Anime aristotles de essay

anime aristotles de essay

Time to Blame our Own Greed for the Madoff Mess. Aeschylus, Sophocles, and others into its natural form of dramatic plot, dialogue, and iambic verse. He however could not produce the money. Indeed, the key elements of Aristotles argument reflect what most of us believe. The first is considered extreme because it is very unusual for a man who knows that a loved one is inside a burning building but fails or refuses to do something about it such is an act. On the other hand, it is worse when a person decides to enter a burning building when he fully knows that he will not be able to get out of the burning building alive. A second group of poets imitated 'the actions of meaner persons' in the form of satire. Additionally, tragedy and epic poetry differ in length - tragedy is confined usually to a single day, in the efforts to reveal a quick devolution of the hero. 'Imitation as a concept, refers to an artist's primary motivation to duplicate or capture life in some form. While there are many people during his considered the attainment of these two things as mans ultimate goal and mans happiness, Aristotle thought otherwise. Someone who courageously overcomes the severest challenge emerges happier and better equipped to face fresh trials in the future, than the coward, who does everything he can to avoid them. Aristotle later decided that theories about the world must be based on the close study and classification of nature.

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They too thought that they can enjoy the material pleasure and wealth. To miss the mark is easy, to hit it is difficult. His scheme was finally discovered last year when investors wanted to pull out their investment from Madoff. Least of all can we convince ourselves, when we reflect on it, that what we have done deserves our own respect. In addition, the court continued to allow Madoff to be placed under house arrest despite having been caught mailing jewelries in violation of the order of the court to freeze his assets.

We dont merely do things, we have a conception of what we do and why, and of ourselves as doing. The director must constantly check whether his action is within the scope of his authority and in pursuance of the goals of the company as indicated in its articles of incorporation. Speak in his own person, unchanged (the first-person 'I. Madoff recently pleaded guilty for committing the Ponzi scheme against a number of his investors (Hays Neumeister). Perhaps the most difficult of all anime aristotles de essay problems lies in a paradox of which we, and indeed the ancient Greeks, are all acutely aware. Therefore, only the virtuous are happy.

anime aristotles de essay

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And this is what Aristotle calls the life of virtue. The first three chapters of the, poetics are action-packed - nearly every line needs to be carefully dealt with, since Aristotle presents a myriad of definitions, concepts, and categories. "A 'sorry and ashamed' Bernard Madoff pleads guilty.". As corporate insiders, the directors cannot utilize any inside information they have acquired for their own benefit. Aristotle thought that happiness should not be equated with material pleasure or sexual gratification. In other words, Aristotle usually presents a 'notion of the forest before he begins to look at the trees. Temperance is a good thing, but too much pleasure results in self-indulgence, while too much abstinence results in insensitivity. Ethics is not just concerned with theory, it is practical reason concerned with questions about how we should act in any particular situation. Pleasure comes from the satisfaction of desires: getting what you want and wanting what you get.

What is unique and peculiar to us, higher than all other capacities, is our capacity to reason. At this point the activity of the soul (the rational part of man) is in accordance with goodness or virtue. It must be stressed that the Greeks during the time of Aristotle have struggled to find the right balance in their life. Do cheats really never prosper? They also did not take appropriate steps to ensure that the money they invested will be protected by Madoff.

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These are given us by nature: were not praised or blamed for our capacity to feel strong passions. This is anime aristotles de essay less evident in comedy, perhaps, since "comedies tend to be about bad behavior and people doing ugly, immoral, or ridiculous things." The critic Goucher explains how Aristotle solves this problem: "Aristotle accepted that the primary object of comedy. The second is recklessness which is the extreme of excess. And the last was Aristotle, the most famous student of Plato. And when we have pleasure in acting virtuously in this way this is a sign that the virtuous disposition has been acquired. As Aristotle sees it, poetry emerged for two reasons - 1) man's instinct to imitate things and 2) the instinct for 'harmony' and rhythm. Were taught to admire the ruthless businessman, who single-mindedly uses any means he can to get to the top. Like fear, confidence, appetite, anger, pity, not too much and not too little.

Medium of Imitation, in general, poetry imitates life through rhythm, language, and harmony. Aristotle argues that moral virtues are not given us by nature; we acquire them by first exercising them, through proper training in which we develop certain habits and the right dispositions to act in virtuous ways. It is good to keep fit, but too much fitness training can destroy our health just as easily as too little. Epic poetry, meanwhile, often continues for a man's full lifetime. We generally believe that our fulfilment is not to be found in the bodily or animal side anime aristotles de essay of our nature, but in our rational side. Both are considered extreme actions which should be avoided as they do nothing to a mans search for happiness. But above all we miss something that stands as preface to every major work of Aristotle's best work, namely some general statement by way of orientation." (Else, 2). This is considered Aristotles most important contribution because it re-affirms how important achieving balance is in life. And happiness or eudaimonia (well-being or flourishing) is a life in which the individual is perfectly fulfilled. And what is good for a thing, what leads to its fulfilment, depends upon what type of thing. The answer can also be found in the actual definition of virtue.

