Problems with the death penalty essay against

problems with the death penalty essay against

(PDF, Ascii, or Spreadsheet format) Bureau of Justice Statistics: Capital Punishment Yearly publication of the.S. (Re-posted by Fight the Death Penalty in the USA) "Lawyer Sabotaged Case of Client on Death Row by Sara Rimer. (Denver Westword June, 2001) Coloradans Against the Death Penalty. After all who does not believe that people should get what is coming to them! The sources are credible, and the article also includes anecdotal support.

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(December 2000) This scholarly article details the use of religious arguments by both the prosecution and defense in capital cases. Death Row Inmate Homepages / Memorials. May 22, 2000) New Hampshire Death Penalty. 15 of the 205 people exonerated through DNA served time on death row." (From The Innocence Project) "Advancing Justice Through DNA Technology Act of 2003." Speech of Senator Kyl upon the introduction of the "Advancing Justice Through DNA Technology. (Randa, 1997) The Death Penalty in America Britain influenced America's use of the death penalty more than any other country. Death Penalty History in Maryland. "Wrestling With the Death Penalty" by Andy Prince. Detailed report on the history of capital punishment in Maryland, with a discussion of the recent administration of the death penalty and its problems, and with specific findings and recommendations for the future. (January 10, 2000) "When Benetton Used Convicted Killers as Models, It Cost More Than it Bargained For by Craig Offman. (Illinois Department of Corrections) "Illinois: The Quality of Justice in Capital Cases by Leigh. (msnbc Newsweek June 4, 2000) Abolish the Death Penalty Blog, dedicated to putting a human face on the debate over capital punishment. Clark County Prosecuting Attorney - Capital Punishment Timeline Timeline from 1622 to the present showing noteworthy events in the history of capital punishment in the United States, with historical summaries and an emphasis on recent legal events.

January 1999 - Pope John Paul II visits. Curtin,., Michael Jordan, Marquis de Lafayette,.D. "Wasted Youth by Vince Beiser. (Christian Research Institute 1993) Pro-DP essay on the role of the church in modern society: "Reducing matters of morality to private elitism, public opinion, or mushy religious sentiment will only obscure the pressing issues of our culture. 1994 - President Clinton signs the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act expanding the federal death penalty.

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(Gabi Uhl) Anti-Death Penalty Books, Law Reviews, and Homicide Studies. What its about: This article does not state the authors opinion, but concentrates on an avid death penalty advocate, Kent Scheidegger. (The Village Voice March 13th, 2001) "Seventh Annual Thurgood Marshall Journalism Awards for Excellence in Coverage." (dpic Press Release July 16, 2003) Calendar: Executions on this Day in History, from. The father from Oklahoma, Emmett. "Executions in the State of New Mexico: The Death Penalty Since Territorial Days by Mark Allan. "Retribution is an Obligation by Charles. This area is hosted by the ABA Death Penalty Representation Project, headquartered in Washington,.C. (Posted by Criminal Justice Legal Foundation) "Death Penalty Study Ripped by Teresa Stepzinski. Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement. "While I was predisposed to oppose capital punishment before I began this project, seeing how the process made the families suffer turned my intellectual opposition into a calling to work to end the practice." (292 Judicature Volume 89, Number.

problems with the death penalty essay against

(June 1999) The Risk of Wrongful Execution of the Innocent (Wesley Lowe) Excerpt from Pro-Death Penalty article, addressing the risk of executing the innocent. 213 (1982) "Alabama Doesn't Execute Innocent People by Bill Pryor. It gives direct"s problems with the death penalty essay against from Gallup poll findings about public opinion. Ryan suspending all executions in the state of Illinois, and appointing a Commission to review the capital punishment system in Illinois. A California-based nonprofit public interest law organization dedicated to restoring a balance between the rights of crime victims and the criminally accused. (NYTimes May 6, 2006) The Norfolk Four: Miscarriage of Justice - False Confessions. (2000) "Crime Victims as Witnesses to an Execution: A National Protocol." (1999) A Report of First National Symposium on Crime Victims as Witnesses to an Execution, held on July 27, 1998, in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, Mary Achilles, Symposium Organizer and Editor.

