What do i want for christmas essay

what do i want for christmas essay

John School Grade 5, Little Chute. I think he would have brought Jesus gold, and some nice toys. He would talk to what do i want for christmas essay the animals and ask them how they feel. I will pray a lot! I love seeing baby Jesus. Saint Thomas More School Grade 1, Green Bay I would send. I decided to do all I could to help the poor, the sick and the dying. He is the patron saint of catechists (people who teach religion) and catechumens (those studying to be Catholic). What, christmas, means to me - By Rhonda. Thank you Mary for curing me when I was a weak child.

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If he was there he would serve Jesus, too. I think Mary would want someone there saying thank you for having the Savior of the World. Luke can give Jesus a little toy lamb. Anthony Claret as my Saint. So he ran to get baptized. She would love Jesus like Mary did! Joseph Porter I bet it would have been fun. Wyatt Nuthals I would have wanted. I am your cousin.

Adrienne Salvia I am Pope John Paul. Also when he go there he would be amazed by Jesus. Isaac Griffith I would send. Noah Jaeckels When something is lost, you should pray. Phillip should have been at the birth of Jesus. (no name given) I would send. Claire Wagner-Miller. Logan Cardoza I wish that.

One reason why I want this saint to go to Bethlehem is he changed a important part of the Catholic Church. Honestly, I cannot think of a better way for celebrating. If you werent there would you feel sad? Has the meaning of Christmas changed over time? She would show Jesus love everyday. Makiya Ervin-Young I. Sadie Sealey The saint that I would like to take to Bethlehem would. He was exiled in Rome for seven years where he repented and completely changed his lifestyle. Madeline Butke I think. When Saint Elizabeth saw baby Jesus she would say, What a beautiful baby! Bernadette might have given Jesus a gift. Why do I think he can walk all that way?

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ConClusion So those are the reasons I think Christmas stinks: you have to spend money, see your crazy family and dont forget you have to act happy about. Another reason is because she lived a holy life. He asked if he could hold the boy. That is the saint I would want to go to Bethlehem. Im excited to see Jesus. I know youre not supposed to complain about your family, but mine isspecial. Maximilian Kolbe loved the Blessed Mother very much. Exchanging Christmas gift Exchanging of Christmas gifts comes with excitement. Here we are at Christmas time again. At times God has even been described as demanding Jesus' suffering and death as a means of atonement-to satisfy and appease an angry God. Mary asked Therese if she would like to hold the baby. She wiped Jesus face when He carried the cross.

He would go there because he could see his cousin as a baby. Successfully reported this slideshow. I would help spread the good news with Jesus. Of course I no longer believe I Santa Claus. She became a nun so she felt married to Him. He also was his cousin. Peter the Apostle should have gone to Bethlehem what do i want for christmas essay during the nativity because it would be cool for the first Pope to see the son of man borne.

The symbols and symbolism of Christmas. One for Mary one for Jesus. Theresa should be at Jesus birth because she would love to see baby Jesus be born just like the three kings and the others did. And he left at morning. Ann would give Jesus magic. My favorite saint. After Jesus was born I would want, saint Clare to be there and I think when she saw Jesus she would kneel down and say extra prayers.

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Jesus is a new born baby, he said. Francis went to Bethlehem to see baby Jesus being born in a stable. The present would be a knitted scarf. He should be a man who was first to see baby Jesus face. Anthony would love Jesus and care for him. I loved to teach people how to read and understand the bible. He might have been a baby but. I always ask my parents not to tell me what they get. Caitlyn Bauer I would send. She loved children and was kind to them. Benedict would be perfect to go to Bethlehem because he taught people to let Jesus into our hearts.

