Essay on cattle rearing

essay on cattle rearing

We will write a custom essay sample on, rearing of cattle specifically for you for only.05 11/page, learn more, despite the negative effects of quick foods, people rely on them for convenience purposes. Next Essays Related to Angus beef, got a writing question? (For further discussion on intensively farmed livestock, see factory farming and intensive pig farming). Animals that are reared maintained and taken care of in animal husbandry are domestic animals like cows, buffaloes, sheep, cattle, pig, goat etc. When cattle are enclosed, the type of enclosure may vary from a small crate, a large fenced pasture or a paddock. Consumption of lean meat, mark the word lean, is good for our health.

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Massachusetts: Allyn and essay on cattle rearing Bacon, 1999 Schossler, Eric. Meat and milk form a great bulk of peoples diets around the world. The word cattle is derived from Middle English chatel, which meant all kinds of movable personal property, including of course livestock, which was differentiated from non-movable real-estate (real property). Animals are usually intentionally bred through artificial insemination or through supervised mating. Animals are domesticated when their breeding and living conditions are controlled by humans. Today, the modern meaning of cattle, without a qualifier, usually refers to domesticated bovines (see. Ladies and gentlemen, it is imperative for me to note how beneficial beef farming has been and continues to be to you. Indoor animals are generally farmed intensively, as large space requirements would make indoor farming unprofitable and impossible. Animals may be kept in the minimum size of cage or pen with little or no space to exercise. In poultry farming, such occurrences of cross breeding are common, in that they provide new varieties with new desirable traits.

Offers a full range of products to cattle ranchers, including vaccines for both newborn calves and their mothers, medications (for example, dewormers, antidiarrheals). Greenhouse gases form a blanket on the atmosphere and trap solar energy radiated from the earths surface. Practices vary around the world, for example growth hormone use is permitted in the United States, but not in stock to be sold to the European Union. The public visibility of this abuse meant it was one of the first areas to receive legislation in the nineteenth century in European countries, but it still goes on in parts of Asia. Foreign brands like Jersey and Holstein- Friesian are known to produce high yields and are very popular internationally. The Effect of One Tribe on an Entire Nation Review Of Cattle Trade Does Sex Sell Hould Business Hire Employees For Their Entire Lives? Feeding corn to cattle, which have historically eaten grasses, is an example; where the cattle are less adapted, the rumen pH changes to more acidic, leading to liver damage and other difficulties. .

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The Cow/Calf Division of Pfizer Inc. Lack of soil cover due this leads to soil erosion and hence reduction in the soils output shiva pp 70-71). In large open ranges animals may be only occasionally inspected or yarded in round-ups or a muster (livestock). Animal rights groups find it harder to find methods of input, and may go further and advocate civil disobedience or violence. Scientific management principles have to be strictly followed in animal husbandry to maintain high standards of good quality farm production. It is medically verifiable that cutting down on meat consumption lowers the chances of getting heart diseases or cancer. Dear friends, you have all heard of Global warming, havent you? How many people do we know that have obesity, suffer from heart attacks and other related conditions that are related to diet problems? The answer is simple, climate change and resultant global warming has to do with carbon emissions into the atmosphere. During the history of animal husbandry, many secondary products have arisen in an attempt to increase carcass utilization and reduce waste. Scientific practices like providing good shelters for the livestock and ensuring sufficient ventilation, clean and hygienic sheds with proper waste removal systems hold key to managing livestock efficiently. Workers employed in fields where livestock is managed should have good knowledge of handling farms and livestock operations. Rearing of cattle is an old practice that has been very beneficial to mankind.

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Other species of the genus Bos sometimes are called wild cattle. The improvement of health, using modern farming techniques, on the part of animals has come into question. Beef faming in this country and in the world as whole is very lucrative. Fishing is a very big business in India and drives the economy with a large share in production. Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism. Attaching importance to cleanliness and educating rural youth about the importance of adopting scientific practices as against pure traditional methods go a long way in creating secure employment opportunities in this field. In other areas, livestock may be bought and sold in a bazaar, such as may be found in many parts of Central Asia, or a flea market type setting.