Environment and ecosystem essay

environment and ecosystem essay

Therefore, a dispute between the importance of conservation and preservation of ecosystems to protect environment and the necessity to satisfy human desire by sacrifice the environment has been arise across the world. Also read: Short Paragraph on Save Environment World Environment Day Every year, people and organizations around the world observe 5th of June as the World Environment day. First, matter can serve to store chemical energy as carbohydrate, protein and fats. However, for successful management, it is necessary to fully understand the workings of ecosystems, the likely causes and effects of change and the concept of sustainable yield. Most of these minerals are absorbed from soil/water by producer and subsequently they spread to various categories of consumers through food chain. Advertisements: The heterotrophic components include non-green plants and all animals which take food from autotrophy. Encouraging the use of public transport and making laws against loud sounds or setting a limit to it are ways of improving the quality of the environment. Besides protecting the various ecosystems that depend on fresh-water, the preservation of fresh water also reduces the costs involved in re-processing the water to make it re-usable. There are lots of climbers and epiphytes. They include leaves, the soil, lake bottoms, sandy beaches, tall slopes, wall, river banks, and paths. The environment means natural world and its surroundings: the air, the water and the earth.

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The Alpine grassland is said to be Tundra, which is very much lichen rich. Emission of carbon-dioxide and other greenhouse gases should be reduced to save our environment from the threat of Global warming. Ecosystem consists of structured webs or systems at a range organism and their material environments of soil, air and water. The development of most modern intensive agriculture is founded on the principle that increased channeling of energy into a system results in higher yields; however, the energy efficiency is usually less than in more traditional agricultural system A common ecological. Each kinds of aquatic ecosystem has it own physical, chemical and biological characteristics. Management of ecosystems represents peoples attempts to effect change in plant and animal systems, which may be beneficial and constructive, rather than destructive to their environment. A number of climatic, edaphic and physiographic factors regulates the types and composition of forest ecosystem. Advertisements: Producers form the food for the consumers (or heterotrophs). Similarly, non-living things such as soil (land landscape, water (ocean, seas, ponds, lakes, rivers weather, climate, temperature, sunlight, air, etc. This is never very high and rarely exceeds 10 per cent (the 10 per cent rule more typical values being only 1-3 per cent.

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(III) Decomposers and transformers: Decomposers and transformers are the living components of the ecosystem and they are fungi and bacteria. These steps involve planting more trees, protesting against pollution and cutting down carbon emissions from vehicles, disposing trash in the proper place and cutting down the use of plastic. Animals of all types grow and add organic matter to their body weight and their source of energy to complex organic compound takes as food. The living world depends on the flow of energy and the circulation of matter through ecosystems. Interacts with both other living and non-living things. . Each stage in the food chain is called a tropic level. As World Health Organization notes that contamination of water resources due to the occurrence of flood enlarge the chances of getting water-borne diseases and also for mosquitoes to carry disease around the environment (2010, internet).

Mega habitats are regions more than 1,000,000 km2 in environment and ecosystem essay extent. Conservation and Management of Ecosystem: Human activities, specially habitat destruction for agriculture, industrialisation and urbanisation, the introduction of non-endemic or alien species, and air, water and land pollution have caused a large number of plant animal extinctions. Crop fields and an aquarium are considered as man-made ecosystems. Forest Ecosystem: It is one of the major productive natural terrestrial ecosystems of the world. They are known as secondary reduces. From our professional essay writers! For every environmental factor (viz., temperature and moisture) there is a lower limit below which a species cannot live, an optimum range in which it thrives and an upper limit above which it cannot live.

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The dominants species were conifers, maple (Acer Oak (Quercus Birch (Alnus Aspen (Populus) Beech (Fagus Buckeyes (Asculus) and Hemlock (Tsuga) etc. Each stage of successional process is known as sere. After plants and animals die, they and their waste products arc decomposed by saprophytic microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria. The types of interaction include: (a) Interactions between organisms and their abiotic environment, and (b) Interactions between the various organisms in a community (Interspecific and intraspecific). Once the importance of energy flow is appreciated, the significance of energy efficiency and transfer efficiency is more readily understood. The consequences of this are very significant biologically Dunn- each conversion stage, some energy is lost as heat. All the living organisms whether plants or animals are all ecosystem have a definite life span after which they die. The efficiency of the transfer along food chains is generally less than 10 per cent because about 90 per cent of the available energy is lost or used at each stage. Visit m to see how we can help you! Essay on the Productivity of Ecosystem. (c) Sulphur Cycle: Sulphur is also another major essential elements. Primarily inland, fresh water habitats are grouped into two categories: (a) Lentic habitats (standing water.e., pond, lake and reservoirs) and (b) Lotic habitats (running/flowing water.e., springs and rivers).

