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Research findings were generally positive in terms of the claimants experience, filtering cases and facilitating conciliation by providing a basis of factual information for conciliators to start their discussions. These were supplemented by a series of qualitative interviews with a broad range of these service users. This analysis, which is based on services delivered in 2014/15, provides an update to previous benefit-cost analyses drawing on the latest evaluation data across Acas services. This follow-up study is based on representative (telephone) surveys with claimants, employers and representatives in cases where an ET claim was subsequently submitted by the claimant. . Advisory Projects are delivered by Acas as two distinct strands of work: 'Joint Problem Solving Activities' (fee-waived projects that deal with collective disputes and may emanate from a prior collective conciliation case) and 'Workplace Projects' (cost-recovered projects that look to find solutions to workplace problems). Their purpose is to improve employment relations managing papers research within workplaces by involving employers and employee representatives in joint problem solving and joint working. . The research measures and identifies the determinants of successful outcomes as well as eliciting customers' satisfaction with the service and views about its impact. It compares the impacts and effectiveness of different courses/product types to evaluate the effectiveness of the service. The underlying data derive from service evaluations undertaken by independent research agencies, in addition to Acas management information. In particular, the requirement for age equality in employment and the ending of the Default Retirement Age in 2011 have prompted questions about how an ageing workforce is to be managed. It seeks to inform the development of Acas guidance for managers on handling employment relations issues arising from employee use of social networking tools, and identify and explore research gaps.

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The main aim of this study was to gather data directly from young workers to inform the development of Acas guidance for employers on employing young workers and those with relatively limited labour market experience. It seeks to answer two key questions, first, has the scope and influence of union workplace organisation declined over the period, against the backdrop of recession? Other Publications A Framework for Costing the Lowering of Antimicrobial Use in Food Animal Production, with Anthony. In all, 3,581 web and telephone interviews were completed with users who responded to a pop-up invitation set up on the Acas website in Spring 2018. Infographic - Acas digital advice evaluation 2018 488kb. Siklos, International Journal of Finance Economics 8(4., Sept. This report brings together findings from all five of the States that were involved in the study. The research is an employer-focussed companion piece to three earlier, trade union-centred studies which have found that negotiators in the public sector are less likely to have used Acas collective conciliation than those in the private sector (see 09/11, 10/11 and 07/10, below). The dynamics of risk-taking in the financial sector are driven by c ompositional effects, leading to novel effects of financial policy. Ref: 02/17, patrick Briône (IPA often when discussing the impact of technology on the future of work, people's minds instinctively turn towards physical robots -yet this is just one small component in the field of technologies that are transforming the workplace for millions of workers. It draws together evidence from a number of quantitative and qualitative data sources in order to explore the sources of information and advice young workers would potentially use if faced with problems in the workplace; young workers' actual experiences. IHI LR Wide, page Content, balas EA, Boren.

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Acas Helpline evaluation 2014 1Mb Ref: managing papers research 02/15 Carrie Harding and Sarah Hingley (TNS bmrb) Report on an evaluation of Acas' national telephone Helpline service, carried out by TNS bmrb, to monitor the performance of the Helpline and provide an understanding. This report presents the findings of an evaluation of digital advice on the Acas website. This report is one in a series of papers exploring innovative approaches to conflict management in the workplace. Research papers 2009 The Employment of Migrant Labour in the East Midlands 263kb Ref: 04/09 Authors: Alan Tuckman and Lynette Harris (Nottingham Business School) The second of two new research studies on employer use of migrant labour. This report covers the findings of the second pilot study Acas has undertaken with the ETS to explore the possibility that the attendance of an Acas conciliator at a CMD would increase the chances of case resolution. Research papers 2015 Arbitration in collective disputes: A useful tool in the toolbox 814kb Ref: 05/15 This report outlines the findings from the evaluation of Acas' Arbitration service.

