Shylock victim essay

shylock victim essay

The Merchant of Venice is one of Shakespeares most well known comedies and was written in the late 1590s. This in my opinion is very harsh towards. The atmosphere is drastically tense, Shakespeare uses hyperbolic language to express emotional sadness. So, shylock is treated badly by everyone because they are all big on Anti-Semitism, (All of Shylocks Misbehavior is based on public opinion and storys. Shylock admittedly says he hates Christians, which is very racist: I hate him for he is Christian. Bringing the scales would cause immense trepidation for the audience for Antonios sake. After years of being kicked and spat on by people like Antonio, Shylock s hatred is understandable.

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Shylock out to be a victim or a villain because he is just respecting his religion but in the eyes of the play, this would make shylock victim essay him a villain because he is getting in the way of young love. You knew, none so well as you, of my daughters flight. It is clear that he feels this way as he refuses the money offered to him, intent on fulfilling his bond. This adds to Shylock s vulnerability as he is alone with no friends and friendship is a vital theme of the play. Launcelots name calling is fair in my point of view because, Shylock is a cruel master, and treated him very badly. He was punished by Jessica as a consequence of his bad treatment of her, but he may have been driven by the Christians to keep her in the house out of troubles way.

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She plans to take a lot of gold and jewels from her father and cause him great pain. Qualified writers in the subject of english language are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. In shylock victim essay the next scene Lorenzo compares Shylock to his daughter and evidently shows more lovingness towards Jessica and disrespect to Shylock : If er the Jew her father come to heaven, it will be for his gentle. If eer the Jew her father come to heaven It will be for his gentle daughters sake; This is not an insult, in my opinion, but a true view of what Lorenzo thinks of Shylock. Act 2 Scene 4 makes, shylock look both a victim and a villain. Shylock is malevolent to his servant Lancelot and extremely commanding: I do not bid thee call Do as I bid The way that Shylock said this was in a mean manner and is harsh towards Lancelot. Shylock s bond has an extreme condition to it: for an equal pound of your fair flesh This shows that Shylock wants revenge if his money is not repaid. Nevertheless, the power has moved from Shylock so he is not in a good mood anymore so Gratianos tone would be sarcastic. At the beginning of this scene Shylock s character appears vindictive and cruel, solely out to gain revenge on Antonio. If a Christian wrong a Jew, what should his sufferance be by Christian example?

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In my opinion, it gives the impression that. Firstly Lorenzo addresses Shylock as Jew which is prejudiced, whereas he uses words such as heaven and gentle to portray Jessica. In this scene is a famous speech, shylock victim essay lines 54-69, by Shylock that portrays him as a mixed character, both a victim and a villain. He then increases their guilt, whats his/reason? The dictionary defines a villain as a cruelly malicious person and a victim as a person who is deceived or cheated.

It is clear in my opinion, that their relationship is quite bad, and has tension between them. Although Shylock is a caring father, he doesnt have a personal, close relationship with her. He discusses all the times, that Antonio has insulted him, and cooled my friends. This" relates back. I think that this is quite extreme for a Jew to insult another Jew with anti Semitic insults. I am a Jew. The Duke shows deep emotion for Antonio at the start, he refers to Antonio as thee. Get help with your essay today, from our professional essay writers! Shylock found out about this little love fest between Jessica and Lorenzo, he would disown Jessica completely. In the courtroom when Shylock replies he uses quite vengeful and powerful language and he uses a lot of language associated with animals. Speak not against my bond!/I have sworn an oath that I will have my bond! Shylock feels about the way he is treated by his speeches throughout the play: I am a Jew. Jews back then were treated badly.

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I think that Jessica didnt mean what she said, and only said it because she was with Lorenzo. Shylock s speech is in prose which makes it clear and it is from the shylock victim essay heart. At this time, Jews were treated very badly and were frequently excluded by their community. Whereas Antonios language is noticeably simple and the audience would look at this, I is is significant because he knows that the end is approaching, so the audience would feel for Antonio because they know that Shylock is eager to kill him. Jessica is planning on sneaking ut and seeing Lorenzo, the Christian. This makes him look a villain slightly. Portia gives Shylock a long speech about mercy and how he should be merciful towards Antonio but Shylock refuses My deeds upon my head, I crave the law, the penalty and forfeit of my bond. Alack, what heinious sin is it in me/ To be ashamed to be my fathers child. Here at the end of the speech I believe the audience would have been silenced as Shylock touches on some sensitive topics.

