My favourite movie harry potter essay

my favourite movie harry potter essay

I cant wait to personally get my hands on the mega Blu-Ray edition of all the films which will probably be out later this year so I can go gaga over all the special features and extended editions. However I love how this film, Deathly Hallows: Part 1, and Half-Blood Prince connect pieces from the earlier films to make everything whole as one. The film also adds a lot of funny bits in between all the action, whether it be Hermione being the brains of the trio or Hagrids slip of the tounge moments which he later regrets. After that I decided to watch the Lord of the Rings. Chris must go on a journey to find her, and save her from an eternity of suffering. Harry eventually directs them to where the suspect ran off. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 The trio listen in on Snapes (Alan Rickman) final moments before being killed by Voldemort in Deathly Hallows: Part 2 The final Harry Potter film fits its popular tagline It All Ends so very well. Sorcerers Stone also has some of the most recognizable score pieces from the entire series, in particular Hedwigs Theme.

My favorite movie is, harry, potter

The Harry Potter series will always be something close to me and one I can call a favorite. It is especially true about fictions and fantasy films. This film tells you that it is not always possible to achieve everything by force, wealth and power. Harry wants to join but Mrs. Sirius is killed by his cousin, Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter). However, there are scenes which are never seen in real life. Yes, this film is the most family friendly of all the films but it is such a nice relaxing trip to revisit every now and then. During his first year Harry, Ron, and Hermione must deal with a Halloween troll, playing a real life version of Wizards chess, and find the Sorcerers Stone which belonged to Nicolas Flamel. However, when the two finally cross paths, what has been told in the past was not the truth and a more troubling story lies right beneath their noses. Harry is then sent to an in-between where he talks with Dumbledore and realizes he must go back. He has grown as such a strong connection to Harry that his death is quite emotional. Dolby helps them escape but is killed by Bellatrix in the process.

my favourite movie harry potter essay

This film saw a new director in the form of Alfonso Cuaron who also directed such films. It makes you laugh and cry at times. The two boys take the flying car but in doing so almost face expulsion, especially after the car crashes into the aggressive Whopping Willow tree. The film starts out with Harry and Dumbledore recruiting Professor Slughorn (Jim Broadbent) to return to Hogwarts and teach Potions. Although it is still confined to the school setting, there is still a lot of general fear that goes around.

As a form of art it appeared my favourite movie harry potter essay at the end of the 19th century. The Dark Knight or George Smiley in, tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. It has appeared in the end of the 19th century. Harry and Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) then battle it out but Harry manages to escape and return Cedrics body and tells everyone Voldemort is back in full form. I can see it again and again. Weasley shelters him from knowing too much. However, that would be nearly a days worth of work and I have college stuff to attend to still this week. This memory tells of Voldemort, as Hogwarts student Tom Riddle, wanting to know about Horcruxes which splits your soul into pieces putting each new piece into a possession. She asks Snape to perform the task if Draco cannot. Dumbledore falls ill while there and when they return to Hogwarts, Draco faces Dumbledore ready to kill him.

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This will always be a series to remember. Despite this, he managed to reach enviable heights. I like this film because Harry is a very brave, honest boy, a loyal friend who is willing to die in order to save his best friends and fellow students, with whom he studies at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Hogwarts. This film is about loyalty, love, that Harry does have, but Voldemort doesnt. He makes his dialogue even more haunting and proves that he was the right man for this role. Before he heads off to school, we learn how Harry (Daniel Radcliffe)s parents were killed when he was just a baby by a dark wizard known as Voldemort (though most refer to him as He Who Must Not Be Named). The films have been a huge success (obviously since we got eight films out my favourite movie harry potter essay of them) and is the biggest movie franchise to hit the.S with a total over.39 billion.

my favourite movie harry potter essay

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I like very many different actors and actresses but my idol is my favourite movie harry potter essay Miroslava Karpovich. Peter then takes some of Harrys blood and brings Voldemort back into full adult human form. So for being how light the first two films are, he works very well in them and also adds his own charm. Later on, Hogwarts is under attack as students are becoming petrified (frozen) and many believe Harry to be the cause of it all. Rickman really became Snape in these films and his portrayal in the last film is probably the actors career best.

