Ap european history thematic essay rubrics

ap european history thematic essay rubrics

CS Geography GEO 101 Introduction to Cultural Geography 3 cr A survey of world patterns of culture, such as population, language, religion, urban and rural settlement, and their causal relationships , emphasizing the global diversity of world cultures, contrasting world views and the issues thus raised. AP HES 031 Ballroom Dance 1 cr Basic Physical Course Open to All Students. Controversies over the treatment and punishment of juveniles, in connection with the activities of juvenile courts, parents and school officials, local communities, police departments, politicians, networks of attorneys and treatment personnel, and correctional authorities. Emphasis on reading, ap european history thematic essay rubrics writing, listening, and speaking in German. AP ART 254 Intermediate Ceramics 3 cr Continuation of ART 154. We will examine best practices for structuring and sequencing a lesson and we will create charts that keep you focused on the goals, objectives and learning outcomes. HU GER 291 Selected Topics in German 2-3 cr Cultural, literary, or linguistic themes as specified in campus timetable.

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Classes may include cultural studies of Spain and Latin America. AP MUS 076 Instrumental Chamber Ensemble 1-2 cr Open to all students with experience playing a musical instrument germane to the type of ensemble. The course will explore the cultures of those countries as they are reflected in the novels. Turn Grading into Learning, feedback Studio Efficacy Study 2018, holistic Solutions for Authentic Learning. Prereq: Previous Anthropology course and cons. Emphasis is on the complex issues related to the changing diet and health of populations within an ap european history thematic essay rubrics era of globalization and international food markets. Prereq: ART 154 recommended. SS/ES ANT 320 (U)Food and Nutrition in a Global Society 3 cr This course will study the relationships between agricultural practices, food distribution and consumption, nutrition, and socio-cultural dietary practices within a global perspective. These support sections will be run in a highly interactive format providing mathematics instruction and instilling study skills and strategies for succeeding in mathematics courses. AP ART 211 Two-Dimensional Design II 3 cr A continuation of the study of elements and principles of two dimensional design as a foundation for all the visual arts. Three hours of laboratory per week.

LEC 102 Library and Research Sem 1-2 cr This course will explore research processes using print and electronic formats. Junior standing or consent of instructor HES 330 Exercise Physiology 4 cr The primary emphasis of this course is to present information on normal human physiological ap european history thematic essay rubrics function and how it is altered and restored in response to exercise. NS EGR 203 Mechanics of Materials 3-5 cr (Previously MEC 203) Stress and strain, torsion, bending of beams, compound stresses, principal stresses, deflection of beams, statically indeterminate members, columns, elastic buckling, fatigue, creep, impact, and concrete properties. NS/LS BIO 105 Greek and Latin Origins of Medical and Scientific Terminology 2-3 cr The course is designed to acquaint students pursuing science and other majors with the origins of technical terms they are likely to encounter. Prereq: typing proficiency recommended and the satisfactory completion of ENG 101 or equivalent documentation of language skills. NS CHE 124 Applied Chemistry and Society 4 cr A course for non-science majors that covers basic chemistry concepts in a social context. HU ENG 287 The Bible as Literature 3 cr A study of literary aspects of selected portions of the Bible. Students taking PSY 250 may not also receive credit for PSY 360 or PSY 362. May be offered for 3 credits without laboratory work, or for 4 credits with laboratory work consisting of telescopic observation, laboratory demonstration, and astronomy exercises. Prereq: Exemption from 101 based on placement test score or ENG 101 or cons. SPA 299 Intermediate Independent Reading 1-3 cr Individual student(s) assigned readings, reports, and papers on topic determined by instructor. HU ENG 286 The Literature of Sport 3 cr A study of texts (e.g., fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, film) that use sports in significant thematic or symbolic ways, primarily by Americans in the 20th century.

Includes measures of central tendency, measures of variability, grouped data, the ap european history thematic essay rubrics normal distribution, central limit theorem, hypothesis testing, estimation, T-distribution and chi square test. Additionally, the class will deal with post-war defeat, and in the division of Germany into separate nations. AP MAT 299 Independent Reading in Mathematics 1-3 cr Prereq: Sophomore standing and cons. Study of how the physical geography of Earth has changed through time and how the changes in the rock record tell of seas, mountain ranges, deserts, and ice ages through geologic time. SS HIS 290 History of Wisconsin 3 cr History of Wisconsin from the beginning of the historical period to the present, with emphasis on the economic and social aspects of Wisconsin history since 1815. HU/ES/IS GSW 205 Women, Religion, Spirituality 3 cr This course explores the roles of women in the beliefs and practices of religion, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Native American traditions, and historical and contemporary women's religious movements. AP FRE 201 Third Semester French 4 cr Reviews grammar taught during first two semesters while adding new material with some stress on idiomatic usage. Prereq: ART 112 Three Dimensional Design or cons.

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CHE 250 begins with a review of relevant topics in chemistry, both general and organic, and then covers topics typical of a biochemistry course such as biological molecules, metabolism, nutrition, protein function, and molecular biology. AP HES 022 Intermediate Volleyball 1 cr Basic Physical Course Open to All Students. Cooperative problem-solving and peace-making. In addition, the following topics will be discussed from a biological perspective: birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, birth defects, abortion, differences between the sexes, and the manipulation of the human reproductive process by science. Lecture Forum LEC 100 First-Year Seminar 1-3 cr A course that helps students make the transition to college by promoting active learning as well as student involvement and responsibility in the learning process, assisting students in the development of life management. A continuation of ENG 203.

