Pledge of allegiance essay papers

pledge of allegiance essay papers

To collaborate with local schools and community groups in the study of educational history 2006 Building Bridges: Community, Collaboration, Celebration Conference. The class should discuss audience and the importance of identifying the audience for speeches, since they occur in particular moments in time and are delivered to specific audiences. The centennial year of 1876-one hundred years after the Declaration of Independence-brought forth a number of new declarations (reproduced by Philip Foner in We the Other People ). He initially seems willing to obey Creon, but when Haemon gently tries to persuade his father to spare Antigone, the discussion deteriorates and the two men are soon bitterly insulting each other. They should use the criteria along with the comments from their peer to revise and polish their work. The pretense of the law was that a worker and a railroad made a contract with equal bargaining power. What man makes, belongs to him, and the workingmen made this country." Railroaders in East. Adjust the level of guidance you provide, depending on your students' experiences with this type of analysis.

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One mill in Lowell, Herbert Gutman reports, discharged twenty-eight women for such reasons as "misconduct "disobedience "impudence "levity and "mutiny." Meanwhile, the girls tried to hold on to thoughts about fresh air, the country, a less harried way of life. The next evening, other houses were attacked. The spokesman of the Philadelphia Reading Coal Iron Company in that town wrote: "The men have no organization, and there is too much race jealousy existing among them to permit them to form one." In Reading, Pennsylvania, there was. The meeting asked that before bills became law they should be approved by a public vote, that no individual should own more than 30,000; they asked for an eight-hour day. English left-wing intellectuals did not, of course, actually want the Germans or Japanese to win the war, but many of them could not help getting a certain kick out of seeing their own country humiliated, and wanted. The following year a Homestead Act was passed. A sympathetic historian of the South,. People of strongly nationalistic outlook often perform this sleight of hand without being conscious of dishonesty. The law at this time was developing a strong defense of contracts; it was pretended that work contracts were voluntary agreements between equals. Below are listed the varieties of nationalism now flourishing among English intellectuals, with such comments as seem to be needed. The re-alignment of world politics had brought him into the anti-Fascist camp, and so it was felt that the boiling of the Communists didn't count, or perhaps had not happened. No modern Irish writer, even of the stature of Yeats or Joyce, is completely free from traces of nationalism. In home politics he was a Little Englander, a true hater of jingoism and imperialism, and according to his lights a true friend of democracy.

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Require students to write a graduation speech or a speech on another topic. The anger of the city poor often expressed itself in futile violence over nationality or religion. Provide a copy of the Historical Speech Research Questions to give students a place to start: What was the speaker up against? . The mistake was made of pinning this emotion to Hitler, but it could easily be retransfered. Now the whole city rose in anger. They thought the war was profiting the new class of millionaires. They then draft two conclusions for their essay, select one, and reflect on what they have learned through the process.

Among upper-class and middle-class intellectuals, only in the transposed form. The lithographic printers are making efforts to secure better pay for their labor. Now Congress in 1861 passed the Morrill Tariff. They need to understand the climate, but they do not need to be complete experts on the historical details in order to understand the elements of the speech. How else describe men who believed American society to be torn with social conflict, disfigured by the misery of the masses, and dominated by a greedy elite whose power over every aspect of American life was based on private property?". One quite commonly finds that great national leaders, or the founders of nationalist movements, do not even belong to the country they have glorified. The decision reinforced the essentially conservative nature of the Supreme Court: that on critical issues- war and revolution-it would defer to the President and Congress. Find a 10-minute clip of a contemporary presidential speech to discuss in class on Session Two. Have deprived nine tenths of the members of the body politics, who are not wealthy, of the equal means to enjoy "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.". No American city has come so close to being ruled by a workers' soviet, as we would now call it,. Sorge, wrote in 1870 to Karl Marx in England: "The National Labor Union, which had such brilliant prospects in the beginning of its career, was poisoned by Greenbackism and is slowly but surely dying." Perhaps unions could not easily.