Again the insult devil is included in the scene, as an anti Semitic insult. The word bond is powerful language of the law and portrays. You call me misbeliever, cut-throat dog, and spit on my Jewish. He also relishes killing Antonio, yet we cannot help but feel that this is not all his fault. However, I feel the modern day audience would perceive Shylock as a victim as today we live in an equal society where no one or faith is alienated from a community. Their hatred towards them can be understood, because of their differences to the Christian faith. Shakespeare has cleverly carried out this contrast for effect because he wanted to make it clear to the audience who the villain really. Shakespeares purpose here is to show the audience what Shylock s own blood and flesh thinks of him, evidently deep loathing. One example is the Palestinians. What makes this more convincing is the fact that Jessica is saying this because she shylock victim essay has known Shylock her whole life and she still hates him. Lancelot wants to run away from Shylock, his master: I will run as far as God has any ground which shows deep hatred for Shylock, and leaves him believing that Lancelot is running away because Shylock. Shylock as a dignified human being. Another reason for their loathing is because they can be used as a scapegoat.

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The Romans let the Jews have religious freedom at first, but later tried to abolish the Jewish faith and country, in a process called Diaspora. Shakespeare again, uses shylock as an example of being a self- centered shylock victim essay inconsiderate Jew, I hate him for he is a Christian (Act 1, scene3) later; we learn that. Shylock is more a villain than a victim in this scene, which was the view people in Shakespeares time used to agree with. Shylock s behaviour later on in the play is somewhat understandable. The fact that the Duke addresses him as thee, is quite significant as thee is used intimately. Shylock and has made the audience feel sympathy towards him, portraying how upsetting it must be to be an outsider. Ill have my bond, speak not against my bond, I have sworn an oath and Ill have my bond. I think there is a strong suggestion of villainy in this part of the scene, I would my daughter were dead at my/foot, and the jewels in her ear!

He succeeded in his efforts, and as a result, the overwhelming majority of Germans came to hate Jews. I think that most people still sympathise with him, because of Antonios bullying and name calling, and also taking his money lending business just for the sake of it, by lending money free of charge. Why dost thou whet thy knife so earnestly? God, mercy and sceptred. Shylock discovers that his daughter has taken his turquoise ring his true emotions appear: Out upon her! We soon learn that under Veil of evil that Shylock has, there is some feelings. They live in a country next to Israel, called Palestine and attack the Jews regularly. Antonios bullying isnt provoked, and is unneeded. This would build up tension between the two characters and shows Shylock as dark and Jessica as fair. These words are significant because they show his passion for revenge. Shylock s first appearance is in Act 1 Scene 3, which is set in Venice. I believe this is a very clever way to try to get the people on his side. The imagery created is extremely efficacious because Shylock has an extremely valid point and has divulged this with a rhetorical question.

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Unfortunately, at the time of the play it was common for Jewish people to be insulted in this way. Shylock look a victim, as he has done nothing wrong except to be a Jew. The way Shakespeare brings the knife into this is he cleverly uses light relief from a minor character to bring this about. My conclusion is that Shylock cannot be given a label of victim or villain; he is a complex mix of both. What is your will? I cannot find it; tis not in the bond This makes all the characters and the audience feel a repulsion against Shylock. Such as penalty and forfeit. They bully Shylock, like Antonio did in Act 1 Scene 3, calling him Dog Jew and they laugh at the prospect of children following him around, running after him. Shylock repeats himself for revenge again and has many horrific ideas such as the pound of flesh. In which he replies Is it so nominated in the bond? Firstly Shakespeare has used alliteration so the audience can clearly hear the words especially daughter and ducats as they are shylock victim essay important here. The contemporary audience, who are mainly Christian, would be happy but telling Shylock to change his faith would seem unfair to some.

Shylock calling him a kind of devil and wants to run away from him, or to be ruled by a fiend forever. Shylock, makes him a more sympathetic character. Shylock uses argument straight out of the Christian church. This speech is the turning point and the audience may judge Shylock as a victim or villain on the basis of this speech. Because we know Launcelot is telling the truth, there are suggestions that. Shylock only seems to remember the bloody details of his bond, I cannot find.