A major feature is analysis of alternative responses to terrorism, and local coping strategies (disaster management). AP SPA 219 Spanish for Business 3 cr Designed to acquaint the student with the vocabulary and practices of the business community. AP BUS 297 Special Topics 1-3 cr Prereq: Cons. AP POL 298 Special Topics 1-3 cr A course for topics which would be appropriate for freshmen and sophomores. Prerequisite: A grade of C or better in Basic Mathematics (MAT 090) or based on placement test score. AP HES 016 Beginning Tennis 1 cr Basic Physical Course Open to All Students. Prereq: GER106 or cons. HES 029 Core Strength Training and Plyometrics, Beginning 1 cr Basic physical education course open to all students. Prereq: A grade of C or better in ENG 102. The course bridges the gap between exercise science related course work and practical skills of personal training.

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NS HES 210 Theory of Coaching 3 cr Theory and methodology of coaching both team and individual sports. Topics studied include organizational culture, diversity, listening, verbal and nonverbal messages, conflict and negotiation, interviewing, communication networks and channels, teambuilding, and presentations. Historical changes and societal variations in family patterns. Prereq: SPA 201 or SPA 204 or cons. Students with credit in BIO 280 and BIO 281 may not receive associate degree credit for BIO 285 and BIO 286. As an Ethnic Studies (ES) course, this course thoroughly integrates the experiences of African Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanics into US labor history ap european history thematic essay rubrics in a manner that fosters understanding and appreciation of the perspectives and experiences of these. HES 058 Life Guard Training 1 cr Basic Physical Course Open to All Students. AP ART 231 Intermediate Sculpture 3 cr Second year level course with emphasis upon technical problems related to individual projects. FA MUS 295 Selected Studies 0-3 cr Single course offerings not listed in the catalog, reflecting individual campus interests. EL LEC 110 Introduction to Experiential Learning 1 cr An introduction to college-level experiential learning, including prior learning, service-learning, and internships.

Prereq: advanced high school mathematics or equivalent, or previous programming experience, or cons. HU ENG 276 Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literature 3 cr A study of the nature of twentieth and twenty-first century literature through a survey of significant poetry, drama, fiction and/or nonfiction by significant authors. (This course in combination with GER ap european history thematic essay rubrics 103 is equivalent to GER 101.) HU GER 105 Second Semester German 4 cr Continuation of GER 101 or GER 104. NS/LS PHY 142 College Physics II 4-5 cr A continuation of Physics 141. There will be periodic meetings between the student and all supervisory personnel.

When offered, the selected area is indicated in the campus timetable. Stresses practical application of theory learned in CHI 101, CHI 105, and CHI 201. For students interested in physical therapy. Topics related to current issues or new technology are particularly appropriate. The course is an interdisciplinary course teaching design, problem solving, and project management skills by applying these principles in the context of a Rube Goldberg machine. . May be taken three times for a maximum ap european history thematic essay rubrics of three credits. Students in English 305 may serve in a variety of roles, such as literary editor, creative writing workshop facilitator, or event planner, in implementing service-learning projects at local schools, libraries, or other venues. NS GLG 291 Geological Field Study 1-6 cr Formal classroom study of an area of geologic interest followed by field study of the area. Prereq: Not recommended for first-semester students. POL 308 American Presidency 3 cr The President as chief administrative leader, political leader, foreign policy initiator, commander-in-chief and head of state. The course will approach this from social, political, and economic perspectives from the colonial period to the present. A combination of race based thinking, radical nationalism and brutality occasioned by war opened the door for the Nazi Party to lead Germans and other Europeans in a systematic campaign to eliminate the Jews.

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Course content includes the study of how citizens (voters, groups and elected officials) participate in developing and implementing policy in local, state and national government. NS/LS CHE 145 General Chemistry I 5 cr For students whose programs require a year of college chemistry or who plan to take advanced courses in chemistry. (This course in combination with GER 107 is equivalent to GER 105.) HU GER 107 Second Semester German-Part II 2 cr Continuation of GER 106 and second module of a two-part second-semester sequence. SS ANT 348 Culture, Commerce, and Community: The Anthropology of Economies 3 cr Economic Anthropology course explores human engagement in systems of production, distribution, and consumption of goods. It examines definitions of crime and forms of organization of criminal justice systems on the background of different legal traditions and penal philosophies. AP ART 255 Ceramics II 3 cr Advanced ap european history thematic essay rubrics work in ceramic processes. HU CHI 102 Chinese for Business 4 cr This course provides essential communication skills in Mandarin Chinese for students interested in International Business or Business Professionals who deal with the Chinese market. AP CTA 106 Applied Journalism - Television 1 cr Practical application of the principles of writing, editing, videotaping, and producing materials for and/or presenting materials on television. Prereq: FRE 225 or cons. AP ART 216 Digital Imaging and Design 3 cr Introduction to the basic skills and vocabulary of digital technology, with an exploration of popular graphics software and hardware. Attention will be paid to acquiring overall Asian awareness competencies pertaining to these topics as well as the role these traditions play in the social fabric of Asian immigrant communities in the modern United States.