pledge of allegiance essay papers

It was intended to make clear that farmers could not win by fighting-that they must confine their efforts to voting, to acceptable methods of reform. In 1869, the collar laundresses of Troy, New York, whose work involved standing "over the wash tub and over the ironing table with furnaces on either side, the thermometer averaging 100 degrees, for wages averaging.00 and.00 a week". Lawyers, newspaper editors, merchants, industrialists, large landowners, and speculators dominated the Democrats as well as the Whigs. There is no need to multiply instances. In the same way, there is a habit of mind which is now so widespread that it affects our thinking on nearly every subject, but which has not yet been given a name. The students will discuss their speeches and their research thus far.

The nationalist does not go on the principle of simply ganging up with the strongest side. Daniel Webster argued against the Dorrites. Health and safety laws were either nonexistent or unenforced. Back 4) Certain Americans have expressed dissatisfaction because Anglo-American is the form of combination for these two words. Louis were forced back to work by the army. And, after being exhibited, were put into the State prison.". The lien law in favor of the landlords against tenants. Judgments for damages against businessmen were taken out of the hands of juries, which were unpredictable, and given to judges.

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They were absentee landlords in the most complete sense. I come back to the astonishing failure of military prediction in the present war. Most unions, however, still kept Negroes out, or asked them to form their own locals. Also: Whereas, we are industrious, law-abiding citizens, who had paid all taxes and given support and allegiance to the government, Resolved, that we will in this time of need supply ourselves and our families with proper food. Louis, as elsewhere, the momentum of the crowds, the meetings, the enthusiasm, could not be sustained. Check the links to the online resources (in Websites section) make sure that they are still working prior to giving out this assignment. A Working Women's Protective Union was formed, and there was a strike of women umbrella workers in New York and Brooklyn. A sheriff in the Hudson River Valley near Albany, New York, about to go into the hills in the fall of 1839 to collect back rents from tenants on the enormous Rensselaer estate, was handed a letter. Weak in Physical Strength but Strong in Moral Courage, We Dare Battle for the Right, Shoulder to Shoulder with our Fathers, Husbands, and Brothers." Ten days after that, a procession often thousand striking workers, including delegations from Salem, Marblehead.

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One of them described their being bound by ropes into platoons of eight, marched on foot 16 miles to Providence, "threatened and pricked by the bayonet if we lagged from fatigue, the rope severely chafing our arms; the skin off mine. The militia were called out, and in the violence that followed about two hundred people were killed or wounded. Politics in this period of the 1830s and 1840s, according to Douglas Miller, a specialist in the Jacksonian period (. Feel free to come in and take a look around. She is brought out of the house, and she bewails her fate and defends her actions one last time.

pledge of allegiance essay papers

Governor Silas Wright now commuted to life imprisonment the two death sentences and asked the legislature to give relief to the tenants, to end the feudal system in the Hudson Valley. Uses an appeal to pathos in his I Have a Dream speech through his historical allusion to Abraham Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation: Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Melissa, do you have one you could share? Certain men in the farm country became leaders and organizers: Smith Boughton, a country doctor on horseback; Ainge Devyr, a revolutionary Irishman. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of Negro slaves who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice. He still feels the need for a Fatherland, and it is natural to look for one somewhere abroad. This probably stimulated the National Labor Union, at its 1869 convention, to resolve to organize women and Negroes, declaring that it recognized "neither color nor sex on the question of the rights of labor." A journalist wrote about. Teiresias, the blind prophet, enters. The economic crisis of 1857 brought the shoe business to a halt, and the workers of Lynn lost their jobs. It has been proposed to submite Americo-British.