The results confirm longstanding indications that employers are indeed more likely to pay when Acas managing papers research negotiates a settlement, the survey evidence finding that more than 9 in 10 settlements were paid in full without the need for recourse to enforcement procedures. Primarily based on statistical analysis of wers 2011, it also draws on a literature review of research into employee engagement in order to look at how MacLeod and Clarke's 'enablers' have changed over time and how they vary across organisations and groups of employees. Acas Telephone Helpline: Findings from the 2004 Customer Survey 67kb (Ref 04/04) Author: Acas Research and Evaluation Section and bmrb Social Research A report setting out the key findings from a survey of helpline customers conducted in 2004. Social media describes online platforms that allow for user-generated content, interaction and collaboration. Segmenting the SME Market and Implications for Service Provision - A Literature Review 353kb Ref: 09/12 Professor Robert Blackburn (Kingston Business School, Kingston University London) There are a number of ways in which the SME market can be segmented and. Ref: 02/09 below but there until now there has been limited evidence on the substance of PCC referrals that do result in an Employment Tribunal claim. The impact of age discrimination legislation on small and medium-sized enterprises 346kb (Ref: 04/06) Author: Fiona Neathey (Acas Research and Evaluation Section) A report on research conducted in November 2006 exploring the awareness of age discrimination regulations amongst small and medium employers. This summary paper reports on the story of Acas involvement, summarising its key Olympic services and outlining Acas' efforts to leave a legacy of good co-operation between itself, trade unions and employers as a result of working with them before and during the 2012 Games. Resolving collective disputes at work: User perspectives of Acas collective conciliation services 386kb (Ref 01/03) Author: Donna Molloy, Robin Legard Jane Lewis A study of parties' experiences of the Acas collective conciliation service, highlighting the methods used in assisting the parties to settle disputes. This report presents the results of telephone interviews with the decision maker of 500 SMEs. It sought to examine the longer-term effectiveness of the mediation course for the trainees and also to gain an insight into the effectiveness of the in-house training for organisations.

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It shows that for every pound spent by Acas, over 16 is returned, generating benefits worth almost 800 million a year across UK businesses, employees and the economy. Young people entering work: A review of the research 378kb Ref: 18/12 Sarah Oxenbridge and Justine Evesson (Employment Research Australia) A review of research examining young people's expectations of work, the challenges they face in starting work, and. This report explores how gender identity is managed in UK workplaces and how trans employees can be supported at work. Employer use of migrant labour -motivations, experiences and HR responses 454kb Ref: 03/09 Author: Sonia McKay (Working Lives Research Institute) The first of two new research studies on the employment of migrant labour - this report was based. Acas Individual Mediation - feedback from participants and commissioners 319kb Ref: 07/13 Acas Research Evaluation Section This paper reports findings from feedback questionnaires sent to participants in, and commissioners of Acas' charged-for individual mediation service in 2012/13.

Ghosh, IMF Staff Discussion Note 12/10, September 2012. . Yearbook of managing papers research Medical Informatics 2000: Patient-Centered Systems. Seta survey of representatives in Tribunal cases 2008 1Mb Ref: 04/11 Carrie Harding and Erica Garnett (TNS-bmrb) This report presents the findings from the survey of representatives that was undertaken as part of seta 2008. They were also asked about their awareness and use of mediation as a tool for resolving workplace disputes. Acas-sponsored reports on the impact of the Information and Consultation Directive Acas commissioned research in collaboration with BIS and the cipd on the impact of the Information and Consultation Directive.