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In 1834, Pennsylvania became the first state to move executions away from the public eye and carrying them out in correctional facilities. The thought of a woman in the death chamber makes people cringe." Capital Punishment.K.: The Female Hanged. Ethics Updates, from Lawrence. (June 13, 2001) DNA Testing and the Death Penalty (aclu June 26, 2002) "In the.S., as of June 2002, 108 people including 12 death row inmates, have been exonerated by use of DNA tests. MacLin, The Eyewitness Laboratory focuses on research in eyewitness memory and identification, and many aspects of face recognition. Death Penalty on Trial. (Corpus Christi Online, October 26, 1998) Man Serving Life Convicted of Killing Inmate, Now on Death Row. (Bismark Tribune August 22, 2006) North Dakota Death Penalty Photo Exhibit. California: Chief Justice Rose Bird, Pro and Con. Inmate Paul Hammer filed a suit in response alleging a violation of his First Amendment rights. (USA Today January 6, 2003) News article on the increasing willingness of academia to stand for the death penalty: "Academics who back executions are gaining some acceptance.

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(m December 22, 2000) The attorney general must soon decide whether to try to save a possibly innocent man from the electric chair - or leave the case for an incoming administration unlikely to. Published in Judicature, Volume 84,. (The Nation January 8, 2001) Part of a long feature article, "Death Trip: The American Way of Execution." Emphasis on prosecutorial misconduct. (The Herald Sun January 18, 2003) North Carolina: "Death Penalty a Decreasing Rarity.C., Cabarrus County by Josh Lanier. (Delaware Online January 25, 1996) Delaware: "Prosecutor Debates Philosopher on Death Penalty." (Univ Delaware April 5, 2006) Florida Department of Corrections Death Row Fact Sheet, Current Death Row, Executions, Statistics. Because the Death Penalty Allows an Avenue for Retribution it should be legal. "Jury Nullification." (Iowa State Bar Association) Iowa State Bar association position paper on the issue of jury nullification legislation.

The Ninth Circuit invalidated respondents death sentence, rejecting the argu-ment that Ring did not apply because respondents conviction and sentence had become final on direct review before Ring was decided. (Online Mystery Magazine September 6, 2002) "New Jersey: "LIfe Grim For Those on Death Row by Jason Laughlin. Anthony Messenger Online) Religious links and articles, including The Pope's 1999 Appeal to America, Sister Helen Prejean, The Bible and Death Penalty, Cardinals Appeal for McVeigh, A Prayer to Abolish the Death Penalty, and more. "Since at least the late nineteenth century, courts and prisons have reflected attempts to discriminate between the innately criminal and those who acted merely by force of circumstance, whose crimes would not pose a future danger to society." "The Question. Carroll Pickett, who served 16 years as Texas Death Row Chaplain, from PBS Frontline. 278) "Indiana Death Penalty Assessment Report." (ABA Death Penalty Moratorium Implementation Project 2007) "Indianas Death Penalty Problems and Recommendations." (ABA Death Penalty Moratorium Implementation Project 2007) Indiana Legislaure: The Bowser Commission Final Report on the Death Penalty for Mentally Ill Individuals. (New York Times March 22, 2007) Obviously slanted news report on the Georgia Public Defender spending debacle. The Ultimate Punishment: A Defense (PBS Frontline) Scholarly defense of capital punishment by Ernest van den Haag, Professor of Jurisprudence and Public Policy, Fordham University. Rees by David Masci. Bureau of Justice Statistics: Capital Punishment Yearly publication of the.S. (December 8, 2000) Maryland Department of Correction: Capital Punishment in Maryland - Laws, History, Persons Executed.

Famous / Historical Death Penalty Trials. (tcask) Tennessee: "Death Row Inmate (Philip Workman) Says He's Praying for Governor." (AP, November 6, 1998) Tennessee: "Doubt on Death Row: Phillip Workman by Ashley Fantz. (naacp) (As of January 1, 2007) A quarterly report by the Capital Punishment Project of the naacp Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc. California People of Faith Working Against the Death Penalty. (Milwaukee Journal June 9, 2001) Excellent editorial appearing in the Milwaukee problems with the death penalty essay against Journal Sentinel and Los Angeles Times written by talk show host Dennis Prager. "Pro: Execution Gives Justice to Forgotten Victim by Thomas. (45 Houston Law Review 2008) "The Myth of Racism in American Capital Cases, or The UNs Ignorance on the Death Penalty by John Perazzo. (cbsnews February 12, 2001) "DNA Test Fails to Clear Reprieved Death Row Inmate Ricky McGinn." (CourtTV/AP July 12, 2000) "To Set Murder Case Right, Find Out Why it Went Wrong, by Eric Zorn." (Chicago Tribune / abolish Archives June. Encyclopedia entry reviewing the worldwide practice of execution by firing squad throughout history. Editorial comment from Salon Magazine (Apr 1997) commenting on an electric chair malfunction in the execution of Pedro Medina and the callousness of the Florida Attorney General's statements thereafter.