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In Philadelphia, working-class families lived fifty-five to a tenement, usually one room per family, with no garbage removal, no toilets, no fresh air or water. Irish and Yankee workers jointly. But the courts at the same time said that if a building business broke a contract, it was entitled to be paid for whatever had been done up to that point. Two years later the railroad was bankrupt and the bonds were worthless. Joseph Dacus, then editor of the. Morgan, August Belmont, and other bankers now offered to lend money to pay army officers (but no enlisted men). Thus, his almost mystical belief in the virtues of democracy did not prevent him from admiring Mussolini. On the fourth day, Union troops returning from the Battle of Gettysburg came into the city and stopped the rioting. The stories of these ships differ only in detail from the accounts of the ships that earlier brought black slaves and later German, Italian, Russian immigrants. Gasped out their last breath on that fatal shore, not able to drag themselves from the slime in which they lay. Even this might not have stopped labor militancy and the rise of class consciousness, Dawley says, if not for the fact that "an entire generation was sidetracked in the 1860's because of the Civil War." Northern wage earners. In Philadelphia, twenty thousand people assembled, and someone wrote to President Van Buren describing it: This afternoon, the largest public meeting I ever saw assembled in Independence Square. "The great object of government" said he "is the protection of property at home, and respect and renown abroad." For these he preached union; for these he surrendered the fugitive slave.

MLA Help This website includes information on finding and documenting sources in the MLA format. Back to top Session Four Set up students in heterogeneous groups of four. Grades 9 12 Lesson Plan Standard Lesson And in Conclusion: Inquiring into Strategies for Writing Effective Conclusions While drafting a literary analysis essay (or another type of argument) of their own, students work in pairs to investigate. In Wisconsin in 1856, the LaCrosse and Milwaukee Railroad got a million acres free by distributing about 900,000 in stocks and bonds to fifty-nine assemblymen, thirteen senators, the, governor. The supper (served after the women had risen at four in the morning and worked until seven thirty in the evening) often consisted merely of bread and gravy. It has enabled capitalists. Blacks, pushed out of these jobs, often were used to break strikes. The Celt is supposed to be spiritually superior to the Saxon simpler, more creative, less vulgar, less snobbish, etc. The secret reason for their vogue in left-wing circles is that both of them are at odds with the War Office. The laws for levying taxes are.

The pledge of allegiance essay papers war brought many women into shops and factories, often over the objections of men who saw them driving wage scales down. The old-style contemptuous attitude towards natives has been much weakened in England, and various pseudo-scientific theories emphasising the superiority of the white race have been abandoned (7). A policeman and another man lay at the point of death." Five of the wounded died. The capitalists of the East were conscious of the need for this "security to your own property." As technology developed, more capital was needed, more risks had to be taken, and a big investment needed stability. When an ardent and Democratic partisan (from New York at that) declares with a rich Irish brogue that he asks for himself no privilege as a mechanic or as a citizen that he is not willing to concede to every other man, white or black. Consider posing questions such as This is a successful speech. . We are nothing but a standing army that keeps three million of our brethren in bondage. The forces leading to defeat were many but they may be summed up in this one fact: The people did not will hard enough and long enough to win." Not money or soldiers, but will power and morale were decisive. That year and the next, there were 140 strikes in the eastern part of the United States.

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Students practice the Pre-AP strategy called soapstone, identifying important parts of the Gettysburg Address and comparing it with John. Handbills appeared: attention, aNTI-renters! Eighty-eight died, and although there was evidence that the structure had never been adequate to support the heavy machinery inside, and that this was known to the construction engineer, a jury found "no evidence of criminal intent." Horwitz. History is thought of largely in nationalist terms, and such things as the Inquisition, the tortures of the Star Chamber, the exploits of the English buccaneers (Sir Francis Drake, for instance, who was given to sinking Spanish prisoners. The nightmare scenes could not adequately be described except in a novel like Stephen Crane's The Red Badge of Courage. Ten or twenty years ago, the form of nationalism most closely corresponding to Communism today was political Catholicism. A pledge of allegiance essay papers woman named Gussie Lewis of New York became corresponding secretary of the Typographers' Union. He says that while there was a high turnover in Lynn too, this "masked the existence of a virtually permanent minority who played the key role in organizing discontent." He also suggests that mobility helps people see that others are in similar conditions. Chu Chin Chow has to everyday life in Baghdad. Between 18 they got 25 million acres of public land, free of charge, and millions of dollars in bonds-loans-from the state legislatures. They seized his writs and burned them.

