Essays on peloponnesian war

essays on peloponnesian war

If this is long delayed, weapons are blunted and morale depressed. Thucydides, whose contemporary account of it is considered to be among the worlds finest works of history , as the most momentous war up to that time. King Archidamus, on the other hand, realized the protracted nature of the engagement. Three Spartan armies, commanded by king Agis, king Pausanias, and Lysander, started to besiege the city. In the end, the Athenian expeditionary force was completely destroyed ( text ).

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The next year, starved by an impenetrable blockade, Athens capitulated. 1: Sources, thucydides, our main source for the Peloponnesian War is the. However, it soon became apparent that Pericles' strategy was too expensive. For the Spartans, invading Attica was now impossible (the POWs would be executed so they attacked Athenian possessions in the northern Aegean. Background, the Peloponnesian War between the city-states of, athens and Sparta (and their respective allies) lasted from 431-404,. The events that led to renewed hostilities began in 433, when Athens allied itself with Corcyra (modern. Consequently, Darius would ultimately side with Sparta. He was keenly aware that the mightiest army in the world could not win without naval support.

In 406, it was still able to defeat the Spartans in a naval battle at the Arginusae, but a gathering storm prevented the victorious admirals from picking the survivors from the water. Start Your Free Trial Today, on the advice of, pericles, its most influential leader, Athens refused to back down. The Free Press : New York,. This is not to say that the plan was unsuccessful to that point but it was un-Athenian to just do nothing and wait. The commanders were Lamachus, Nicias, and Alcibiades.

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War stuck between Sparta and Athens to the year 411. Aristotle of Stagira, Books 12 - 13 of the, library of World History by, diodorus of Sicily and the, lives by, plutarch of Chaeronea. Pericles himself fell to the plague in 429. On this occasion, the Sun assumed the government: The city-state at the end of the Peloponnesian War (404 bce Athens remained an independent, sovereign state until its defeat by Philip II of Macedonia at the battle of Chaeronea (338 bce). Athens had won the Archidamian War. The Spartans knew how to reply. To achieve victory, Sparta had to force Athens into some kind of surrender; on the other hand, Athens simply had to survive the attacks. It gave up its empire, joined the Peloponnesian League, and accepted a regime of thirty oligarchs, which included the radical Critias and the moderate Theramenes ( text ). Athens used this revenue to further improve its navy, as well as improve its own infrastructure and defenses. He asked them to tolerate the insults and accusations of cowardice the enemy would hurl at them from beneath their walls. Peloponnesian War, (431404 bce war fought between the two leading city-states in ancient Greece, Athens and, sparta. The Thebans grew suspicious of the Spartan occupation of Athens, and started to support the democrats under Thrasybulus, who occupied Phyle, a fortress on the border of Attica and Boeotia.

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The Spartan Clearchus, probably acting with tacit approval of his government, supported Cyrus when he revolted. When troops attack cities, their strength will be exhausted. The countryside was now constantly pillaged and the Athenians no longer had access to the silver mines of Laureion. Bibliography Gray, Colin. This article was most recently revised and updated by Amy Tikkanen, Corrections Manager. The war however, was not decisive, because within essays on peloponnesian war a decade, the defeated city had regained its strength. The so-called Peace of Nicias began in 421 and lasted six years. This was unacceptable, and war broke out: Athens and its Delian League were attacked by Sparta and its Peloponnesian League. On the contrary, Sparta was a first and foremost land based control, using it a great slave inhabitants to farm the fertile lands of the Peloponnese. In 420, the satrap of Lydia, Pissuthnes, had revolted against the Achaemenid king Darius II Nothus. There was an increasing concern in the Peloponnesian League that Athens rapid growth was an opportunistic exploitation of Athenian allies and a direct threat to the League. Their new and capable admiral Lysander was lucky to find a new satrap in Lydia, prince Cyrus the Younger, who had orders to support Sparta unconditionally.

essays on peloponnesian war

During the winter of 415/414, the Syracusan democratic leader Hermocrates convinced his compatriots to extend their city's fortifications and reorganize the structure of command. The negative impact essays on peloponnesian war on Athenian morale must have been profound as their homes and farms were destroyed, their friends and family fell to the plague, and the war dragged on for yet another generation. His strategy instead was to use his army to dominate Athenian allied cities and take all Athenian land outside the walled city of Athens - in effect, hold it hostage. He led the Spartan fleet to Chios, reinforced the insurrectionists and made sure that the revolt pread to other towns. Thus, the Athenians had the stronger navy and the Spartans the stronger army.