The Dark Mark is said to be Voldemorts sign. Harry is the only one who survived his killing curse and has thus made him quite a celebrity. Its a real magic, which is now available and affordable nearly in every corner of the world. Seeing how they never really had much acting trouble in these films shows theyll do well going. After seeing the first Quidditch match as it plays out on the screen makes we wish the game existed as it did in the film and you could fly around on a broomstick and play such an intense sport. My favourite film is harry, potter'. But I also like good horror movies and I find them quite thrilling since my childhood. Essay on My favourite movie, one of my favourite pastimes, the one I have a particular liking for is going to the cinema. I like watching movies very much, especially at the cinema. I cant wait to see what is to come for its main stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson. This film is essentially part one of the end of Harry Potter. The tribute around Dumbledores body with the entire Hogwarts body raising their wands to the sky to deflect the Dark Mark is especially moving and worked better than I believe a burial scene would have. Harry finds out that he is not an ordinary boy, but a real wizard.

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It seems that an owl with a red envelope in its beak will fly in and you will be informed that you have been accepted at the my favourite movie harry potter essay School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where the ghosts fly around the. I am 13 years old. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. What's your favourite movie? They have two wonderful kids and a marriage full of love and life. Advertisements Category : My Favorite Films, Reviews Tags : daniel radcliffe, emma watson, harry potter, movies, my favorite films, reviews, rupert grint. The score here and in Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is also so well done and composer Alexandre Desplat is the best composer with the series since John Williams.

Trials only harden him and make him stronger. The Chamber of Secrets has also been opened which is where a student was murdered 50 years prior and for which Hagrid was blamed for. Twilight series, has potential to be a solid actor. I would like to tell you a few words about my favourite movie. During the film, Harry works with Dumbledore as they explore old memories that revolve around Voldemorts earlier life. They hold on to their lives and fight the sorrow, but one day, four years later, Chris's life is also taken. Harry confronts Voldemort and is killed. They help Harry escape and take him to their house known as The Burrow. Yates continues to do a great job here incorporating such a huge chunk of the book and making it all effective and having it flow smoothly. Harry Potter film, the first film in the series explores Harry Potters first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is where the films begins to break away from its lighter areas and move into true darkness.

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Home Alone, The Goonies ). The story is enveloping encompassing nearly every asset of human emotion. In this film, the main character is a boy whose name is Harry. Harry then escapes and there is a large battle around the castle and Harry later finds out he has the Elder Wand (which actually was Dracos and then Harry disarmed him making him owner) which ends up killing Voldemort. The acting is the best in this film with Alan Rickman being the true star. Sure, Hogwarts is a great place to explore, but after six straight movies in the place it is nice to explore life outside those walls. Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright) and Harry look on while in the Chamber of Secrets in Chamber of Secrets. I enjoy the mix this film provides. Robert was born on ear London.

Lockhart recognizes Harry and gives him his whole collection while also noting that hell be a professor at Hogwarts during the upcoming school year. Hogwarts is my favourite movie harry potter essay much different now as it is ruled under Snape and it is much more orderly and strict than it was under Dumbledore. We also learn Harry is a parseltounge (can speak to snakes) and many believe this connects him to Voldemort. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. Even though it becomes known that Harry didnt enter his name, he still must compete. Harry has true friends, and Voldemort has only servants, but they betray their master.

The action is so well done and there was no holding back in what could be demolished. As the film progresses we get the first glimpse of a younger Voldemort when he was known as Tom Riddle. The next day they buy school items, for which Harry uses magic wrong and ends up in the wrong area, and attend a book signing by the famous writer Gilderoy Lockhart (Kenneth Branagh). I do wish Cuaron stayed on for more films beside this one but my favourite movie harry potter essay I feel if he didnt take on this project, the entire series may have turned out a lot different from the great one it became. Weve watched many films that I enjoyed but my favourite was one Russian film called Elki. He made a magic world in the films. I have many different hobbies and interests, including good films. He's willing to lose his mind, and spend all eternity in Hell with her, with neither of them recognizing the other because they are soul mates, destined to be together for all the time. An evil wizard, Lord Voldemort, wanted to kill him, but the boys mother sacrificed herself to protect her son and Harry miraculously survived. Now after writing this, I want to re-watch all of these films at this moment.

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The film definitely listened to the I need everything in the book in the film fans by adding a lot of great pieces from the books and making them work well here. Jim Broadbent always has this natural charm in his films and he brings such life and joy to Slughorn that he makes the character one of the more humorous ones in the series. Harry also joins the Quidditch team at the school during his first year. But friends come to the aid of the young wizard: Ron and Hermione, Neville, Luna, Dobby and others. After Harry verbally assaults Snape about killing Dumbledore, Snape and Professor McGonagall have a quick battle which results in Snape flying away from the castle. They are all different and each has its own meaning. He is adored by everyone I know: children, adults and even some elderly people. This film brings about the most tragic death so far with the death of Sirius. Deathly Hallows is my favorite Potter book and the two movies are my favorite of the series. My favourite celebrity is Johnny Depp. The act of petrifying is in itself quite terrifying and I believe they instilled the right amount of fear when each one occurs. Harry learns to defend himself against Dementors with the help of new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Remus Lupin (David Thewlis).