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"Capital Punishment in Idaho problems with the death penalty essay against from the Capital Punishment Handbook. A Critique of the Death Penalty Information Center "Innocence List." (m 2000) The Death Penalty Information Center (dpic) Innocence List (Innocence: Freed from Death Row) is frequently cited as support for the claim that 102 innocent prisoners have been. "Illinois: Prosecutors Assess Death Penalty's New Era by Jodi Wilgoren. A complete listing of all current death row prisoners in the United States, by name, race, sex, and juveniles; Summaries of racial and gender characteristics of those executed, on death row, and their victims; Summaries of recent.S. "The Innocence Network is an affiliation of organizations dedicated to providing pro bono legal and investigative services to individuals seeking to prove innocence of crimes for which they have been convicted." "The Ordeal of Larry Hicks: How an Innocent. Had just entered World War I and there were intense class conflicts as socialists mounted the first serious challenge to capitalism. The latest twist looks like more of the same. "The Right of Victims to be Heard." (National Victims Center) A discussion of the right of victims and families to be heard at sentencing, and at parole and clemency hearings, with a listing of rights state by state. I believe some improvement to be necessary; the death penalty should be legalized in all states." (1,121 words) Enforce Death Sentences for Cold-Blooded Killers. (m) "Women on Death Row: Brittany Holberg by Charles Montaldo. (aclu of Washington September 29, 2000) Washington: "If Ridgway Got Life, Would Anyone Get Death?" by Natalie Singer.

Leuchter Associates who in the 1990's had become Death 'R Us, the.S.'s only commercial supplier of execution equipment. Book Review: "Arbitrary Justice: The Power of the American Prosecutor by Angela. 2348, 147.Ed.2d 435. Capital Punishment - The Costs Of Capital Punishment. Professor Streib concludes that this perspective unmasks the systems crime-fighting rhetoric to reveal a macho refuge that masculinizes problems with the death penalty essay against all who enter therein." "Death Penalty for Lesbians by Victor. (20 min.) Texas: George. False confessions were identified as the second most frequent cause of wrongful convictions in a national study previously reviewed by this Commission." "Admissibility of False-Confession Testimony: Know Thy Standard by Peter Quintieri and Kenneth. (December 30, 2007) "Juries and the Death Penalty: Readdressing the Witherspoon Question by Craig Haney. What its about: This article begins with a case of a man who was sentenced to the death penalty, giving the details of the two first-degree murders he committed. (Sojourners Magazine, May 1996) "The Death Penalty is Nothing More Than Revenge by Carol Fennelly. Thomas Sowell, Dennis Miller, Nancy Reagan, Alphonse Karr, Albert Camus, George. Louisiana: "France Recognizes Citizenship of Death Row Inmate LeGrand." (Clarinews October 3, 2003) Louisiana: "Death Penalty Upheld for New Orleans Ex-Cop by Gwen m May 23, 2007) Louisiana: "Life After Death Row for Michael Graham." (cbsnews March 5, 2001) Louisiana: "John.

"The Chamber starring Gene Hackman. (US Supreme Court Wiki) "A Second Louisiana Death Sentence for Non-Homicidal Child Rape." (StandDown Texas Project December 13, 2007) "Capital Punishment in Louisiana. But we are diminished even more by a justice system that fails to function. (The Ethical Spectacle, December 1997) "Capital Punishment in the United States by Sarah Oppenheim. (Findlaw Constitutional Law Center) History of the Court, Landmark Decisions, Bios and Commentary on Current Justices, Preview of next Term. "Three Good Reasons for Supporting the Death Penalty by James. "First and foremost, Incase works to serve the public, media and legislators by providing the most in-depth and accurate information available about Indianas death penalty system. Christianity and the Death Penalty. Since 1976; Summary of arguments against death penalty on grounds of failure to notify consulate pursuant to Vienna Convention on Consular Relations; News and Updates. "Life After Death Row: Three Men Speak After Finding Freedom From Death Row." (cbsnews March 5, 2001) News report reviewing the release and after lives of Earl Washington, Mike Graham, and Kirk Bloodsworth, three men on death row and later proved innocent and rter. (cjlf) 1994) "An Empirical Analysis of Marylands Death Sentencing System with Respect to the Influence of Race and Jurisdiction. Pledge of the "Declaration of Life" movement, started by Sister Camille D'Arienzo from Brooklyn during the 1994 New York governor's race, when Cuomo was defeated by pro-death penalty candidate George Pataki. Oregon: "A Time to Kill - Reflections on the Oregon Death Penalty by William.