essays on peloponnesian war

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But led by Brasidas, hero of the Battle of Delium, a Spartan force gained essays on peloponnesian war important successes in Chalcidice in 424, encouraging Athenian subject states to revolt. First, he noted that the plan lacked credibility. According to Xenophon, the Spartans "tore down the Long Walls among scenes of great joy and to the music of flute girls".noteXenophon, Hellenica.2.24. More or less at the same time, a Spartan fleet occupied Euboea, where the Athenians had left their cattle. In addition, Pericles knew the Spartan culture. These allies included small states close enough to the militant Sparta to be easily controlled ; stronger (and more remote) states over which Sparta still had considerable influence; and the truly strong, independent cities of Thebes and Corinth. He then proposed courting new allies with the specific goal of increasing naval and financial resources. Thucydides survived an attack of the plague and left a vivid account of its impact on Athenian morale. Spartan initiatives during the plague years were all unsuccessful except for the capture of the strategic city Plataea in 427.

essays on peloponnesian war

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The Athenian Empire was a more voluntary alliance of city-states that were impressed by the Athenian Navys prowess in the Persian War and were willing to pay for its protection. His Hellenica is a chief primary source for actions in Greece; his Socratic writings are the merely existing representatives of the genre of Sokratikoi logoi. Meanwhile, the Peloponnesian League dared to send a fleet to the Aegean Sea. Pericles intended to draw citizens inside the protective walls to wait out the Spartan advance. The great king's representative Tissaphernes arrested the rebel and sent him to Darius, who had him executed. The History Of The Peloponnesian War. This escorted in the concluding stage of the war, normally referred to as the Decelean War or the Ionian War. In 431 and 430, the Spartan king Archidamus II invaded Attica (the countryside of Athens) and laid waste large parts. Athenian Strategy Much of Athens unwillingness to compromise stemmed from the supreme confidence Pericles had in both his navy and his overall strategy. Buying ships is easier than buying soldiers.

Athens was now doomed. Fighting ensued, and the Athenians then took steps that explicitly violated the Thirty Years Treaty. By realizing Spartas own weaknesses early and aggressively seeking ways to ameliorate them, he showed sound leadership and tactical prowess. At these debates, a Spartan ally from Corinth chastised the perceived aggressive expansion of Athens, stating (Athenians) are by nature incapable of either living a quiet life themselves or of allowing anyone else to. Book entitled, The Vietnam War as History, it probes the events in Southeast Asia in the thirty years after 1945 through the lenses. The farming and manual labor of the city was provided by slaves, which freed the male citizens to serve in the army. A protracted campaign would not be good for Sparta. Following his advice, the Athenians joined a coalition with three democratic states on the Peloponnese: Argos, Mantinea, and Elis. Nixon (1985 No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. Still, the Athenians responded to the challenge, founded a base on the isle of Samos, and attacked Chios.

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Some met this in ships, the bulk paid their way out of this, although some went back on and Athens collected the donations by force. Aristophanes 2 pages, 612 words, the Essay on The Vietnam War as History. Archidamus II, leading an army into, attica, the region around Athens. The years of fighting that followed can be divided into two periods, separated by a truce of six years. Of course, it owed its restoration to Persian money.

The Athenians created a base in Catana and defeated the Syracusans in battle. Many Greek mercenaries joined the expedition, which culminated in 401 in the battle of Cunaxa, in which Cyrus was killed. Each stood at the head of alliances that, between them, included nearly every Greek city-state. The Persian-Spartan coalition ultimately brought down Athens, but the city was not defeated yet. In 405, Lysander was active in the Hellespont and defeated the Athenians at the Aigospotamoi. 2.2: Archidamian War ( longer version ) Pericles When Sparta declared war, it announced that it wanted to liberate Greece from Athenian oppression. The great victor was, of course, Persia. The Leverage of Sea Power. The rising power of both these enormous powers, collective with contrasting political principles of democratic Athens and oligarchial Sparta, destined a predictable clash. The war also shaped subtler alterations to Greek culture; the clash among oligarchic Sparta and democratic Athens, each of which held up welcoming political groups within other states, made social war an ordinary incidence in the Greek world.