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The virtuous character has indeed inculcated the dispositions which will lead to fulfilment while at the same time leaving him vulnerable to exploitation, but only by developing the means of overcoming this. Epic poetry is like tragedy in that it reveals man to be anime aristotles de essay better than he is - but it is narrative in form, depending either on an omniscient first-person narrator, a third-person narrator, or a first-person narrating hero. It is the one thing we try to achieve for its own sake. Final and self-sufficient it depends upon nothing else for the justification of its importance. He explains, states of character arise out of like activities. Today, he is spending time in jail for the crimes he committed. The rule is that every director of the corporation is required to manage the corporate affairs and perform his functions with reasonable care and prudence. But to Aristotle happiness means more than mere pleasure. It is his solemn obligation not to do any falsehood to his clients, employees and his investors. Aristotle says, every virtue or excellence both brings into good condition the thing of which it is the excellence and makes the work of that thing be done well. Can we really be blamed for being naturally over-emotional or praised for being naturally patient?

A fiduciary is one who owes to another the duties of good faith, trust, confidence and candor or one who must exercise a high standard of care in managing anothers money or property. Every penny that will be used for investment anime aristotles de essay must be properly accounted for. The answer, according Aristotle, is simple: because virtuous activities or their opposites are what constitute happiness or their reverse. In this way we let our anger work the way it should. When they ask how Madoff will be able to make good his promises, Madoff only responded that he can deliver without explaining how intends to double or triple the money of his investors. As an officer of the corporation, the responsibility of the director towards the corporation is not limited to willful breach of trust or excess of power but extends to negligence. Once poetry emerged, it evolved in two directions. Summary, aristotle begins with a loose outline of what he will address in The Poetics:.

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Indeed, achieving the right balance in ones personal and professional lie has become much more difficult. The Golden Mean embodies Aristotles answer to how happiness can be achieved by man. So a good person is one who uses his or her faculties well in accordance with reason at that point where we perform in accordance with the excellence proper to our function, which is the mean of the activity between deficiency and excess. One group of poems imitated 'noble actions or the actions of good men. We must learn to exercise our character traits in a virtuous way. Ultimately, all the elements of an epic poem are found in tragedy, but not all the elements of tragedy are found in an epic poem. Competition is much stiffer. The directors and corporate officers also owe a duty of diligence. This prompted questions as how could he get the money to pay the bonuses to his employees but he could not get the money to pay off his investors. In the former, poets reveal men as better than they are - hence the tragic 'hero.' It is in this representation of man as 'better' or of 'higher morality' that we ultimately find catharsis, the release at the end of a tragedy. Each author has his own tendencies - Homer 'makes men better than they are Cleophon 'as they are Nichochares 'worse than they are.' But more important is a general distinction that Aristotle makes between forms of drama: comedy represents. As fiduciaries, they are expected to act with utmost candor and fair dealing for the interest of the corporation and without taint of selfish motives.

Anything else that might tangentially comes up in his address of the above topics. An important focus of Aristotles theory is how we manage our passions and our faculties when we act. Happiness is an activity of the soul in accordance with virtue. It is possible to fail in many ways, but only possible to succeed in one way. Covering topics such as the relation between soul and body, sense-perception, imagination, memory, desire, and thought, the essays present the philosophical substance of Aristotle's views to the modern reader. His father was a physician which is an indication that science was his main philosophic background. Therefore, the good life, the life of the most complete fulfilment, in which the individual flourishes, is the life of excellence in this capacity. Moreover, when a person puts up his own business, he has the duty to be truthful to his clients, employees and his investors. Indeed, comedy and tragedy both have a moralizing effect on the audience. We become virtuous by acting virtuously. These investors were also consumed by greed. Narration, in which he takes another personality (an omniscient 'I' watching the events 'like an observer. In one of his credit card bills, he was charged for 2,800 for eating at an expensive restaurant, 2,000 in a Parisian boutique, 441 at a gourmet bagel shop, 8,400 for spending a night at the hotel.