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"The Court should follow this path toward the finding that psychiatric predictions of future dangerousness in capital cases are a violation of the Eighth Amendment because they are unreliable and inaccurate and lead to arbitrary and capricious results." "Genetic Predictions. A Gallup poll showed support for the death penalty at only. (m) Photo of Electric Chair Chamber. (BC Journal 2002) Massachusetts: "Women and the Death Penalty in Massachusetts, An Historical Review by Laura James." (clews True Crime Blog) Massachusetts: "Romney Takes Scientific Approach to Death Penalty." (Press Release September 23, 2003) Massachusetts: "Hoffmann to Co-Chair Massachusetts Death-Penalty. "The Death Penalty: Cruel and Unusual?" by JOS. Donohue and Justin Wolfers. Death Penalty History in Utah. The first case was.S. (Coalition for Prisoners' Rights problems with the death penalty essay against Newsletter July 1998) "Race and the Death Penalty in Kentucky Murder Trials: Post-Gregg Outcomes by Keil and Vito.

A Capital Punishment Online Assignment from Gavilan College, California (Fall 1999) "The Ethics of the Death Penalty by Lawrence. Unitarian Universalists For Alternatives to the Death Penalty. Partisan Defense Committee: Mumia Abu Jamal. (Chicago Tribune) Illinois Cases of Exonerated Death Row Inmates. "Resolution Opposing Capital Punishment and Racism in Sentencing." (National Council of Churches of Christ) Ant-Death Penalty Resolution adopted by the National Council of Churches of Christ Governing Board, May 26, 1988. (Washington Post January 2001) (inactive link) Texas Death Row Project: The Lamp of Hope. Norbert College Survey Center April 7, 2000) Wisconsin: Death Penalty Public Opinion.

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(Ohio State Law Journal 2002) "Much more significant, however, is the unique lens for examining the death penalty that is provided by a sex bias analysis. Stand DownTexas Project, Blog and Articles Advocating a Moratorium. Focus on the Death Penalty: Statistics. (July 25, 2006) "This Report will address the extraction of false confessions during police questioning of suspects. (April 22, 1998) "Too immature to understand the consequences?" If you can't vote, can't watch R rated movies, can't buy cigarettes, then why should you be subjected to the death penalty? "Capital Punishment: A Personal Statement by Charles Colson. (Information provided mainly by Mark Warren, Human Rights Research) "Rights Denied: Europeans on Death Row in the.S. Alabama Death Penalty Laws. (2001) Statement of Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Post-Conviction DNA Testing. (Chicago Examiner January 24, 2008) News article highlighting the anti-death penalty views of best selling author Scott Turow, and his visit to Maryland on behalf of Maryland Citizens Against State Executions. (Capital Punishment.S.A.) Listing of the 49 women executed in the United states since 1900, by age, race, state, date of execution, and method of execution.

The article admits that 100 accuracy in anything is impossible, but it commends Romney for trying. Consider why such a canon exists." Priests For Life. Sources for additional information about the death penalty Resources Books Law Review Journal articles dpic Reports. Documentary focusing on the DNA revolution in technology and spotlighting four cases of death row inmates: Earl Washington (Virginia Clyde Charles (Louisiana Roy Criner (Texas and Roger O'Dell (Virginia all asserting innocence. (Time February 27, 2006) "Florida prison personnel struggled behind closed doors for 33 min. And the recent debate over whether a state should execute a convicted murdering thug just keeps open the wound." "Do We Need the Death Penalty? While at the time the news media paid little attention to Victor Feguer or his execution, Timothy McVeigh's execution sparked renewed media interest in Feguer." "Issues of Consistency; A Roundtable Discussion on the Role of the.S. (National Governors Association) State Departments of Correction Homepages. Frontline: Angel on Death Row with Sister Helen Prejean.