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This page was created in 2005; last modified. 3 pages, 1106 words, the Essay on Why War Athens Sparta Power. He is a great historian who sincerely tries to be objective, but his work must be read with caution, because - in spite of himself - he has his sympathies (e.g., for. Even after gaining reinforcements in 413, the Athenian army was defeated again. Pericles strategy, on the other hand, had problems from the onset. Xenophon Xenophon son of Gryllus, also recognized as Xenophon of Athens, was a warrior, mercenary and devotee of Socrates. Thucydides marked a history that was alienated into 8 books after his demise: its current title is the History of the Peloponnesian War.

In 415, the expedition started. Athens was certain that the amalgamation of its walls and amphibious supremacy was more than a match for the mainly land-bound Spartan coalition and it discarded negotiation, favoring to uphold its naval supremacy and confront Spartan league land supremacy. Written in 1375. That agreement, however, was shortly destabilized by renewed combating in the Peloponnesus. However, after the Sicilian disaster, this was no longer possible. In comparison, it would be easier for a nation to acquire or ally with a navy in some form than to acquire an army. The war was over: only the capture of Athens remained. The Athenian leader Pericles refused this, because Sparta and Athens had once agreed that conflicts would be solved by arbitration. Spartan dominance rose from its unquestionable position as the preeminent continental army of the region.

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This division of the isolated Spartans and the daring Athenians spilt over when their own allies collided with each other. Still they recovered some ground in Ionia and regained control of the Bosphorus. Alternative Analysis Athenian tactics in the years following Pericles death resulted in the near-total loss of the fleet and eventual victory for Sparta. Xenophons writings, particularly the Anabasis, are frequently read by beginning learners of the Greek language. At the end of 404, the democrats took Piraeus and started a civil war that lasted until September 403, when the Spartan king Pausanias restored democracy ( text ). Spartan boys were all trained to serve in the military as professional soldiers, with individual and family needs subordinated to the needs of the state. In the meantime (430429 the Spartans attacked Athenian bases in western Greece but were repulsed.

The essays on peloponnesian war fiscal costs of the war were experienced all over Greece; scarcity became extensive in the Peloponnese, whereas Athens found it totally distressed and by no means recovered its pre-war success. He correctly observed that a power dominant by sea can do certain things which a land power is debarred from doing; as, for instance, ravage the territory of a superior, since it is always possible to coast. Indeed, a man named Peisander conducted an extreme oligarchic coup in Athens in 411 ( text ). The Athenian alliance was, in fact, an empire that included most of the island and coastal states around the northern and eastern shores of the. Other sources are inscriptions, a couple of contemporary speeches, remarks in the. In other words, the best offense is a good defense. In 411 Tissaphernes, satrap in Sardis, concluded a treaty with Sparta in the name of the Persian king in which the Persians promised the Spartans both financial and naval support; all the Greek cities of eclipse: Greek records three eclipses. Sparta was unable to strike and the Athenian democrats were not happy with the successful admirals: after all, Alcibiades, Theramenes, Thrasybulus, and Thrasyllus had collaborated with the oligarchs. Meanwhile, the Spartans decided to move the war to the Hellespont and cut off the grain supply of Athens. Dardanelles Again, Athens had no experienced commanders.

For the time being, however, the plan was to conquer Sicily only. Thebes increased in strength and became a major power. War was still not Archidamus hope, and his suggestion for extensive diplomatic efforts at resolution was not purely tactical stalling. Peloponnesian War A, strategy, comparison, essay, Research, paper. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical essays on peloponnesian war analysis of The Peloponnesian War by Thucydides.

The Essay on Greek Language, History, Religion, Architecture, Clothes. For full treatment, see, ancient Greek civilization: The Peloponnesian War. Well-founded or not, these fears came to a head in 432, when Spartan allies lobbied hard for the League to check Athenian growth by declaring war. Mlgreece athens AND THE mainland. Indeed, Athens abandoned this strategy after Pericles died in 429. If it attacked the Athenian allies, Athens would be forced to choose between either its Spartan alliance (which meant abandoning its allies or its treaty with essays on peloponnesian war the three democratic cities (and risking an open war with Sparta in the Peloponnese). Peloponnese and central, greece, as well as the sea power, corinth. However, the Athenians were not defeated at all. The arrival of a Spartan military adviser, Gylippus, turned the tables.

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2.3: The entr'acte ( longer version ) essays on peloponnesian war The battlefield of Mantinea The next years witnessed a continuation of the war with diplomatic means. Htm Crawley,., Lateiner,. These activities were almost as profitable as the old empire. It is a compilation of the most. Pericles asked Athenians to passively hide behind the walls and watch the Spartan Army level their farms and homes.