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When they come down I open my presents and every year I like what every one gets. Emily Cribben I would what do i want for christmas essay send. Noah VanderMuss I wish. He is very important to me because he is my Great Grandpa and I love him. In many forms of theology, popular piety and religious practice, the purpose of Jesus' life is directly linked to original sin and all human sinfulness. Elliott Becker If I chose a saint to go to Bethlehem when Jesus was born I would choose. He gave away his money. Patrick because he would give Jesus good luck for eternal life. She would be caring for all children and older people. I think that he should go to Bethlehem because he was a caring and loving man. Her heart was filled with love.

what do i want for christmas essay

Jude to Bethlehem because he could give Mary and Joseph hope that Jesus would be what God told them he would. Her feast day is July. I will give money to the poor so they can get food and water. Natalie Dvoracek If Francis was there when Jesus was born hed probably bring animals and praise God. She would say, I love your baby! She will be very nice to him. Della Haanen, age. Drum roll please. Supporting sentence Body ParagraPh 3 Finally, I have to act like Im happy about all of this. She could bring Jesus little musical instruments. I would send her because she devoted her life to God. Jesus was a nice man.

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Dominic said to Jesus, I am sorry for my sins. He talked about Lent. He rocked the little boy; he fell asleep. He would say, Bless you. She would help. Without sin, there would have been no need for the Incarnation. To be specific what I like most about Christmas is the fact that sharing together with friends and family members. I also think he would really like to know how Jesus was what do i want for christmas essay born. Katie Krautkramer I would send Saint Paul to Bethlehem because he speaks of love and faith. I think she would pray to Jesus and bless him to do good and bless Mary and Joseph to be good parents. John the Baptist Grade 5, Howard I wish that.

Christmas Evaluation Essay What is the effect that Christmas has on society? He was loving, caring and generous. Rita because she was the patron of good health. Clare Parish Grade 3, Wrightstown. Patrick were there because he could bless Jesus with one clover. Spending, christmas with my family is very important. He could tell Jesus a lot of stuff about school. He was known for his ability to fish and work hard. Patrick are peaceful, holy feast day, graceful, Jerusalem/Bethlehem, gifts and loving. She was captured for at least 6-9 years.

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And he immediately knelt before Christ the King. A good what do i want for christmas essay saint came. He could also give Jesus hope every time he was accused and told wrong. I brought him some gifts! Gretchen Zipperer I would send. Lucy visited Jesus born as a baby in Bethlehem, she would light up the stable for the Holy Family. Casey Zipperer Grade 2, Clarks Mills. Patrick were at Jesus birth he would say, Oh look. Augustine because he loves animals.

Rachel Dietrich I would send. Elizabeth went to Jesus birth. Christian Schiek I picked. Last year I gave Dr Ocana my teacher some figures to do a crib in class. Clare of Montefalco because when she died an image of a cross was found on her heart. If Saint Francis were in the what do i want for christmas essay stable, by the manger and looking happily at Jesus Christ, he would be praising him and adoring him. Describe the sights, sounds, and smells of when you first walk out to the tree on Christmas morning. My Grandma Mary goes to church almost every Sunday. Kira Koshollek I think that. Jeremy Schlies, age 10,. IntroductIon Supporting ideas Ho Ho Ho!

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The two of them changed the world forever. Catherine loved children, so she would have loved Jesus. Anna Raine Dier The saint I would have sent to Bethlehem was. Francis had a dream to go to church and pray for all the poor people in the world. Brice Dietzen I think that. When he got there he would give Jesus toys. He is our favorite Saint because my Grandma Pat prayed to him when she was expecting my dad and my uncles. They have become real family treasures. Isaac Jogues would have loved to visit the Baby Jesus in Bethlehem. Garrett Schneider I would send.

She would keep Jesus safe in his little hay crib. Jesus would have food and toys. Francis was a holy man. When Jesus arrived I will give him a blanket. Trevor I think I would send. It was like the whole town of Bethlehem.

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She was a Princess. It would be God. Luke strolled in announcing, The Savior is born! How the Christmas spirit affects peoples behavior and attitude. John is a great part of Jesus life. We should have, christmas twice a year! Anthony to Bethlehem because you could see joy on his face. Soon they grow up and teach their families.