pledge of allegiance essay papers

Grades 9 12 Lesson Plan Standard Lesson Freedom of Speech and Automatic pledge of allegiance essay papers Language: Examining the Pledge of Allegiance This lesson has students explore freedom of speech by examining the Pledge of Allegiance from a historical and personal perspective. Reserve the library for Session Three so the students can do research on their speeches. That morning three thousand shoemakers met in the Lyceum Hall in Lynn and set up committees of 100 to post the names of scabs, to guard against violence, to make sure shoes would not be sent out to be finished elsewhere. For example, it is impossible to calculate within millions, perhaps even tens of millions, the number of deaths caused by the present war. White workers of the North were not enthusiastic about a war which seemed to be fought for the black slave, or for the capitalist, for anyone but them. Share the Essay Rubric and explain to students the expectations for success on this assignment. It is the same with historical events. The house was soon entered, and its furniture, a very extensive law library, and all its contents, were cast forth, a bonfire made of them in front of the house. In fact, the militia was not totally reliable, being composed of many railroad workers.

The most typical Trotskyists, in any case, are ex-Communists, and no one arrives at Trotskyism except via one of the left-wing movements. Between 17, 2,300 corporations were chartered. Thus, a Massachusetts judge decided an injured worker did not deserve compensation, because, by signing the contract, pledge of allegiance essay papers he was agreeing to take certain risks. The press reported: "The sound of clubs falling on skulls was sickening for the first minute, until one grew accustomed. The strikers now multiplied, joined by young boys and men from the mills and factories (Pittsburgh had 33 iron mills, 73 glass factories, 29 oil refineries, 158 coal mines). All English people of goodwill are also pro-Jew in the sense of disapproving of Nazi persecution. The workingmen of Boston are not behind. The Eltons and Pritts and Coughlins, each of them simply an enormous mouth bellowing the same lie over and over again, are obviously extreme cases, but we deceive ourselves if we do not realise that we can all resemble them in unguarded moments. Robert Bruce, historian of the 1877 strikes, writes ( 1877: Year of Violence ) about a flagman named Gus Harris. When the Guardsmen left for home, federal troops arrived and took control, and local police began making arrests. They protested against the weaving rooms, which were poorly lit, badly ventilated, impossibly hot in the summer, damp and cold in the winter.

They started their own newspapers. They became perverted, and were unconsciously drawn into a vortex, from which they pledge of allegiance essay papers never escaped. If you hate and fear Russia, if you are jealous of the wealth and power of America, if you despise Jews, if you have a sentiment of inferiority towards the British ruling class, you cannot get rid of those feelings simply by taking thought. King's "I Have a Dream" speech, taking students on a quest through time to the Civil Rights movement. Lowell, Massachusetts, was the first town created for the textile mill industry; it was named after the wealthy and influential Lowell family. But the dormitories became prisonlike, controlled by rules and regulations. By the time of the Civil War, modernization was well under way in the United States. The boom in railroads and manufacturing, the surge of immigration, the increased speculation in stocks and bonds, the stealing, corruption, manipulation, led to wild expansion and then crash. Under the deafening noise of the war, Congress was passing and Lincoln was signing into law a whole series of acts to give business interests what they wanted, and what the agrarian South had blocked before secession. Railroad cars were set afire, buildings began to burn, and finally the roundhouse itself, the troops marching out of it to safety.

