Essay july fourth

essay july fourth

Fourth of, july is no more than a mockery of the grossest kind. This really resonates with black people and makes white people really think about how not everyone is equal. With each, e elaborates on the fact that each argument is so basic, so implicit, that it need not be argued. In her essay, her family is on vacation in the Nations Capitol of Washington.C. The religious aspect also indicates his dedication and willpower as he never gives up trying. This is a place that greatly expresses and celebrates our freedoms. Citations should be placed in footnotes, endnotes, or bibliographies and excluded from the word count. Her sister was not allowed to go to the Capitol of our Nation, where freedom is supposed to be the most prominent trait of Washington.C.

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She has been very active in active in civil rights, anti-war, and feminist movements (Kulii). His speech is a calling, a calling for change. In other words the actors actions were the reason that Kovic wanted to fight essay july fourth for his country. But if we look at the figurative meaning in the date of his birthday, I think it symbolizes his patriotism and love for his country. This aspect is a contrast towards the originally meaning, but you cannot hide from your own birthday and I think that it symbolizes that he still care about his country. The author uses extreme detail to make us feel as if it was real, but Lorde was not that little angered girl sitting in an all white café, trying to realize why this town was her nations capital. The entire story is narrated by Ron Kovic who is also the author of the book. The narrator is of course close related to Ron Kovic, as they are the same person. Besides that he had never really had a sexual life, and his opportunity to obtain that was spilled. July of 1852 was comprised of white abolitionists. The book gives the reader a personal experience and terrifying good insight of the Vietnam War close. His words seem to flow with a heated fervency which could not be stopped.

It was almost as if this story was real. It all flows back to his own argument about the holiday on which he speaks. John Wayne was Ron Kovics favorite actor. Was part of the southern states, the ones that favored slavery after the Civil War, so racism was even stronger there. Grammar, spelling, and composition (20 points). Kovic became even more religious when he returned home in a wheelchair, and he started to pray every night, in hope of being able to use his body again. I believe that Ron Kovic is naive. Besides getting stronger, he also got an interest in the opposite gender, but he had no real relation to them. What to the Slave is the. Some arguments might militate that the narrator loses his ability to express himself as a human being, and perhaps he wants to illustrate that the military makes you their puppet. I believe that the whole identity and attitude of Ron Kovics symbolizes that war is not going to solve anything at all.

Also the language will be worth analyzing because of its sovereignty. When he was young he loved baseball, especially the New York Yankees player Mickey Mantle. Douglass prolifically uses the terms you and me, us and them, to stress the fact essay july fourth that this holiday is of a double-meaning, and for his people it is a day of mourning, while for the rest of them, it is a day of blind joy. Another side of the matter is that when he returns home as a cripple, he did not fell anything towards his country expect betrayal. He is the one who can not forget about his people. Since the hospital was a stressful and horrible period of his life, I can conclude that some of the book had been written under pressured circumstances. The conflict is also an insight of the rising democracy and the attempts on removing the communism.

The book also contains a variety of life confirming aspects and morals. He was sort of happy when he first got hit, because he was now able to go home. This aspect can be supported by the many American casualties and the political reason of the war. Douglass begins by asking a series of rhetorical questions, not without the SE of sarcasm. Douglass ends his amazing essay july fourth speech with the statement that he has been working to prove all along: The.

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Using words like God really gets people emotional and gets them to listen. For the last half of his speech, Douglass addresses what he should speak of, what he should argue. He then gives a essay july fourth brief statement about how hard his journey has been and now he will try to lay out his thoughts to the audience. (4) My people mourn. He points how people know this fact, but they just choose to ignore. Although she clearly establishes her claim, Lorde uses irony to express her opinions to control her anger. This essay left me wanting to fight for the main characters freedom, even though it took place in the 1960s. Also when he got shot the word firecracker appears again. When Ron Kovic was born it is mentioned that, the fourth of, july started with a big firecracker. The Fourth of July (n.d. I think the shifting narration has a metaphoric meaning, because the narrator only narrates in third-person while he is in the military or fighting the war. He experienced certain inhuman events that seem to hunt him after the war.

As I said in my introduction the book gives the reader a very good personal perspective of the Vietnam War. Note: Children, grandchildren, stepchildren, and members of the household of a federal judge or federal judiciary employee are excluded from the competition. His country did not pay enough to the hospitals where the wounded from the war were located, and they actually did not care for them. (5) This holiday is a mockery. We will write a custom essay sample on, what to the Slave is the. He essay july fourth refers to that Declaration of Independence, instead of the Declaration of Independence, to stress the separation between his people and those who are not oppressed. There are few dialogues in the text, because the narrator wants to express his feelings about the war and his injury rather than talking to other persons. This is also shown on page 70 72, where he narrates about being a part in the Marine Corps with a quick tempo, the usage of large letters and unfinished sentences out of context.

