification which is the increase in acidity of the ocean water and the change in chemical makeup of the water, which affects marine life (Ocean Acidification). Members of society need to determine how much economic cost they are willing to spend in order to preserve plant and animal species. Studied deforestation near national parks. Such gases emit large portions of unburnt carbon in the form of poisonous carbon monoxide gas. Many of the trees that are cut down dont necessarily need to be removed, but are removed only to keep up with consumer demands.

deforestation and biodiversity presentation essay

The consequence of this model is severe enough where it needs to be considered as a possible explanation until it is otherwise shown not to be accurate. Tags: Deforestation, climate Change and, deforestation, the phenomenon of climate change is expected to produce a diversified base of different factors, which would tend to alter the ecological balance of the earths natural atmosphere. Tags: Deforestation, Greenhouse, Globalization Global problems require Global solutions. The application of these means did not yield much and hence the concentration of many on studying these aspects to reveal better approaches to the e application. Dynamics of Tropical Deforestation Around National Parks: Remote Sensing of Forest Change on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. Finally, the movement campaigns for international. Current State Currently, rainforests are being destroyed globally for industrial and agricultural purposes at a very high rate. Tags: Deforestation, Population Growth, Population Control Topic that will define the 21st Century Towards the end I would like to conclude with my personal views that can help preserve our forests. Hence, Market forces have. From this finding the government could implement solutions to maintain biodiversity by establishing additional national parks. Governments in Latin America have been hugely supportive in soybean growing through agricultural unintended consequence. As earlier mentioned, climate change is a major environmental problem today. Tags: Deforestation, Prohibition, Cat in the Rain Final Assignment 3: State parties shall introduce policies and laws that prohibits farmers that have been issued title to land for farming using other areas of the tropical rain forest for farming.