Robert Pattinson is also surprisingly not bad in this film and really, outside of the. She was born in 1986. This is also, sadly, the my favourite movie harry potter essay last time Richard Harris portrays Dumbledore as the actor would die shortly after filming. Snape as well becomes much more of a mysterious character. Harry then realizes that the next horcrux is in Hogwarts and they must return there. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are around when this occurs and are immediately surrounded by members of the Ministry of Magic who accuse them of shooting the mark. The book is so substantial though (almost 900 pages) that to put everything in would require too long of a film.

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But now Id like to tell you about the movie that I find most pleasant to watch. With his room now being locked like a prison (including bars on the window my favourite movie harry potter essay Harry is visited on the night of his 12th birthday by Ron and his twin brothers Fred and George (James and Oliver Philips) who come in a flying car. But tragically, one day their kids are taken from them in a car accident. At the same time Harry sneaks into Hogsmeade, a local town where students are allowed to go starting in their third year with parental consent (which Harry couldnt get from his aunt and uncle). Its a story about everlasting love and dreams that always come true.

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I can say that Im a cinemagoer. Harry hears voices at the same time and also comes across an old diary that gives him a glimpse of the events 50 years ago. The trio must then escape as the Minister of Magic (Bill Nighy) has been killed and the Ministry has been taken over by Voldemort and his men. It is a franchise that will go on to stand the test of time as such franchises like. This is director Mike Newells (. Gary Oldman though is what makes this film. A guide is sent to him, in the form of his friend Albert (Cuba Gooding.). The film then transitions to Harry leaving with friends and some of them disguising themselves as Harry just in case they are attacked. February 15, 2012, daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter Emma Watson (Hermione Granger and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) headline the Harry Potter series * beware of spoilers, todays My Favorite Films is a long one but it belongs to what is my favorite film franchise.

Even though they are not always near it, there is this sense of danger and fear surrounding them the whole time and is done so well. The main characters are Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. Cuaron is able to produce beauty out of some of these new magical items and makes them work quite well in the film. It's a rollercoaster ride but rewarding. The trio must now camp out and find ways to find and destroy the remaining horcruxes. Chris (Robin Williams) and Annie (Annabella Sciorra) play husband and wife. It's a fantasy film. This film ends up being the most action-packed but yet most sincere film of the series. During this time, many beloved characters are killed including Snape who my favourite movie harry potter essay Harry sees get killed by Voldemort.

It makes for a happy, yet in ways tragic ending since the two must part so soon. I know that he comes from a problematic family. The trio are shocked at the events occurring during Hagrids (Robbie Coltrane) class in Prisoner of Azkaban. It is my favourite film. In fact, its a place where he studies wizardry. He was adopted by his aunt Petunia and his uncle Veron. Harry breaks the Elder Wand and the trio end up living happy lives. There is still a lot of good humor to deter from these chilling elements whether it be Gilderoys inexperience with a good share of magic or Ron trying to go about the school year with a broken wand. Since then, my favourite movie harry potter essay Harry has been living with his aunt, uncle and stepbrother, who hated him and turned his life into living hell. In its ten years, it created eight fantastic films and made so many great stars. In my opinion, most people in the world simply cant live without cinema, because its one of the best entertainment sources. Humor returns to the series quite well in small doses whether it be when Rons polyjuice potion (what causes one to transform into another) fades away in the Ministry or Hermione reaching an epiphany in the case while cutting Harrys hair.

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The students then head to Hogwarts to begin their fourth year where they learn they will be hosting the Triwizard Tournament which is a grueling three-event tournament between Hogwarts and two neighboring wizard schools. He cannot perform the task so Snape does it instead. This is how a finale to how big of a series like Harry Potter is should be done. The story is set in a magical place called Hogwarth. These competitions include retrieving an egg while facing a dragon, saving a friend underwater, and one final large maze. One of them releases The Dark Mark into the sky at the end of the attack. It is just a great film to get things started. A new professor to Hogwarts, Professor Umbridge from the Ministry (Imelda Staunton begins to make substantial and unpopular changes to the school. Draco is given a daunting task by Voldemort to perform that his mother Narcissa (Helen McCroy) believes he wont be able to accomplish.