"Hanged by the neck until you are dead." (Capital Punishment USA) Detailed article on the history and procedures of execution by hanging in America. (January 1996) "Sister Helen Prejean is leading a passionate campaign against the death penalty, asking the hard questions as no one has before. (August A 2000) Well written essay from Accuracy in Media Editor, Reed Irvine, responding to recent media and political "events" from a pro-death penalty point of view. (ABA Death Penalty Moratorium Implementation Project August 2003) The fourth report produced by the American Bar Association to summarize legislative, judicial, public policy, and other developments that have occurred since the ABAs adoption of the death penalty moratorium resolution in February 1997. Granted (2007 Docket Sheet From the.S. Federal Judicial Center Resources for Managing Death Penalty Trials and Habeas Corpus Review of Capital Convictions Resource Guide for Managing Capital Trials, 59 pg, (2004 Resource Guide for Managing Capital Habeas Review, 32 pg, (2004 Forms for General Pretrial Orders, Appointment. Short article on the origins of lethal injection as a means of execution originating in Oklahoma, from the Oklahoma Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. Doctors, The Death Penalty, and Lethal Injection. (University of Delaware) "Pro-life and Pro-Capital Punishment: Contradiction in Terms?

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(pfadp) North Carolina Coalition for. Data collection and tabulation by ICR- International Communications Research of Media,. What is needed is high school calculus. (Chicago Tribune February 23, 2006) "The refusal of medical professionals to take part in the scheduled execution of a convicted killer in California this week has reopened the debate over whether lethal injection is a constitutional means of capital punishment-and, inevitably, over. The Nation January 8, 2001) Interview with Illinois Governor responsible for the moratorium on executions, his background, experience, and reasoning in making the decision. (Washington Post January 13, 2006) "The Roger Coleman Case: Did Virginia Execute an Innocent Man?" from InsideOut. (University of Albany Special Collections and Archives) New York: "Federal Judges Revolt Over Death Penalty by Joseph Goldstein.

It does not cover every rule or procedure concerning capital cases; however it is a place to start. Renewed Call for a Moratorium on the Death Penalty by the ABA. "Web Site 'Handicaps' Executions by Gene Collier. Supreme Court, with index of 30 amicus curiae briefs filed by cjlf in cases ranging from panhandling ordinances to the death penalty. Website dedicated to the life and memory of 8 year old Cary Ann Medlin, who in 1979 was kidnapped, raped and murdered at the hands of Robert Glen Coe in Tennessee. Death Penalty History in West Virginia. 466, 490, required the existence of an aggra-vating factor to be proved to a jury rather than a judge under Ari-zonas scheme. "They butchered me back there." "Methods of Execution by Tom Head. Standards for Consideration of Clemency Petitions, Clemency Regulations, Clemency Statistics, Clemency Recipients, Congressional Testimony, foia. Dpic counts people as "innocent" when they were released from death row for reasons wholly unrelated to any belief that they did not commit the crime charged." "Did This Man Die For.

problems with the death penalty essay against

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10 Women Executed.S. The Death Penalty Debate by Bob Enyart Live. (9th Circuit Court of Appeals) Arizona: Coalition of Arizonans to Abolish the Death Penalty (caadp). The death penalty perverts societys response to the tragedy of a woman being raped and murdered by relying on a form of racism that is gendered in nature and by making the horrific nature of the crime of rape-murder a more important. "The Death Penalty: Wrongful Convictions by Lester.

problems with the death penalty essay against

From the Freedom Forum. (University of Albany National Death Penalty Archive) New York: Death Penalty in New York, Testimony Collection. Schabas "The Abolition of the Death Penalty in International Law Cambridge University Press, second edition, 1997. "Death Penalty Biblical, not Vengeful, Southern Seminary's Moore says by Michael Faust. (Family Life Respect Life 2006) problems with the death penalty essay against Anti-death penalty essay from Andrew Rivas, the executive director of the Texas Catholic Conference. Tyburn Tree Homepage: Public Executions in Early Modern England. "Execution by Lethal Injection A Quarter Century of State Poisoning." (Amnesty International October 2007) Amnesty International Report Report which includes section on the medical ethics of lethal injection executions. (m June 12, 2000) Obviously slanted anti-death penalty article critical of Texas Governor Bush's failure to grant clemency and reprieves in death cases during his tenure. first established death penalty laws. The Innocence Project at the Benjamin. The archives are housed in the University at Albany's.E.