Like plants and animals we have nutritive capacities: we ingest and process nutrients. We also share with other animals appetitive capacities: desires for food, water and sex. Aristotle was born at Stagira, in Thrace, in 384.C. The New York Times. This means that even if there was no unlawful intent or evil motive in performing a corporate act, he can still be held liable if it can be established that he acted negligently. It need not be stressed how greedy Madoff was. During the time of the Greek philosophers, the concept of happiness and how it can be attained has been the focal point of discussion. We all share similar capacities with other things. Tom Hays and Larry Neumeister. Washington Post Newsweek Interactive. Ultimately it seems that tragedy grew from epic poetry, so we find all the qualities of the latter in the former, but an epic poem need not contain all the elements of a tragedy.

And perhaps more important still, while they may be more vulnerable to those who seek to exploit and take advantage of them, they are much better able to cope with this. This is the principle that the virtuous nature of our actions and therefore our character can be destroyed by a deficiency or excess of any particular character trait. Aristotle's definition of epic poetry may confuse the reader, so it is worth illuminating precisely what he means. He and his family lived an extremely lavish lifestyle. Password requirements: 6 to 30 characters long; ascii characters only (characters found on a standard US keyboard must contain at least 4 different symbols; at least 1 number, 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase letter not based on your username or email address. It is true that Madoff defrauded his investors and he should be faulted for. This is more pronounced in music or dance, but even verse poetry can accomplish imitation through language alone. Business organizations need to observe certain ethical and moral rules. Analysis, the, poetics begins quickly and efficiently, unlike a number of Aristotle's other works.

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The sad part is that despite the evidence against Madoff, he was initially allowed to remain free after posting a 10 million bond. If our ultimate goal is happiness and this only comes through acting virtuously, we must learn how to do this. But before he begins tackling these topics, Aristotle first seeks to define poetry. Aristotle cites as an example two extremes which should be avoided by man. They are enjoined not to manipulate the affairs of the corporation to the detriment and disregard of the standards of morality and decency. Tragedy began as improvisation and evolved over time, through the contribution. In the desire to become number one, the Board of Directors and corporate officers have forgotten about the principles of ethics and honesty. Even though Aristotle argues that a life of virtue is the highest goal for mankind, a life in which we flourish as the kind of being we are, we all know that the cheat who ignores all. Instead, he used the money he received from his new investors to pay off the interests he promised from his past investors. Why does Aristotle believe that the good life is a life of happiness and not just pleasure? In more recent news, Madoff was finally placed in jail while waiting for his sentencing in June after he has pleaded guilty to the crime charged against him (Madoff Must Stay in Prison, Court Says -. The first is 'imitation which is a word used often in the, poetics.

It is the end goal of human existence. Nevertheless, what appears to escape us as we hustle about our lives with little time to reflect, is that, as Aristotle argues, cheating destroys the very thing that makes happiness possible our self-respect. Despite this Madoffs lawyers continued to ask the court for Madoff to be allowed to be released and to be placed on house arrest while awaiting his sentencing. When Aristotle describes the good life he explains that it is full of happiness and happiness is the most desirable of all good things. As for why anime aristotles de essay we should want to be happy, Aristotle argues this is the ultimate end, the goal to which all else is a means. However, if the fire has just started, it would be wrong to just stay and watch the building burn to the ground.

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It is however also true that the investors were also partly responsible for what happened to anime aristotles de essay their money (Vicky Ward) When they invested their money, they did not conduct any diligence. They were attracted to Madoffs lavish lifestyle. Moreover, tragedy usually confines itself to a single day, whereas epic poetry has no limits of time. Retrieved What is a Ponzi Scheme. So for the good life we must know what type of thing we are. Comedy ultimately works in a similar way to tragedy, but with opposite effect: in a tragedy, we grieve over the fate of a man who must suffer for his flaw, perhaps touched by the possibility that we too might possess this flaw. Virtue, then, is a kind of mean; it aims at what is intermediate. One example of a business enterprise which failed to achieve the right balance in his professional life is the business formed by Bernard Madoff.

The duty of obedience mandates that every director of the corporation must do and perform only those acts designed to achieve its mission. He emphasized that happiness can only be achieved by finding the right anime aristotles de essay balance between two extremes. It must be stressed that directors act as fiduciaries to the corporation, and once elected they are enjoined to serve the best interest of the corporation and the shareholders. The first is cowardice which is the extreme of deficiency. But what sets us apart from nature is our capacity to make free and conscious choices. This is what has been described by modern philosophers as the Paradox of Hedonism. Why should a life of fulfilment involve leading a good life, a life of virtue? Poetry, as Aristotle defines it, includes epic poetry, tragedy, comedy, dithyrambic poetry, and music (specifically of flute, and lyre). A tragedy, meanwhile, involves the dialogue of two or more characters. He defended comedies' mimetic representation of ludicrous behavior because it would incite audiences to avoid its imitation" (Goucher 1). The directors owe a duty of loyalty to the corporation and its shareholders.

anime aristotles de essay