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To name a few obvious examples, Jewry, Islam, Christendom, the Proletariat and the White Race are all of them objects of passionate nationalistic feeling: but their existence can be seriously questioned, and there is no definition of any one. In modern times, exploitation is disguised-it is accomplished by law, which has the look of neutrality and fairness. But many other forms of nationalism also flourish, pledge of allegiance essay papers and it is by noticing the points of resemblance between different and even seemingly opposed currents of thought that one can best get the matter into perspective. All were found guilty, and the judge sentenced four to life imprisonment and two to be hanged. When one grasps the implications of this, the nature of what I mean by nationalism becomes a good deal clearer. The workmen on the iron clads are yet holding out against the contractors. Seventy-nine buildings had been burned to the ground. The world is tormented by innumerable delusions and hatreds which cut across one another in an extremely complex way, and some of the most sinister of them have not yet impinged on the European consciousness. The soldiers fired into the crowd. Customize the Essay Rubric to meet the learning goals for your students. A few thousand families made up the plantation elite. Among the intelligentsia, it hardly needs saying that the dominant form of nationalism is Communism using this word in a very loose sense, to include not merely Communist Party members, but fellow travellers and russophiles generally. Probably the truth is discoverable, but the facts will be so dishonestly set forth in almost any newspaper that the ordinary reader can be forgiven either for swallowing lies or failing to form an opinion.

Indeed, most working-class activists at this time ignored the plight of blacks. The crisis that followed the 1837 panic stimulated the formation in 1845 of the Female Labor Reform Association in Lowell, which sent thousands of petitions to the Massachusetts legislature asking for a ten-hour day. Its motive pledge of allegiance essay papers force is a belief in the past and future greatness of the Celtic peoples, and it has a strong tinge of racialism. If time permits, have students share their work. In the midst of the railroad strikes, that summer of 1877, it called a rally. Few ordinary people had the 200 necessary to do this; speculators moved in and bought up much of the land. Marx wrote Engels: "What do you think of the workers of the United States? Pacifist propaganda usually boils down to saying that one side is as bad as the other, but if one looks closely at the writings of younger intellectual pacifists, one finds that they do not by any means express impartial disapproval. The economic crisis of 1837 had filled the area with unemployed seeking land, on top of the layoffs accompanying the completion of the Erie Canal, after the first wave of railroad building ended. Students employ a wide range of strategies as they write and use different writing process elements appropriately to communicate with different audiences for a variety of purposes.

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More probably they feel that their own version was what happened in the sight of God, and that one is justified in rearranging the records accordingly. Some of these names (e. But Chesterton was not content to think of this superiority as merely intellectual or spiritual: it had to be translated into terms of national prestige and military power, which entailed an ignorant idealisation of the Latin countries, especially France. But the usual power hunger is there under the surface. Then one may indeed be warranted in asserting that time works curious changes. Are so illy provided for. One of the most hated elements of the lease gave the landlord the right to the timber on all the farms. Adequately paid, he had some extra money and leisure time. If the chosen unit is an actual country, such as Ireland or India, he will generally claim superiority for it not only in military power and political virtue, but in art, literature, sport, structure of the language, the physical. They have established the precedent that workingmen have no right to regulate the price of labor, or, in other words, the rich are the only judges of the wants of the poor man. Was born on this day.

In sweet June weather I would lean far out of the window, and try not to hear the unceasing clash of sound inside." In New Hampshire, five hundred men and women petitioned the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company. New York had 130,000 people in 1820, a million by 1860. Pritt, Lady Houston, Ezra Pound, Lord Vanisttart, Father Coughlin and all the rest of their dreary tribe have to be fought against, but their intellectual deficiencies hardly need pledge of allegiance essay papers pointing out. The 16th Regiment of the Morristown volunteers stacked its arms. This contradiction has not prevented both of them from being accepted as authorities by the sme public. I do not accept this argument, if only because in the modern world no one describable as an intellectual can keep out of politics in the sense of not caring about them. He warns Creon that the gods side with Antigone. Dorr returned to Rhode Island in the fall of 1843.