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The narration is primarily in first-person, but sometimes the narration shifts to third-person. Douglass calls for them to argue more and denounce less Persuade more and rebuke less, your cause would be much more likely to He almost rubs it in their faces: that their proclaimed aspirations have not been tended. During the 60s it was a crucial moment of racism, slavery, and unequal rights. If a man is a man, then freedom is what he is entitled to, and if this can not be seen, then arguing for it will do no good. Not only did I learn multiple things about the time period, but I also learned more about how tough it was to be growing up during that time. We will write a custom essay sample. Lordes family is a colored family living during the 1950s essay july fourth (Lorde 240). He did not choose to give a speech on the holiday that his people are reminded of the injustice forced upon them in order to express gratitude and joy for the independence of America, because. One could only imagine actually hearing the speech when it was given by Douglass himself. He talks about how this is a day of celebration for their nation, not his nation. He especially liked the scene where the marines were raising the American flag on a high hill. His use of ethos, pathos and logos made this an extremely effective speech.

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Throughout the book is authentic it is a little typical that Ron Kovic was born on the fourth of, july, since it is date of the American Independence Day. He also mentions that he is crying on behalf of America. This means that the book is high likely an authentic biography, which also make sense as the narrator includes authentic historical events, for example the assassination of John. Another place where he uses logic is where he talks about the fact that slaves are human. The book Born on the. Kovic was very interested in war movies. The fact that he speaks so harshly to this particular audience only shows how passionately he feels for his own people. July, Audre Lorde conveys her anger toward American society. They both dreamed essay july fourth about joining the United States Marine Corps.

This poem illustrates how slaves feel and they so desperately wish to be free. It can be summed up with this: (1 ) This holiday is to rejoice for the sake of freedom and liberty. July implies that Lorde most likely had a positive experience on the holiday and that there is a particular reason why she named her essay what she did. Fourth of, july is a very moving piece about what the. Length Format, essays are limited to 1000 words. To me, the message was clear, we shouldnt have to rely on our imagination to take us to the land of freedom; it should be granted. The cold war was a major political and military conflict between the superpowers of America and the Soviet Union.

An interesting point can be brought up at this moment: his immediate audience during the delivery of essay july fourth this speech. The usage of symbols and imagery an important topic to focus on, as they reveal some of messages in the book. This also makes him a lot brave as he just takes the plunge. 704 Words Sep 15th, 2011 3 Pages. By Satisfy In his speech, What to the Slave is the. The language in the book is quite easy to read, throughout that a lot of the text is in a colloquial language. But the point of view is still limited as we only are seeing aspects from the narrator himself. Is known to be a place of Americas triumphs in order to reach freedom for our country. He goes into detail about each different aspect of why African Americans have the same natural right to freedom as do any other human beings. Kovic wanted to enter the war as a hero and return as it as well, just like it happens in the movies.

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While the blind rejoice, the oppressed are driven further into sadness. Douglas talks about how young the nation is, and how many obstacles they will soon have to face. Its purpose was to invent democracy as well as protecting the nationalism. The whole bodybuilding aspect is sort of paradoxical and ironic, because the body he put so much effort in was to no avail as he returned back as a cripple. As I read more into this narrative, I was captured by every little detail Lorde was mentioning to her audience. This masculinity disappears when he returned home. Judging, understanding of constitutional principles (35 points). He was convinced that he was unbeatable, but ironically, his biggest desire about joining the military was the aspect that beat him. In the next paragraph, he continues to ask rhetorical questions.

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The figurative sense could be that he loses his individual ways of acting, and instead is forced to pay attention and to obey orders. July and quickly establishes her negative experiences there, the irony is created. In this essay I have enlightened the person of Ron Kovic, by describing him as he appears in the book. Fourth of, july is theirs, and not his; and the fact they are having him speak there is just ridiculous. It is mentioned that he wrote much of the book while lying at the hospital. This really seems to bring out the nationalism in people.

Finally I will analyze the language and include the usage of symbols and imagery. His biggest desire was to be a good athlete, a good catholic and to be a hero for his country. He can not express joy, when his people express their pains. He obliviously hated to be in Vietnam, properly because of the terrifying things he had seen there. This essay was astonishing. Do not include your name on your essay. The military sort of threw human lives away for no particular reason. Pathos, or appealing to the emotions is the greatest part of this speech. He applies his own situation to that of the one described by the". Fourth of, july opens with Frederick Douglas explaining how he was asked to give a speech on the. Even though it is not a true story, this narrative was based on an example of what a little girl would feel like growing up during that time.

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It is as if there was a secret message behind this story. It is clear that both of the narration methods are omniscient, as the narrator is able to describe feelings, thoughts, memories etc. Kovic is also very naive to think that fiction could portray the realistic like that. He may also symbolize that giving up is not an opportunity. His argument is proved multiple times with the simple logic presented in his speech. Douglas appealed to peoples emotions by talking about the fore fathers and all of their accomplishments. The authors repetitive use of the word white to describe people, places, and things in Washington.C. One by one, he suggests he argue about the slave being a man, that man be entitled to liberty, that it is wrong to make men brutes, and finally, that slavery is not divine. Convey not only the setting and racial views of the city, but also Lordes anger towards her own nations capital. On the, fourth. He also appears to be a lot masculine, as he trained his body and wanted to engage in combat. The purpose of all these questions is to give the audience the perspective that what is suggested is not truly.

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