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The Management of Mental Health at Work 601kb Ref: 11/16 Dr Maria Hudson (Essex Business School) Mental illness is the largest single cause of disability in the. In response, Acas set up a programme of work to provide an appropriate range of products and services for employers and employees affected by the Games, particularly in the London area. Dr Latreille's thematic review of mediation in the workplace provides an overview of the key issues relating to mediation - its benefits, risks and the challenges in establishing effective mediation arrangements at work. This report reviews the evidence published in academic, government and practitioner literatures, with a view to contributing to a framework for the segmentation of the SME market for Acas. It is based on case studies of two organisations who are good practice employers, coupled with expert testimony from specialist practitioners. Research papers 2018, acas Digital Advice Evaluation 2018 731kb. The findings of this evaluation show cost and time savings to both employers and employees involved in this pilot and a net financial benefit to the taxpayer. Research papers 2012 Young people's awareness and use of sources of advice and information on problems and rights at work 453kb Ref: 19/12 Fiona Neathey (Acas Research and Evaluation Section) and Sarah Oxenbridge (Employment Research Australia) This report explores. Increasing the use of high performance working practices in suppliers can contribute directly to organisational success and lead to higher employee well-being, but it is not without its challenges, as the report discusses. Churn and Stability in Workforce Consultation Arrangements using wers Panel Data 781kb Ref: 01/16 Duncan Adam (Research Associate, Institute for Employment Research, University of Warwick John Purcell (Visiting Professor, School of Management, University of Bath) and Mark Hall (Associate Fellow, Industrial.

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We have also produced. This report presents evidence from qualitative research exploring the experiences of claimants who neither settle at EC, nor proceed to making an ET application. . Research papers 2005 Acas National Training Programme - Delegate Feedback 728kb (Ref: 08/05) Author: Acas Research and Evaluation and Accent This report analyses the findings of a survey of delegates attending Acas training. The nature of bad news infects the teller: The experiences of envoys in the face to face delivery of downsizing initiatives in UK public sector organisations 288kb Ref: 03/12 Dr Ian Ashman (Institute for Research into managing papers research Organisation Work and Employment, University. Reserve accumulation may trigger positive learning-by-doing externalities in the tradable sector and improve welfare Financial deregulation allows the financial sector to extract larger rents from the rest of society From Sudden Stops to Fisherian Deflation: Quantitative Theory and Policy.

Download the Acas Collective Conciliation Evaluation 2016 infographic 125kb. Acas Helpline survey 2007 415kb (Ref: 03/07) Author: Hülya Hooker, Thomas Usher and Dilys Robinson (The Institute for Employment Studies) This survey was carried out by the Institute for Employment Studies with employers, employees and third parties who had used the Acas national helpline. Acas Individual Conciliation Survey 2012 1Mb Ref: 04/13 Alex Thornton and Shadi Ghezelayagh (TNS bmrb) This report presents the findings of the fifth in a series of evaluations of Acas Individual Conciliation (IC dating back to 2004. The report discusses the impacts of 'Open Access' training detailing the medium to long-term organisational effects of the service and comparing impacts and effectiveness of different topic/product types to evaluate and improve the service. This paper looks at the gender distribution of applications to employment tribunals and case outcomes. Foundations for prudential capital controls to reduce the risk of financial crises in emerging economies Pecuniary Externalities in Economies with Financial Frictions Publication PDF WP Appendix Slides, with Eduardo Dávila, Review of Economic Studies 85(1. The report starts with a look back of this Acas service over its life span before highlighting key findings from the data to give an overarching assessment of the context and impacts of workplace projects to inform the future of this service. Home is where the work is: A new study of homeworking in Acas and beyond 1Mb Ref: 10/13 Alexandra Beauregard, Kelly Basile and Esther Canonico (LSE Enterprise) Homeworking has evolved enormously as an employment practice both within and. This is the first occasion that multivariate modelling of mediation outcomes has been undertaken in the UK setting. The research employed three primary means of data collection: computer aided telephone interviews with training commissioners; case studies of commissioning organisations; and five longitudinal telephone interviews with five of the case study organisations. Macroprudential Policy Beyond Banking Regulation, with Olivier Jeanne, Banque de France Financial Stability Review n18,. Research papers 2007 A Review of the Economic Impact of Employment Relations Services Delivered by Acas 399kb (niesr/07) Author: Pamela Meadows (National Institute of Economic Social Research) Research exploring Acas' six principal service areas and producing an overall cost. It presents recent statistical data on agency working from the Labour Force Survey, alongside findings from 28 interviews, conducted across 11 agencies, four user firms, union and industry representatives, along with a small number of agency temps.