environment and ecosystem essay

Abiotic Component or environment and ecosystem essay Habitat Concept : advertisements: Individuals, species and populations, both marine and terrestrial, tend to live in particular places. Ecosystem Disturbance : The natural ecosystem may be disturbed in a number of ways viz., natural hazards or man-made activities. Which are very essential for life. In the gaseous cycle, the element or compound can be converted to a gaseous form, diffuse through the atmosphere, and they arrive over land or sea, to be reused by the biosphere, in a much shorter time. So, there is transfer of both energy and nutrients from producers to consumers and finally decomposers and transformers levels. The difference between living and mechanical systems is that in living systems the set point is not firmly fixed. (i) Inorganic constituents (air, water and mineral salts) (ii) Organisms (plants, animals, and microbes) (iii) Energy input which enters from outside (the sun). These are as follows:. The green plants prepare food by using radiant energy and transform them to chemical energy. Ecologist considers the entire biosphere as a global ecosystem comprised of many ecosystems on the earth varying in size from a small pond to a large forest or a sea. Fossils fuels used in most factories, petroleum and gas usage for vehicle is the major cause of air pollution. All species, regardless of their tolerance range, may be adopted to the low end (oligotypic) to the middle (mesotypic) or to the high end (polytypic) of an environment gradient (Table.1).

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These components are linked by movements of energy and nutrients. An overview of mineral cycle is shown in Fig. These are the two major reactants that cause the formation of acid rain. Atoms and molecules move through ecosystems under the influence of both physical environment and ecosystem essay and biological processes. In atmosphere sulphur remain as SO4, SO3, H2S and in other allied forms.

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Mesohabitats have areas up to about 10,000 km2; thus is a 100 x 100 kilometer square, which is about a small district. The primary constituents of living mattercarbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogenall move through gaseous cycle. The Second Law asserts that disorder (entropy) in the environment and ecosystem essay universe is constantly increasing and that during energy conversions, energy inevitably changes to less organised and useful forms,.e. The link between energy and matter begins in the process of photosynthesis. Specific: an animals environment is their particular habitat, where they thrive. Fossil fuel burning leads to SO2 production. This produces carbon dioxide and water as waste products. In soil and water it remains as- SO4, SO3, HSO3 or insoluble sulphate rich rocks/sediments.

The systems approach is especially important to ecology, particularly to an understanding of the function and structure of ecosystems. What is a system? Environment is also sometimes referred to as habitat. In newly created habitat, ecosystem is build up with time through successional process (primary successions). Another reason is one of the side effects like global warming caused by the deforestation which increases the global temperature caused the occurrence of ice melting. In the sedimentary cycle, the compound or element is released from rock by weathering, then follows the movement of running water either in solution or as sediment to the sea. All involve the concept of a system. The reasons for deforestation are usually resulted from cutting down the forests for lumber logging and also for building a new farming for animal. Usually, the vegetation is dominated by grasses, legumes and composites. A typical ram forest has multi-layer component vegetation with well-developed canopy of tall trees (25-40 meter high). Nutrients are lost, as outputs, by surface runoff, leaching through the soil profile or the removal of plant, animal, leaf litter or soil material. In its place, the usage of non-conventional sources of energy should be encouraged. Environment pollution can also be an addition harmful substance that could affect human health and human life (Gan, 2006, 311).

If the environmental temperature falls below a certain point, a similar action in the system takes place, this time reducing blood flow and causing shivering, an involuntary muscular exercise producing more heat. Geomorphic processes are shaping the land. Rise in global temperature will significantly caused ice melting, for instance, according to the My Eco Project Organization, the reports of ice melting at Arctic Retreat prepares in the late summer 2007 surprised the experts that every week, the. Thus, when fuel is burnt to drive a car, the potential energy contained in the chemical bonds of that fuel is converted into mechanical energy to propel the car, electrical energy to ignite the fuel, light. Predators are those, which hunt, capture and kill their prey. Because they take in substances from the environment and use them in cellular chemical reactions, they also have to discharge both excessive intake and waste products of metabolism to the environment to maintain a fairly constant internal environment. Conclusion, in conclusion, there are several factors described above that strongly supported the argument to fight for environmental protection and create a better environment. Temperate Forests: It is primarily a mountainous forest of fairly higher elevation where rainfall is moderate to high, and temperature ranges from 5-20C. Some infectious diseases such as malaria, dengue, cholera and encephalitis can also spread out rapidly throughout the whole area by mosquitoes, flies and other insects those usually adapt to live in warm weather region. These may be divided into living or biotic components and non-living or abiotic components.

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But in environment and ecosystem essay lotic system, such zonation are not prominent. These forests were located in tropical South America (viz., Amazon river basin in the East Indies, South East Asia (viz., Malabar Coast of India in some parts of Africa and North-West Australia. There are three principal categories of aquatic ecosystems viz., Freshwater (Pond, Lake, Springs or River) ecosystem; estuarine ecosystem (at the meeting point of river and sea and marine and coastal salt water ecosystem. In the biological forms all the minerals are released to soil by decomposition. Some of the reasons include environmental air pollution which increases the concentration of carbon dioxide that caused the formation of acid rain. Among the various types of deforestation changes in the globe, the global warming is perhaps most significant change. We can plant more trees and support the afforestation and reforestation projects. The principal steps in the operation of ecosystem not only involve the production, growth death of living components but also they influence the Abiotic aspects of habitat. The concept of the recycling of nutrients between three compartments or stores is shown in Gersmehls Model (Fig.5).