Mediation at work: of success, failure and fragility 277kb Ref: 06/10 Paul. The paper examines the incidence, composition, operation and impact of JCCs, focusing on workplaces belonging to organisations with 50 or more employees that have a workplace- and/or higher-level JCC. Trade Union Officers and Collective Conciliation - A Secondary Analysis 1Mb Ref: 10/11 Edmund Heery and David Nash (Cardiff Business School) This report presents a secondary analysis of survey data collected by the Labour Research Department (LRD) on behalf of Acas in 2010. The project forms part of a programme of work to find out more about the needs and ways to reach existing and new users of Acas. Public sector employers' attitudes to use of Acas collective conciliation 337kb Ref: 07/12 Andrea Broughton and Annette Cox (IES) This report presents the findings of a series of qualitative interviews with public sector managers aimed at understanding their experiences of, attitudes towards and. Ref: 07/17, nilufer Rahim, Hannah Piggott, Malen Davies, Emily Cooper, Francesca Day (NatCen Social Research). It also explores their links to the incidence of grievances, disciplinary sanctions, dismissals, employment tribunals and employee attitudes. Provides an introduction to quantitive models and the empirics of sudden stops, with ample online resources Capital Flows, Crises and Externalities PDF WP Book, Chapter 5 in Allen, Franklin., Proceedings of the 16th IEA World Congress, Volume III, Palgrave Macmillan, Nov. Featured research paper 'Improvement required'? Neurodiversity at work 619kb Ref: 09/16 Helen Bewley and Anitha George (National Institute of Economic and Social Research) This report looks at 'neurodiversity' as an issue that impacts on workplace relations. The research involved a survey of more than 1000 PCC service users (employers, employees and representatives in-depth interviews with employers and employees who declined the offer of PCC as well as interviews with parties involved in successfully resolved cases. . Latreille (Swansea University) This paper explores how employer attitudes to mediation vary according to the outcome of the most recent case. . Ref: 03/17, professor Sharon Clarke Dr Lynn Holdsworth (Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester).

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PDF Cartoon Chinese version, forthcoming in festschrift Towards a Just Society: Joseph Stiglitz and managing papers research 21st Century Economics, edited by Martin Guzman, Jul 2017. Fry and Christopher. It describes the perceptions and strategies of employers and trade unions at key stages of voluntary and statutory processes. Acas Individual Mediation 2011/12: Responses from participants and commissioners 261kb Ref: 16/12 Acas Research Evaluation Section This paper reports findings from feedback questionnaires sent to participants in and commissioners of Acas' charged-for individual mediation service in 2011/12. Both instruments are needed in emerging economies that are at risk of financial instability because of large capital inflows Undervaluation through Foreign Reserve Accumulation: Static Losses, Dynamic Gains Publication 2010 WB WP update VoxEU Op-Ed, with Luis Serv?n, Journal. Employment relations in SMEs: Day-to-day advice-seeking and the role of intermediaries 736kb Ref: 13/12 Agnes Hann (Doctoral student, London School of Economics and Political Science) This report presents the results of qualitative research carried out with small and medium-sized. Young people's experiences in the workplace 689kb Ref: 12/14 John Forth and Hilary Metcalf (niesr) The aim of this report is to provide up-to-date and nationally representative quantitative evidence on the attitudes and experiences of young workers, by analysing nationally representative survey data. Undertaken in the context of high levels of youth unemployment in Britain in mid-2012, the review captures the perspectives of both young people and employers. Research papers 2010 Social Dialogue and the changing role of Conciliation, Arbitration and Mediation Services in Europe (cams A five country study of third party dispute resolution 286kb Ref: 09/10 Steve Jefferys with Nick Clark, Sylvie Contrepois, Gill Dix, Fiona Neathey. The research examines customer satisfaction with outcomes, perceptions of conciliator skills and behaviours and the impact of PCC on employment relationships. Two substantive issues are explored: the characteristics associated with previous experience of mediation in resolving workplace conflict; and the impact of prior knowledge and experience of mediation in this context. Click to download the four reports that have been published so far from the BIS website (all open in new windows).